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    Not bitter enough to troll rate people I disagree with.

    I expect a lot of Obama's most passionate supporters to be deflated within a year.  "This isn't what I expected!" being a lower-key refrain.

    And I'm happy that Obama won.  Given the choices, it was no contest and I'm pleased to say that I did my damnedest to flip some Clinton voters who were thinking of sitting it out into voting for Obama.

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    Shaun, prepare to be profoundly disappointed.   If not about Hillary, then about many other things Obama does.  

    Oddly enough, the appointment of Rahm Emmanuel as CoS reassures me.  But it also vindicates my point of view that a bunch of y'all got suckered by Obama.

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    Well, few in the Obama echosphere believed me when I said that the New! Improved! Politics was nothing more than the Old Politics with a new coat of paint and a good marketing campaign.

    That said, I think Hillary would be nuts to leave the Senate for SecState unless she was guaranteed Veep in 2012.

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    You misread.  Lieberman is guilty of multiple transgressions.  But wanting to get rid of Reid, Pelosi, or whomever the Netroots Reign of Terror designates as a target if they don't get their way is just plain Palinesquely stuuuuupid.

  • Hillary would be nuts to to take SecState.  The odds of her serving eight years are vanishingly small.  Meanwhile, she can be racking up seniority in the Senate and be a major force on legislation, even without a committee chair.

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    I want Lieberman gone from the Chairmanship but this diary is, ah, Palinesque in two regards.

    First off, it's a decision for a secret vote of the Democratic caucus to make, not Reid's.  I think that vote is going to happen.  How that vote is going to go I can't say.

    Secondly, some Democrats have a positively Maoist attitude about wanting to purge their own for one transgression (in their view) or another.   In the Senate, pretty soon we'd be left with...Barbara Boxer?

    Everyone needs to suck it up and accept the fact that people whom we support and love or like will often vote the other way on something.  Life in the big city...move on.   (Staffers learn to deal with disappointments like this all the time...you have to look at the big picture, not agonize over some of the details.)

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    The California Democratic party has nobody but themselves to blame for Prop 11.  They've had the opportunity to design a redistricting system for years.  A previous statewide effort was derailed in part because Democrats in the legislature promised that they would address it after the election...at which point the promise was dropped into the well of lost promises.

    Meanwhile, the last redistricting was a gutless display by the Democrats, a mutual backscratching with the Republicans to create safe seats for virtually everyone except one Republican sacrificial lamb.   If the Democrats had guts, in years like this one they would have a supermajority and could get the necessary tax and budget work done without being held hostage to the Republican wingnut minority.

    As it is, with the politicians choosing their voters instead of vice-versa, we have virtually all very safe Democratic or very safe Republican districts.  The result is the evaporation of moderates in the legislature, a polarization that sees very liberal Democrats facing off against very conservative Republicans, each more vulnerable to being primaried from the flanks than losing an election in the center.  The ideologues of both parties are doubtlessly happy with this but it sucks.   And it's gutless.

    If Prop 11 doesn't work out, then we can reform it.  Personally, I'd like to see something like Iowa's system, which has worked pretty well.   And I'd like to see Congressional seats included as well.   I'd prefer to see a fair system no matter what but if not, then at least have the guts to gerrymander in your favor instead of engaging in backscratching with the opposition.

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    I'll be an optimist and say that I don't think Democratic House gains have maxed out yet.

    It would be good to make even modest gains in 2010 to set up for a strong position after the redistricting after the 2010 census.

    The 2010 gubernatorial and state legislative races are of prime importance as well.

    Finally, my early look at the US Senate says, barring retirements, the Democrats have 2-3 potentially vulnerable seats to the Republicans 7.  It would be great if we could go three cycles in a row with no Senate turnovers.

  • Btw, fwiw I'm behind dumping Lieberman.  I'm just not willing to cut off my nose to spite my face with respect to members of the Democratic caucus.

  • Well, keep applying your standards and every Democrat will be primaried sooner or later if you keep applying rigid litmus tests.

    But no worries about such foolishness...caucus votes are secret, so you won't know who to primary.  You wouldn't last a week in D.C.

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    Heh.  I was one of them.

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    Polls are snapshots in time, not oracles.

    I'm very happy that Obama won but let's not overlook two definitive events that propelled Obama to victory and over which he had no control:

    1) McCain's selection of Palin as Veep
    2) The market meltdown and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

    To discuss the polls and electability in a vacuum without taking into account evolving circumstances is idiotic.

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    Fox can un-call this race.   Chambliss has less than 50 percent right now and supposedly there are 600K absentee ballots to count.

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    Beat me to it.

    CNN, with Larry King Dead, says that Dixville Notch hasn't gone Democratic since 1968.  Better luck this time.

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    Gary, you and I are uncannily close to each other.  See my predictions upthread, which I wrote around noon today but just posted in this thread.


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