Why are we here? [UPDATE x2]

When is enough enough?  That is what I want to know.  How many diaries have there been about Alegre recently?  I am not sure, nor do I care.  What I want to know is how does rehashing this help us get a Democrat in the White House?

Hillary said it best that if we spend too much time looking at the past, we cannot see the future. People of MyDD, we must let go of the primary, we must let go of Hillary and Obama supporters who feel slighted, and we must let go of those who are feeling victimized in the process.

Sure, bad things were said on both sides.  Sure, some supporters on both sides made all of us cringe.  Sure, some will use the words of a blogger to let them dictate how they feel.  But, the bad feelings are on both sides.

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Curious Minds at Risk

I am a high school teacher at a suburban public school in the Denver metro area.  I have experienced, first hand, what Bush's policies and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law have done to education and students.  

When I first heard Obama speak about his views of education, I knew he was on to something close to my heart:  we need to foster both creativity and critical thinking in our students.  We do this by encouraging curiosity.

More than anything else, I see among the great failings of NCLB is that it has objectified students and stripped from them their capacity for creative, critical thought.  This is what Obama wants to fix.

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Full participation: I want my Rec/Rate Abilities Back

Well, Kos did it at the Great Orange Satan, he gave all who lost their abilities back now that the primaries are over.  I would love my abilities back on MYDD.

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