• Hope is useless at this point.

    It's going to happen.  I believe that GWB will do it to avoid allowing Israel into a potential quagmire.
    Remember that Israel's existence is at stake here.  The Iranian president had officially declared that he wanted the state of Israel wiped out from the map. So GWB don't resolve this, Israel will.

  • Because the Mullah want Nukes...

    Nothing less is acceptable.  Negotiation at the earlier stage and Stiff Sanctions as proposed by BO like the divestment bill would have stopped them.
    But now, it's too late and everybody involved know that; thus, the Israeli and Iranian recent war-games.

    If Israel does it, they'll not be able to do a good job enough to disable Iranian retaliation capabilities.  But if we do it, we can obliterate their entire conventional retaliation capabilities.

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    Think about what it will look like if the US decided on a surgical strike against Iran close to November and BO was there blaming the US for the cause and effect of the action.

    It'll be a pre-emptive strike by the way.  A sort of 1-2 week long campaign.

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    The Press "MSM" bought into the right-wing smear

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    This "shifting to the center" meme is a right-wing smear to define BO as a flip-flopper.  Barack Obama has always held these positions.  Check the records; Read Audacity of Hope; Please check your issues.  BO did not shift to the center as many right-wing pundits are claiming. The followings are positions that BO has held for as long as we've known him:

    On NAFTA - No change, BO is and has been a free-trader all along but wanted trade-deals with labor standards to protect American workers.

    On Guns - BO has always supported the right to bear arm as contained in 2nd Amendment (that's why he won Idaho, Colorado, etc. in the primary)

    On Abortion - his current position has always been his position (that's why they EMILY's list attacked him in New Hampshire).

    On Death Penalty - Go and check BO's Illinois record, where he led the reform there not to ban death penalty but to ensure a transparent and judicious death penalty system.

    On Faith Based initiatives - Read Audacity of Hope.  This has been BO's position all along.

    On Iraq -  BO has always had this "one or two brigade a month withdrawal" for a 16 months timeline in consultation with Commanders on the ground.

    So in conclusion, I give it to the Republican for having succeeded in fooling the Democrats and the Press to embrace their talking point.   They wanted to define BO as a flip-flopper the way they did against John Kerry.  Ask yourself, why were the Press and McCain campaign so fast to twist BO's reiteration of his Iraq position?  And this is the same position he's held since the first day he came up with "one or two brigade a month withdrawal" for a 16 months timeline.  Same position from September of 2007

    So wake up folks; read your copy of Audacity of Hope; check BO's records to see that he's a pragmatic, centralist, and democrat.

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    Thank you all for making out time from your precious and busy schedule to chip in a comment or two in defense of the defenseless late-term.

    Keep the good work and your reward will be great.  One of those children might end up becoming the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gate utilizing IQ to create millions of jobs for our children and grand-children; and maybe fund your social security if you live long enough.

  • on a comment on A late term abortion over 6 years ago
    This is neither Obama nor McCain diary, this is an American diary.  You see I'm a former Republican that moved to Independent.  Republican official disregard for the sufferings of the middle-class is a disappointment that drove me away from them; but some of the Democrats' non-compromising liberal stand also kept me away from them.  
    So this is not about the Democrats or Republican, it's about the defenseless child getting ready to grace this wonderful world of ours.  And nobody has a right to stop them unless their arrival threatened the life of the mother.  
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    The tax cut is for people making less than $75K
    and it will be financed by an increase on people making more than $250K
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    It's just stupid fear-mongering.  If there's anything to be found, the Clinton campaign would have found it.  They're actually better than the Republican party

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    Please stop whining and move on.  We're now focused on beating John McCain in November and implementing a progressive agenda for all Americans.
    Hillary will not be on top of the ticket; so let's move on the much needed victory we deserve in this country.
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    Two-term Governor is too inexperienced?  What do you have in mind because even if HRC is planning on running in 2012, there's a plan for her to become NY Gov before re-contesting?  Therefore, two-term Governor with impeccable record is more than enough, it's simply awesome.

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    Dear Texasdarlin,

    Can you tell us who was responsible for spreading the smear email saying that BO was Muslim, schooled in Madrasass, etc?  Who was benefiting from that smear?  Not the Republican until now "as far as I know."

    Even John McCain admits the fact of BO's faith, but HRC could only manage "as far as I know."

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    Hillary is supposed to win NC since it's one of the 10 largest states in the nation.

  • get it now.  Billary are running for a third term.

  • You just missed the point.  It's a two for one.  No wonder lots of folks like you have been fooled like that.

    Stop that "It's not Bill, it's Hill" nonsense.  We know Hillary is running for a Clinton third term  as McCain is also running for a Bush third term.


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