China's current education system

      China's education system in the country at this stage is very successful, especially in compulsory education and university reform. University reform is a price segment power source of social progress. The basis of price segments in the Chinese construction period, focusing on infrastructure, expansion of urban functions, and allows the rapid expansion of urban functions is the soul of the forces participating in the real estate construction. And can support the rapid development of real estate is a national support policies and rigid to be seeking. Construction since the introduction of a private university education, university enrollment since the comprehensive (especially a large enrollment of 96 years), so high above the college into the university students wishing to dream, the process of rural areas into the city at this time Hou really start. In the country to the city's population of migrant workers in students, and really stay in the city is that these highly educated and highly influenced by the city's students, these students so that each of the rapid expansion of urban population, this is the Chinese from the countryside an important way to urban migration, and this means there are 15 years or so will be the process, ( From farmers in the late 60 children and 70 children in early and middle peasants in the late 70s to early 80s ---- rural students about 15 years or so), so the process of urban expansion in China there will be 15 years or so, but This expansion will slow down, and now is the rural students into the city's period of rapid, so the soul of the city --- the development of the rapid development of real estate would become, of course, thanks to the policy support. So China's education system is the shift from rural to urban areas the most successful means. He found the price required in paragraph development. So China's education system in the country at this stage is very successful.



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