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    I like your style.

  • It hardly matters if I can't understand what you're writing, does it?

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    Hillary Hillary Hillary


  • Is that even English?

  • Not necessarily.  Ho is a term for someone who has slept around a lot, and is used occasionally to describe someone who has cheated.  The male equivalent is "playa", and "man ho" is often heard around the city.

    All women shouldn't take offense to the word unless someone calls all women "hos".  That would, indeed, be sexist.  The same as if someone called all men "assholes".  That would be sexist.  

    But HO is a legitimate term for a specific kind of person.  Is it gender specific?  Often, but not always.  Does it make it sexist?  Depends on the usage, of course.

    As Imus used it- that's offensive.

    As Bernie Mac used it- it's also a bit offensive.

    If I tell you an ex girlfriend was a ho because I caught her cheating on me, that doesn't make me sexist.  A bit crude in my choice of words, sure, but not sexist.  

    One often finds offense when one looks for it.

    And honestly- I don't know how "You're an Idiot" was my subject for this- I really don't remember typing that.

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    Hillary Hillary Hillary.

    Jesus Christ.

  • A little HR abuse, huh Scotch?  But yet- no intelligent rebuttal.

  • Retarded has a SLANG meaning, not a "normal" meaning.  Slang doesn't mean it's right.

    If something is purposefully backwards, call it backwards, not "retarded".

    The same way if something is lame, call it lame, don't call it "gay".

    The same way if someone is negotiating hard for money, call it a tough negotation, don't say they're "Jew-ing" you.

    Slang can be offensive, if you purport to elevate yourself over the rest of us, at least do it with language that's not from the eighth-grade playground.

  • Bye!!!!


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    IMUS called real people, in this case basketball players who'd done nothing wrong, nappy headed hos.

    BERNIE MAC used the word ho in a joke describing an individual person.

    If you can't see the difference, you're a moron.

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    Hey look, it's Jerome!  He used to run this blog but I hear he's joined a gang.  That would explain all the drive-bys of late.

  • Oh dammit.  Another one of these?

    Hillary is her own woman. Hillary does not need Bill anymore. She has became to the first woman to compete in a primary and actually shown that it can, and eventually will be done, by a woman.

    This is a reason to make her VP???  This sounds like, no offense, lyrics to a Destiny's Child song, not a reason to give someone the #2 slot in the country.

    Clinton now has a massive list of email contributors. She has established her own following, and they are just as devote to her as Obama's our to him.

    But the ones that haven't joined up with their fellow Dems already are too busy calling him Obambi and chanting Puma. PUMA. PUMA! in their corners, and making fools of themselves with Larry Johnson.

    Every state the borders the State of Ohio went to Clinton. This is very important to remember. She won states with those electoral votes that will reach the 270 mark.

    Huh?  Every state that started with the letter R went to Obama?  Do you propose that New York and California will vote for McCain?  These metrics don't help, since they make no sense at all.

    Obama's fundraising is slowing.look at the last three months of Obama's fundraising. McCain had his best showing yet in June. Clinton's money machine has stopped and can be reactivated once chosen for the Vice Presidency. They will be motivated!

    Clinton's money machine left her $20 million in debt.  Even the PUMA-ites who can't stand him are bitching and moaning that he's not asking HIS donors to give HER enough money.  If we stop focusing on Mark Penn and focus a bit more on Obama (who OF COURSE is having a fundraising lag, the primary demanded a ton of money that may, perhaps, have been spent better in the general), it'll be fine.

    Hillary has shown, especially during the past presidential primary season, that she can take on the media. She will step up and defend President Obama.

    She has indeed, and already is.  A classy lady.

    She finished strong in the primaries. Obama could not seal the deal on the nomination until the last state voted. Nothing against our future President of the United States, but what does it say about our party when you go down to the last state and your opponent is still winning, and by impressive margins sometimes?

    You know, a lot of people seem to think that Obama couldn't "seal the deal" because Clinton stayed in long after it was clear she didn't win.  It doesn't say anything about our party other than we had two good candidates, one of them with perhaps a better grasp of math than the other one.

    So, if you have a candidate who has virtually received the same number of pledged delegates as the presidential nominee, received the same amount of the popular vote as the presidential nominee, has her own history making title (as compared to the first African-American) of the first woman to compete for the presidency, has the same amount of online support and financial resources of the presidential nominee, and finally, has more electoral votes of the states won during the primary, what is one to assume Obama is going to do when he picks his Vice President?

    I would assume he would look at all the factors, and figure out who best helps his chances to win, who best helps his ability to govern, and who brings the most to the table.  Then he offers that person the slot, after vetting them 100%.

    If that person is Clinton, great, I'm fine with it, but I'm exhausted with these primary war rehashing diaries that declare, firmly, that Clinton is just simply the ONLY choice, as if they are the first former Clinton supporter to come to this conclusion.

  • Something tells me I am going to like you.

  • My sister is what some would call "retarded".  Fuck you and that word.

    We're fine with Barack, and Hillary too- it's you and your little kitty club that we're negative on.  But we won't lose sleep.  Good luck trying to win the nomination at the convention.  That oughtta go fine.

  • Ummm... awesome?


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