Yes Lobbyists are out but the Bundlers are in ......

Thanks to the MSM we heard to no end how Obama campaign is financed by all those small donations but we knew all along that the small donations are only a small fraction and most of them can't even be traced.

It is the Bundlers that get the final laugh:

Though they worked behind the scenes in Barack Obama's campaign for president, bundlers who raised millions of dollars for his White House bid are starting to land significant posts on his transition team.

At least nine of the volunteer fundraisers whose wide networks of colleagues, friends and relatives gave more than $1.85 million to Obama are now positioned to help the president-elect set foreign and domestic policy and identify potential Cabinet appointees.

Chicago real estate executive and close friend Valerie Jarrett is a transition co-chair. She raised more than $100,000. Penny Pritzker, a billionaire heiress to the Hyatt hotel fortune, is a top economic adviser. She chaired Obama's finance effort and raised more than $200,000 herself. Julius Genachowski, a Harvard Law School classmate of Obama's who serves on the transition team, is a high-tech executive and was legal counsel to former Federal Communications Commission chairman Reed Hundt (another bundler on the team). Genachowski raised more than $500,000 for the campaign.

The involvement of so many bundlers has irritated public interest advocates who worry that Obama is building his transition team based on fundraising skills, not qualifications.

Looks like experience is the new Mantra replacing change:

"Everything we're doing is consistent with the principles that Senator Obama laid out during the campaign," said Dan Pfeiffer, communications director for the transition. "We are operating under the farthest-reaching ethics policy in history."

None of the nine lacks significant policy experience. Federico Peña, who raised as much as $50,000 for Obama, was President Bill Clinton's transportation secretary. Michael Froman, who raised as much as $200,000, was a Treasury official during the Clinton administration. He also was another Harvard Law classmate of Obama's. tent/article/2008/11/13/AR2008111303891. html?hpid=topnews

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Colin Powell's poor judgement !!!

Just like the wopper he delivered about WMD at the UN Gen Colin Powell had delivered another one at the Ted Stevens trial. He was a Character witness for the now convited (7 count) felon. The jury cooly heard what he had to say and then convicted Stevens any way.

Here is the report from Anchorage daily news dated October 10th:

WASHINGTON - One of the nation's best-known retired Army generals, Colin Powell, described Sen. Ted Stevens in court today as a "trusted individual" and a man with a "sterling" reputation.

"He was someone whose word you could rely on," said Powell, secretary of state in President Bush's first term, who self-deprecatingly described himself as someone who retired as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and then "dabbled a bit in diplomacy."

Stevens, on trial for lying about gifts on financial disclosure forms, has the right to ask character witnesses to speak on behalf of his "truthfulness and veracity." The first such character witness, Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, spoke Thursday. Another three are set to testify on Stevens' behalf, but the highest-profile witness, by far, will be Powell.

The former secretary of state said he had known Stevens for 25 years, mostly in the senator's role as the top defense appropriator on a Senate defense appropriations committee. In Stevens, "I had a guy who would tell me when I was off base, he would tell me when I had no clothes on, figuratively, that is, and would tell me when I was right and go for it," Powell said. "He's a guy who, as we said in the infantry, we would take on a long patrol."

When asked outside of the courtroom after his testimony whether Stevens asked him personally to testify to his character, Powell said he couldn't recall if it was the senator or one of his lawyers. But he didn't think twice about testifying, Powell said.

"Not at all," he said, snapping his fingers to signify it was a snap decision. vens/story/551875.html

I am sure there are people at this site that consider Colin Powell as untouchable.

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I am glad Sen. Obama is flexible to reconsider ......

I was pleasantly surprised to see the "90-day moratorium on foreclosures" included in Sen. Obamas's proposal to fix the sub prime problem. He shows flexibility and is prepared to accept an idea which he rejected before. Pragmatism is a very important quality for a good leader.  

For those who may not know what I am talking about here is some context: This is from LA times FEB 21 2008

Clinton's solution is a 90-day moratorium for foreclosures on sub-prime occupied homes, and a five-year rate freeze on sub-prime adjustable rate mortgages. The Bush administration has already responded with a 30-day cooling period on foreclosures; Clinton and her aides insist a longer freeze is essential for stabilizing a precarious situation for homeowners.

But according to some economists and officials grappling with the crisis, her proposal, which also offers a $30-billion foreclosure fund that is triple the size of Obama's, might only prolong the agony for homeowners.

"A 90-day freeze is fine for what it is, but what happens on the 91st day?" Rokakis asked. "Why not a year? Or longer?"

In San Antonio on Tuesday, Obama said that Clinton's foreclosure freeze was potentially "disastrous," rewarding "people who made this problem worse" by benefiting banks that profit from high mortgage rates.

A "blanket freeze," Obama added, might "drive rates through the roof for those trying to buy or refinance. Experts say the value of homes will fall even more, and even more families could face foreclosure." nation/na-foreclosures21

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Will a rising market sink Obama's chances?

Let us not deny the fact that our candidate is riding the wave that is actually destroying the American economy. If the Dow goes above 10500 the economy will be off the table as an issue and Sen. Obama could be in a lot of trouble.

According to press reports most Obama advisors were watching the market very nervously it is believed that they prefer the economy and market to be in the doldrums till the Election Day.  

I think it would be a mistake to put all the eggs in one basket and depend on a lousy economy.

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Biden double standard

The one thing this election cycle proves is that if your name is O B A M A you or your associates would get a complete pass from the media.

The same media that crucified Hillary for her "Tusla comments" is giving a complete pass to Biden after he said

Let's start telling the truth," Biden said during a presidential primary debate sponsored by YouTube last year. "Number one, you take all the troops out - you better have helicopters ready to take those 3,000 civilians inside the Green Zone, where I have been seven times and shot at. You better make sure you have protection for them, or let them die."

But when questioned about the episode afterward by the Hill newspaper, Biden backpedaled from his claim of being "shot at" and instead allowed: "I was near where a shot landed."

He also got a complete pass for this:

Biden said he will grill Republican rival Sarah Palin in Thursday's vice presidential debate about "the superhighway of terror between Pakistan and Afghanistan where my helicopter was forced down."

"If you want to know where Al Qaeda lives, you want to know where Bin Laden is, come back to Afghanistan with me," Biden bragged to the National Guard Association. "Come back to the area where my helicopter was forced down, with a three-star general and three senators at 10,500 feet in the middle of those mountains. I can tell you where they are."

But it turns out that inclement weather, not terrorists, prompted the chopper to land in an open field during Biden's visit to Afghanistan in February. Fighter jets kept watch overhead while a convoy of security vehicles was dispatched to retrieve Biden and fellow Senators Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.

"We were going to send Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn't have to," joked Kerry, a Democrat, to the AP. "Other than getting a little cold, it was fine."

How about his Roosevelt comment?

"When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened,'" Barack Obama's running mate recently told the "CBS Evening News."

Except, Republican Herbert Hoover was in office when the stock market crashed in October 1929. There also was no television at the time; TV wasn't introduced to the public until a decade later, at the 1939 World's Fair.

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Obama has no bounce in polls??

According to the latest CNN poll both the tickets are virtually tied. The poll shows Obama-Biden at 49% and McCain-Palin at 48%.
Even Rasmussen poll shows a narrow 3% lead for our team.

According to CNN pollster:

"The convention and particularly Obama's speech seems to be well-received. And the selection of Sarah Palin as the GOP running mate also seems to be well-received. So why is the race still a virtual tie? Probably because the two events created equal and opposite bounces assuming that either one created a bounce at all," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

I did not mention Gallup Poll because Robert Gibbs and our friend at MSNBC's Chucky T don't care for it much.

Are you telling me that:

All the great speakers + Obama's great speech + All the favorable talking heads in the media = Palin.

I find it hard to believe that her choice as VP could so easily neutralize all the advantages we had. Would she turn out to be a bigger superstar than Sen. Obama?

I guess this explains the rapid production of "Anti Palin" diaries. If she is such a bad pick for McCain why does she needs to be bashed??  IMHO makes no sense.

My own opinion we are Underestimating Palin. She is very authentic.

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Ralph nader is wrong again Obama is Dumb!

According reports the plane has landed in Delaware to pick up Biden team. Nader is proved wrong again.

I don't think he's that dumb," said Nader, commenting on widespread speculation that Obama's choices are down to Sens. Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, or Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

The smart pick, according to Nader, is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nader phoned into Politico Tuesday afternoon to offer his prediction that a surprise nod to Clinton is actually what Obama has in store--never mind the talk of mistrust between the Clintons and Obama.

"He just has to swallow hard and do what JFK did" in picking rival Lyndon Johnson in 1960, said the liberal activist and maverick presidential candidate.

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Obama does not have the final say on VP choice!

Technically speaking Sen. Obama does not have the final say. Nominations for VP could be made on the floor and his nominee could be defeated.

The vice presidential candidates of the major national political parties are formally selected by each party's quadrennial nominating convention, following the selection of their presidential candidates. The official process is identical to the one by which the presidential candidates are chosen, with delegates placing the names of candidates into nomination, followed by a ballot in which candidates must receive a majority to secure the party's nomination.

I do not think it is a good idea to do that because that might weaken our nominee and create a spectacle. On the other hand it might strengthen our nominee. What do you think?

There is always a chance a VP could become POTUS without getting elected. Don't you think the National delegates to the convention should have an honest say?

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Here is why Nedra pickler is full of BS!

During the primary season AP Reporter Nedra Picler was a favorite of many Hillary haters. She made up many stories to just to humiliate Hillary.

Here is her latest headline:

Biden is Democratic favorite for Obama's No. 2

Here is the story: n_el_pr/veepstakes

After reading the story tell me how she could come to the inference that Biden is Democratic favorite for Obama's No. 2

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I think Obama should pick either Hillary or Jim Webb!

I say that because they are the only ones with balls. Solid steel balls. For those newbies Hillary was tested during Bill's impeachment and she is really a very strong person.

 I think they are the only ones who are really capable of carrying the electorate. I say that because they are the only ones capable of beating the shit out of McCain.

What is wrong with you people you want Biden, Bayh or Sebelius?

If you have seen how Hillary campaigned in states like PA, KY and WV when she knew even her best effort would still lose her the nomination, how could you recommend Obama nominate Biden, Bayh, kain or Sebelius.

I think Hillary and Webb or the two real fighters in the Democratic Party. For the VP spot we really need a fighter. Do you guys remember the way Webb confronted Bush. I know of nobody who did that.

I am a Hillary supporter but I would be happy with Hillary or Webb.

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