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    the great mogambo at asia times had this to say about the recent congressional hearings about the price of oil"

    "I'll gladly answer that question, senator! The reason that oil costs so much in dollars is that the purchasing power of the dollar has dropped by 40% in five lousy years, thanks to you letting the Federal Reserve create so much damned money, you lowlife scumbag! If the dollar still had its buying power, oil would still be US$25 a barrel like it was in 2002, but nooOOoooo! You dumb, stupid, ignorant congressional morons decided to borrow and then spend so insanely much money that the Federal Reserve was required (and only too happy!) to create all the money and credit needed to finance the disgusting orgy of your irresponsible government spending, now totaling $9.4 trillion in national debt, because if the Fed did not create the money, your enormous borrowing needs would have sucked up every freaking dime of savings in the country a dozen times over, driving interest rates through the roof, called the 'squeezing out effect'. That's why oil costs so much, you ignorant, preening Congressional moron!"

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    i was never able to find where obama "said he would sit down with ANYONE without pre-conditions." could you help me with that? seriously, if that is what he said, word for word, then i will write his campaign and tell him how ridiculous a statement.

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    why is he still campaigning? because he has a republican opponent named john mccain who is campaigning against him. mccain is not campaigning against sen clinton.

    and yes, there is the pesky matter of florida and michigan. too bad the party has rules isn't it? why don't we just forget the rules, all the rules, and we can all run for president.

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    yes, sen obama lost pennsylvania by 10 points, not by five. and this after the rev wright story and the bitter comment. after the media went hog wild ripping into obama nonstop for one month. he should have lost by 20 or even 30. he did well only losing by 10 pts.

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    "...the only one making sense"..please. this is too much. none of the mainstream media have your best interests in mind. none is dealing fairly with you or with any of the candidates. the news is asinine.
    this pro-wrestling media we now have is concerned with (1) making money through high ratings, and (2), making you hyperventilate everytime you punch your remote.  
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    irrelevant? i wish it were, my friend. but no,
    it is far from irrelevant. it is in fact the propaganda fountain from which all good republicans drink. i have said here and elsewhere, the best way to deal with fox, limbaugh, boortz, and all the other rabid right wing media, sworn enemies of the democrats, is never to appear on their channels or shows or broadcasts. regardless of what is said during an interview, the enemy network will parse and edit every word in every sentence and use it later against the guest democrat.
  • i am (was) a paul supporter. my reason for supporting him was a speech i heard him give one day during my lunch break in september 2005. he explained in simple terms why iraq was a mistake and why we should pull out as soon as possible. his ideas on iraq matched my own. he also called out the bush administration for their criminal acts.

    since then i have heard only one other speech (al gore) in which these same points were made. the democrats have caved entirely on the iraq war, providing bush with his many funding votes. this includes sen obama. sen clinton lost me as a supporter when she voted for war. she earned my hatred when she said it was because she didn't have access to the intelligence, although she was on the intelligence committee.

    the iraq war is the greatest mistake in our country's history. we have allowed a group of people called neocons, all associated with pnac, to take over foreign policy and the pentagon, and to make war on the world. the majority of americans do not understand the seriousness of this situation.

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    hey, i just came over from kos, james wolcott, sic semper tyrannis, antiwar, crooks and liars, firedoglake, where i was playing games. i'm so glad now that i have found a "serious site" where i can have some real fun!

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    sen clinton is speaking to her constituency and her biggest contributors.

  • "Hillary was a victim in every sence when it came to Bill's philandering".

    I think that is an exagerration. Sen Clinton has acted more like an adult than her husband her entire life. Why she decided to do nothing when it came to Bill's insatiable appetite for other women one can only speculate. My guess is that she was simply ambitious enough to weigh the pros and cons of leaving bill and decided that if she stayed she would have a shot at being president.

    i would also like to add that i am weary of hearing about the clinton's sexual misfortunes.

  • i want to quote you here:

    "...he feels that working class people deserve less now than they used to".

    where in god's name do you come up with such garbage?

    please give me a link a quote a speech, something where sen obama says he thinks working class people deserve less?

    you think you know how senator obama feels?! if you do, you must certainly know how senator clinton feels. so why don't you tell us how she feels about her vote for the iraq war.

  • i agree with you. people are very bitter, very bitter indeed. and not just in pennsylvania. 80% or more of this country KNOWS we are headed in the wrong direction. that course was set by the clintons and the bushes.

    obama is the only person amongst the three who is guaranteed to take of off this suicidial track.

    as far as his comments in san fransisco, i wish he would make them a permanent part of his stump speech. what he said is true, and for too damn long we have let politicians lie their asses off to us and all the while we knew. i will give the people of pennsylvania enough credit to know the difference between truth and bullshit. if they can't figure it out, then what can mccain or clinton or obama or anyone do for them?

  • i agree with you. the dems haven't even begun to campaign seriously against mccain. it's a shame they're having to use up so much money and energy ripping each other to shreds. seems like it would be better spent against mccain.

    also, i took stroll through some red sites today. atlas shrugs has obama linked to the farc terrorists in colombia. world net daily has a series of articles by a mr klein proving that obama is a drug taking homo terrorist. maybe that's why obama's numbers are slipping against mccain.

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    you're right, there are other points to nail him on. but this one is not yet tired enough, i think. he did say it, after all. and many voters probably still have not heard him say it, at least not on film or in an ad. let these shotgun blasts of his pile up, then re-release them staccato style. surely we will see obama's or clinton's comments over and over again until they're completely worn out, then we'll see them some more.

  • come on, really, "religious reverence"? when polled, only 18% of obama supporters said they would not vote for clinton, while 28% of clinton supporters said they would not vote for obama. who are the real zealots here? i haven't heard any obama supporters say they would vote for Mccain, but that question is frequently asked here. even though i support obama, sen clinton will get my vote in the general if she wins the nomination.


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