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    iDemocrat is a troll. this guy gets a ton of troll ratings on dailykos for hijacking diaries with his own tip jar (he uses the same username) and for saying really stupid things: http://www.dailykos.com/search?offset=0& amp;old_count=30&string=iDemocrat&am p;type=comment_by&sortby=ntroll& search=Search&count=30&wayback=2 102400&wayfront=0&hidden_comment s=show

    (you can only see troll ratings if you have a dailykos account)

    and he writes stupid troll diaries like this:
    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/2/27/ 45232/4559/247/702502

  • The last time he was in hawaii wasnt just to vacation. It was to spend a week with his grandmother, who is very frail and lives alone. He hadnt seen her in nearly a year. She had been hospitalized several times before that. He knew the political costs. But he wanted to spend as much time with her incase..

  • Why would you even categorize it that way or otherwise? This wasnt a political move at all. If you've read his books, he writes very lovingly about his grandmother and she's a stand-out. He obviously has much affection for her as he's shown on the campaign trail, crediting her for his personal success and his morals and values. He took attacks from Cokie Roberts and those like her, who said Obama shouldn't have gone to Hawaii to visit his family for a week because it would look bad politically, especially in this economic climate. Barack had not seen his grandmother in over a year and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible because he knew her time was running out, so it's very obvious why he would feel the need to visit now. The phonecall must have been very dire and serious, considering his grandmother had just a week ago been hospitalized. And Biden took 2 days off the campaign trail just recently to be with his dying mother-in-law who did recently pass away as well. Fuck the optics and politics of the situation right now. McCain took vacations every weekend in his ranch in arizona. Every weekend this summer and occasionally in the Fall. There's no use in criticizing Obama for this,  and frankly, i would seriously question a politician's character, if they didnt visit their last living parent. After Madelyn Dunham, there's no one left. Just Barack and Maya.

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    by some male mccain voter today.

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    after that hitjob he did on Obama after totally distorting a quote to make him seem more arrogant than he really is

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    This diary is invasive and.

    And Rev. Wright wasn't selling hate. His sermon, if you actually read the thing in its entirety, was quoting an Iraqi ambassador who was speaking on Fox News about "chickens coming home to roost". Those were the ambassador's words, not Wright's. And about G-D america, in the tradition of fire and brimstone Baptist preachers and Christianity in general, when something bad is happening, it's usually thought that God is punishing you. That was his point. His belief was that the attacks on us were due to American intervention and occupation of foreign lands, and doing things like decimating 2 entire cities in Japan and all the crap we've done in Afghanistan and Iraq. Wright's own friends were killed in the 9/11 attacks, and his own goddaughter is serving in Iraq. If you took his words to be anything other than a strict Christian interpretation of the world events, which is what you would expect a true believer to do, then you're the one selling hate and misinformation. I know very lovely and patriotic people who go to that church who have received death threats. A few other members of the church, I heard, were harassed and beaten.  So be careful about what kind of false information you want to bloviate about. Your words have severe consequences.

  • it's a crosspost. by the way, im a woman, and im black. and i hate political correctness, which both dailykos and mydd are overly PC.

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    from community college and other crap colleges?

  • there were thrown a lot of racist comments, swears, epithets my way by people i was trying to recruit for voter registration for Hillary's campaign. They thought i was a part of the obama campaign I guess, because I was black. I'm barely even that black. I'm lighter than Obama. I was so traumatized by those events, I decided to work the databases instead of canvassing outdoors. But indoors, there were still whispers among elder white Hillary supporters, since I was one of the only black people there. Guess you'd be one of those people.

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    obama had exceeded the delegate advantage. either way, the system was unfair to both. popular vote vs. delegate advantage, especially with the FL/MI situation (which Terry McAullife penalized MI during 2004 primaries, which he wrote in his recently published book, and now contradicted) And in 2006, Bill and Hillary rearranged the caucus and primary system and dates and stressed the delegate system because she thought she would have a delegate lockdown by super tuesday. They were the architects of that system and they lost it. i dont fault hillary for trying the popular vote route, it was completely legitimate. (im a hillary supporter by the way) but normally when a democrat has the delegate lead, there are calls within the party for others to drop out. john edwards, clark, dean, all dropped out in 2004 when kerry had the delegate lead. that's just a fact.

    unfortunately, my brother recently was killed in afghanistan on his 3rd tour of duty, and i urge people to be more productive in this election. i still siblings and friends over there, and frankly, i dont trust them in the hands of mccain/palin or palin/?.

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    what the DNC did does not constitute sexism. you can argue favoritism, (especially if you forget the fact that it was bill and hillary who rearranged the primaries and caucus system to their advantage in the end of 2006, or the fact that Terry McAuliffe himself, in 2004 said Michigan was penalized for the Dem primaries in his own book published in 2007, and the fact that he completely upended his arguments in 04 to gain a strategic advantage for hillary)

    the MEDIA was sexist, and particularly fox news, and i was disappointed to see both hillary legitimize fox news, especially when they were the ones who propagated more misogynistic sleaze than chris matthew's ignorance of feminism,  and as well, i was disappointed in obama and dodd for going on fox news as well, considering it is a bigoted news network.

    some people have family fighting over in iraq, and i had a brother who just died in afghanistan. dont we have more important things to worry about? dont you care?

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    some of us have a sibling who was recently KILLED in afghanistan, and still have family and friends there. the least you could do is be productive with your comments. or all you care about is cult politics. enough!

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    like politicians running for the presidency aren't arrogant? yeah, you REALLY know what the political calculations were. schoolyard politics my ass. hillary was my choice, but biden was my first choice in iowa and im glad he's on the ticket. he has the best foreign policy credentials of any senator by far, and has more integrity than either obama or hillary.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BPb0gdL_ N4


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