Mitt Romney, the new Republican Frontrunner

As a Republican Obama supporter, I am having the best of both worlds because Mitt is the new republican frontrunner having won two gold and two silvers.  With Mitt's economic conquests and financial sagacity or with Obama's vision and courage, the United State of America would be in good hands come January 2009.  Either with "Business Savvy Mitt Romney or Courageously Inspirational Barack Obama" God Bless the USA.

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Re: Mitt Romney, the new Republican Frontrunner

I don't believe Mitt is the frontrunner.

The short of it is that there is no clear frontrunner. You have a very fractured republican primaries electorate. Now Thompson is supposedly surging in SC. Then you've got Giuliani betting the farm on Florida. We can't forget McCain and Huckabee has the evangelicals pretty much locked up.

If ever a nomination seemingly could be decided at the convention this is it folks!

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