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    Is it's quality of argument. There is a bright side to this pulp. If this is the best that HRC can do, if this is the best defense, if these are the best arguments her campaign can make then she is well and truly done. I understand that Jerome is one of Hillary's "fierce" supporters, and such has no brake, no second thought on what can be said, does not put his thinking through a filter of what kind of progressive movement his words inspire. One should not criticize Jerome the way one argues with other writers, one just watches in shamed amazement.
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    . . . tracking poll.
    This is the latest. The short lived attempt to sand bag Obama with clips from his pastor has failed and its time to move on. BTW I have been a mydd'er since 1847. November. I was a strong Edwardian progressive, until he had the sense and civility to resign when he saw he wasnt going to make it. Respect for the voters.

  • Clinton is almost entirely reponsible for her decline in the polls.

    What are the stories on HRC in the last 10 days?
    Slamming Obama
    Shopping the wright video
    calling Obama's speech on the economy "just words"
    The Bosnia dream sequence
    Having her "Lieberman" funders threaten Pelosie
    Saying "isn't it nice that at least she and McCain love America"

    I think the desperation to hurt Obama enough to push herself over the top, has hurt her. Thats what it looks like to me.

    Oh well one thing that wasnt from the Clinton campaign, their friend Bill Richardson endorsed Obama because he was tired of the tactics of the Clinton camp.

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    If you have her phone number could you please phone her up and ask her to lead America from the Senate.

  • This delusion is damaging not just the party but America. Your loyalty would be admirable if it served any purpose at all.

    Every day HRC's attempts to make headway in this personal glorification brings more disrespect for a once proud name. I wont recite todays sad tries, but you know them. I'm sure you winced, or in anger seeking vengeance for her loss, secretly goad her on.

    Please, you know its over, you know she cant do anything but harm America. Stop feeding the fantasy.

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    who was given the unenviable job of telling Bill and Hillary Clinton that the show as over, the day was done.

    His message was not the American public, though it is good for that too, it was for the Clinton Campaign. Clean respectful, but clear message, your time is up.

    One can hold onto the "10 to 1" exaggerated chance that the Clinton campaign announced, or the slim to none of the NY Times, or the desperation of true fans. [legally called stalkers in most states].

    But that is importance of "old friend I watch the superbowl with him" Bill Richardson.

    That is why he went out of his way to emphasize that he is their friend. Thats why he had to wait so long, so he could call the game. Thats why HRC is in 'easter seclusion' at the farm.

    The policy differences between these candidates are not worth the bile and division being produced.

    HRC is not defeated, she is one of the most powerful people in history, and will continue to be so. Where policy differences occur, I am very sure that HRC will be a leading voice in the Senate to improve Barack Obama's suggestions to congress.

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    I mean really



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    I mean really

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    I mean really

  • If you support Clinton ten Im glad she is getting the bully vote, otherwise republicans can curry hate all they want to.

    It doesn't matter to me that you hate.

    Transcendent is a reference to the speech Obama gave about Reagan, and the transformation of America. Perhaps you read about it. At the time people said it proved he was really a republican, although in reality it was and is a telling statement about the epriod we are all about to enter. A progressive centre left government for decades with real fundamental change.

    That is transcendent, my friend.

    And Barack Obama a huge man, in character and frame.

  • I m sorry you feel that way. I didnt say he had good style. I said it was an important speech.

    words like laws are important. This man is a leader, filled with knowledge and judgement. That is what I want. That is what America needs.

    He is a leader like Lincoln, I said not speaker like Reagan. He knows deeply what he is talking about, and has the judgement to use his knowledge wisely.

  • McCain is toast. Did you hear him talking about Iraq confusing Iran and Al Queda? confusing Shiite with Sunni? Over and over, using the phrases "its common knowledge" while doing it? he is a man of no judgement and no knowledge.

    McCain is toast. hahah Don't be silly!!!

  • Perhaps you didn't read this a stroy about his speech on Wright and Race and America, and the reason I have become such a strong supporter.

    On Nafta, the Canadian government has apologized for its error on this perhaps you didn't hear, and is doing an investigation to see if charges or disciplinary hearings need to be made. Sam Powers is brilliant and talented and will be back.

    And cough Rezko. Only rethuglicans think there is a corruption issue with Obama, and then only the worst, most Foxlike of them.

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    His speech on race will go down as a turning point in America. It was a masterful speech. Obama has the humility to be sure of of all our failings including his own, but filled with confidence about all our virtues including his own.

    It is the speech of a real leader, not just a politician. This is the stuff of Mandela and Lincoln. He is the real deal. That was his speech written by him, not a team, not flack. I am moved by  knowing I am witnessing history. I supported Edwards, and I am sure that his policies are fantastic, and his progress as a progressive are real, with a message that transforms political debate.But I dont think anyone else could have made that speech.

    Today he made another, about the Iraq war. It is the most amazing thing to read in America where information is alays in short supply, but to read it is to hear truth spoken for the first time about that war, from someone that close to power -ever. Ever.

    I would no longer choose Edwards as my first choice, I have become an Obama supporter, I believe he is what America needs, what the world needs. I settled for Obama when Edwards dropped out. but no longer. The level of the knowledge, the depth of the knowledge, the maturity the honesty. I am proud of Obama, I am proud that America is choosing him.

    Obama is a wonderful man. America will keep its its promise.

    President Barack Obama.

    I am amazed and proud of this man.

    Like John Stewart said as his jokes came to sudden end last night. Talking about Obama's race speech, and he couldn't make fun of Obama, he just said, staring into the camera, "He's talking to us like we're adults!"

    It was, like the speech, a telling moment. I urge you to see this powerful speech.

    It starts here.


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