Competence vs. Ideology

Okay, this isn't going to be a long diary but I haven't seen another entry where this would be an appropriate standalone comment.

It is infuriating that states like New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey should have even a chance of electing Republican governors.  The Republican party should be dead-dead-dead in the Northeast but the Democrats keep giving them a chance to crawl back to life.

The problem is that we have to insist on competence from our candidates.  And that insistence on competence needs to trump ideological preference.  I don't care whether your sentiments are "Progressive" or "Blue Dog," if your candidate can't cross and sustain the competence threshold, it does your cause---our cause---no good at all.  

I understand that a bad economy is taking its toll on incumbents. But Deval Patrick's pathetic numbers in Massachusetts and David Patterson's in New York, along with John Corzine's current numbers in New Jersey, give potential openings to Republicans that have the ability to negatively affect redistricting from a Democratic perspective as well as giving the Republicans some non-Southern, non-bat-shit crazy faces to their party.

We have to demand that Democratic leaders lead and that they do so with competence.

Okay, so somebody tell me why I shouldn't worry about next year's gubernatorial elections.

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my husband is a NJ native

and feels that Corzine is taking the fall for bad decisions made by Whitman, which locked NJ into some budget problems.

MA and NY both have a history of electing Republican governors, especially MA, so I can't say I'm surprised our candidates are in trouble there. We should be ok in NY if Cuomo runs, though.

You have to consider that we elected lots of Democratic governors in the 2006 wave election, and they happen to be facing the voters in the middle of the worst recession in 25 years. Sometimes timing kills you in politics. In Iowa people are saying Chet Culver is "incompetent" and "can't manage the budget," but from where I'm sitting it looks like revenues are collapsing everywhere, and this has nothing to do with his leadership abilities.

I am somewhat worried about next year's gubernatorial elections, but I think whether we win or lose won't necessarily reflect on our governors' competence--except maybe Paterson, who seems to be incompetent and wasn't elected to the position he holds.

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Re: Competence vs. Ideology

Politicians are politicians, both Democrats and Republicans.  The GOP bad apples stood out for a long time because there were many more GOP politicians in prominent places.  Now it's our turn and our bad apples will stand out too.  That's politics, unfortunately.

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