September 18th: Fifty Days, Fifty Bucks

Monday, September 18th will mark 50 days to go before the election.  While Democratic challengers have done an excellent job of raising money for the most part, they are still well under-funded when compared to the Republicans they are running against.  Plus we are already seeing the beginnings of 3rd party funding for ads by right-wing groups, the RNC and the NRCC that will probably dwarf the campaign budgets of most Democratic congressional candidates.  While the national polls show good news for the Democrats, the Republican onslaught is coming.

So what is it worth to try to help the Democrats get their message out, or to counter the coming attacks?  How about a dollar a day?  My suggestion is to send $50 to a Democratic candidate, a Democratic PAC, or some other Democratic fund of your choice.  It will be your down-payment on the rest of the campaign season and also get funds to candidates before the all-important September 30th reporting deadline.

Maybe you have one candidate you really want to see win and want to focus your $50 there.  If you want to try to help a number of candidates you may decide to give to a multi-candidate PAC (If you choose this option please consider the PAC I am involved with, Blue Catapult at  Maybe you want to spread your $50 around, and if so, the netroots ActBlue page would probably be a good resource.

So think about it over the weekend and on Monday, send $50 to the candidate or PAC of your choice.  Please use the comments section here or over at the crosspost at my Blue Catablog ( to post suggestions as to where people should pledge their dollar a day, $50 contribution.  Or if you have decided, please tell all of us where your money is going.

Fifty Days, Fifty Bucks.  Where will your contribution go?

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