NM-01: Wilson Lies to Lehrer

On Monday night's Lehrer NewsHour, Heather Wilson said that Michael Hayden, Bush's pro-domestic wiretapping nominee for CIA Director, was "very, very candid about the [Bush administration's warrantless domestic spying] program, its authorities, how it operates, and so forth."

Riiiight, Heather - he's been far from candid about his involvement with the domestic spying program. As Media Matters points out, at a 2002 Congressional hearing, Hayden claimed that the National Security Agency complies with the requirements of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Well, that's not very candid of General Hayden, is it Rep. Wilson? Media Matters goes on to write that "after the program's public disclosure, Hayden made a number of contradictory and evasive statements about its implementation."

Gotta love Republicans like Heather Wilson - their priorities are certainly in the right place. When the President nominates a General that conducted illegal wiretaps against Americans, she rushes to his defense. But, when Janet Jackson's nipple is flashed on national TV for a fraction of a second, she tears up and freaks out. Fortunately, we've got a candidate that can beat her, Patricia Madrid.

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