MUST WATCH. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY CATHARTIC. Maher also goes after CNBC, and T. Boone Pickens to their faces! I honestly think T. Boone Pickens has lost credibility after this interview. No one has had the guts to plainly ask the question, why did he spend millions to smear Gore, the most visible leader on climate change, and a vietnam vet, John Kerry, as liberal as you could get on this issue, and instead support 2 oil men (while Exxon's numbers tripled), and then this year vote for McCain and the oil governor of Alaska, whose convention theme was "DRILL BABY DRILL" if he honestly cares about wind energy and energy independence?

This episode deserves an Emmy award. And i'm usually not a fan of Bill Maher, so that's saying a lot.

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WOW, Look at Senator Kennedy!

Crossposted by by Ekaterin at Dailykos
Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 08:30:27 PM PDT

Today was his first public appearance since the DNC. I was so glad to see how strong he looks, and thought you might enjoy seeing this encouraging look at the Senate's Liberal Lion.

The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, visited Senator Kennedy at his home in Hyannis: 80

(anyone know how to embed videos?)

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Breaking: VP Debate Rules Changed To Compensate For Palin

I wish I was making this up. We have a 72 year old formerly tortured POW candidate with invasive melanoma with Caribou Barbie as his running mate who just did a really intensive hardball interview with Sean Hannity. So, to allay our fears that this dominionist nutjob may not be qualified to run the country, they have to make sure that Biden doesn't have a chance to openly debate her because it may make her look unqualified?


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Hillary & Biden answer questions

Hillary and Biden answer voter questions. Pw

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CHILLING McCain Video 2w

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crossposted at dailykos user It's not just 600,000 in Ohio: LA, FL, KS, NM, CO, and NV

Votes being purged left and right, well not really right, they are the purgers not the purgees.


Keith Olberman, Bill Moyers, anyone and everyone.

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COMCAST shows outrageous bias

by the way, people should know that a few months ago, COMCAST removed MSNBC from regular to PREMIUM.

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Go to "Top Picks" on your COMCAST On Demand menu.

You will see options for New Movies.

Then Hit Music.

Then Top Kids Shows.

Then an option for - REPUBLICANS.   With NO corresponding selection titled Democrats.

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Palin, What kind of Mother Is She?

A bad mother? Down-syndrome kid doesnt cut it for me. That has to do with her beliefs. Whether you believe in abortion or not, you do not abandon your child when it has just been born. Especially one with down-syndrome. You see, I'm a family values voter. My promising young sister (captain of her soccer team, accepted to MIT and Yale, also died from a back alley abortion. Our family did not have health insurance, and she did this without our family's knowledge.

Being the case that McCain over-exploits his POW status, and Palin (unlike Biden, and even McCain) exploited her son's Iraq war service (which you're not supposed to do for the safety of the troops), she will exploit her new-born baby with down syndrome to impose upon all women her views on the right to choose.

Well like McCain can afford 10 houses because of his auspicious circumstances, Palin could afford to have and leave behind 5 children, including a sick new born baby with down syndrome. She could afford health insurance, afford 5 kids. My sister couldn't. She was shamed into having a back alley abortion so as not to burden my parents, and this is what happened. She died.

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Character Determines what kind of president McCain will be.

The media in 2000, and 2004, largely ignored Bush's 'character flaws'. The failed to go into his dodge drafting. They failed to look into his National Guard service. they failed to look deeper into his academic performance. They failed to even  really examine all the failed businesses that he had had before he was governor of texas. Bush had everything in life handed to him.

He was born on 3rd base, and thought he hit a triple.

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The AP Is Spying On You

The AP's Response To My Diary
by droogie6655321 (crossposted from Dailykos) 13472/2103/1015/575626
Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 11:01:57 AM PDT


I got a call from an official of the Associated Press this afternoon at my work number. He or she contends that my diary yesterday, which I have deleted, is filled with fact errors.

Here is some of the e-mail that was sent to me, and my editors.

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