• comment on a post The Many Benefits of Ned Lamont's Victory over 7 years ago

    There were 22,000 new Dems registered.  Lamont won by roughly 10,000.  Its safe to assume that most, if not all the new registered Dems were leaning Lamont--why would anyone suddenly register for an August primary to support the status quo?  If all 22,000 voted, they were the difference.  This is particularly significant, because in 2004, Dean, the net and the progressives generated buzz and registered people.  But at least in Iowa, they didn't make it to the polls.  IF, and its a big IF, this is a sign that new people can be motivated and injected into the system, then 2006 could truly be the beginning of a massive change, not just in control of the Congress, but change in how Washington behaves.  My fingers are crossed.


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