Snow Links Prez to Osama bin Laden

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In his September 12, 2006 press briefing, Tony Snow, Press Secretary to President George W. Bush explained that while there is not an explicitly direct operational relationship between President Bush and the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, there are "links."

He did not expressly say this was true, but using his inductive logic proves that there is undisputable evidence: Bush is hand-in-hand ("there was a relationship") with the terrorists.

While I have made some [minor edits] to the text for clarity, what Mr. Snow says makes it obvious that this is what he means us to believe.

Q Well, one more, Tony, just one more. Do you believe -- does the President still believe that Saddam Hussein[this administration] was connected to Zarqawi or al Qaeda before the invasion?

MR. SNOW: The President has never said that there was a direct, operational relationship between the two, and this is important. Zarqawi[Al Qaeda] was in Iraq[the United States].

Q There was a link --

MR. SNOW: Well, and there was a relationship -- there was a relationship in this sense: Zarqawi[Mohammed Atta] was in Iraq [the United States]; al Qaeda members were in Iraq[the United States]; they were operating, and in some cases, operating freely from Iraq[the United States]. Zarqawi[Atta], for instance, directed the assassination of an American diplomat in Amman, Jordan[traveled to Afghanistan to meet with Osama bin Laden and train for terrorist attacks]. But did they have a corner office at the Mukhabarat[West Wing]? No. Were they getting a line item in Saddam's[the President's] budget? No. There was no direct operational relationship, but there was a relationship. They were in the country, and I think you understand that the Iraqis[Bush administration] knew they were there. That's the relationship.

Q Saddam Hussein[George W. Bush] knew they were there; that's it for the relationship?

MR. SNOW: That's pretty much it.

Q The Senate[NSA] report said they didn't turn a blind eye.

MR. SNOW: The Senate[NSA] report -- rather than get -- you know what, I don't want to get into the vagaries of the Senate[NSA] report, but it is pretty clear, among other things, again, that there were al Qaeda operators inside Iraq[The US], and they included Zarqawi[the hijackers], they included a cleric[Atta who]had been described as the best friend of[met with] bin Laden who was delivering sermons on TV. But we are simply not going to go to the point that the President is -- the President has never made the statement that there was an operational relationship, and that's the important thing, because I think there's a tendency to say, aha, he said that they were in cahoots and they were planning and doing stuff; there's no evidence of that.

So, there you have it.  Tony Snow has shown us the link between George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.  You can see the full text of the entire briefing here.  You will see that, except where necessary for clarification, not one bit of Snow's argument or reasoning has been altered.  It's time for the appeasers who are supporting this "best friend of the terrorists" to call for George W. Bush's detention as an Enemy Combatant.

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Re: Snow Links Prez to Osama bin Laden


I see what you are wisjing and hopeing would be said but still... huh?

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Re: Snow Links Prez to Osama bin Laden


To much frickin beer!  hahaha!

by kevin22262 2006-09-17 08:36PM | 0 recs
Re: Snow Links Prez to Osama bin Laden

It's simply to show that BushCo's latest attempt of using inductive reasoning (as opposed to deductive) to show links from Saddam to ALQaeda can be used to do the exact same thing with Bush and Al Qaeda.  Or mare simply, what's sauce for the goose can be sauce for the gander.  If the MSM actually had a backbone.

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