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    Haley Barbour has always inspired me to not be a dick. He's my don't-be-a-throbbing-dick-like-that muse.

  • Good points, devilrays. If a primary challenge pressures Specter to actually vote like a Democrat, then it's a net win for Dems, no denying it. The Ridge comment may be explained by my blind fury with Reid, Rendell, and the other establishment types who believe they can literally give the nomination to a POS like Specter.

  • You're right, eddieb...if PA Dems can do to Specter what CT Dems did to Lieberman, even the DC Village would take notice. DFHs rule!

  • I really hope Specter gets his ass handed to him during the Dem primary. He needs to be taught that Senate seats aren't private property, and no matter how long he's held the office, he doesn't own it.

    I'm a diehard Dem, but I despise Specter so much, I'd rather Tom Ridge get the seat if a real Democrat can't. Maybe that would jolt some sense into Harry Reid and other clueless, self-absorbed Dems who are apparently concerned primarily with keeping their chummy Senate club intact, which means continuing to bat their eyelashes at DINOs like Specter.

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    Didn't know that, 3000, thanks for the info. I wish there was some way to combat the moderate Smug Club. They're not Dems or Repubs, their only loyalty is to money, big business, themselves, and to a lesser extent one another.

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    For half a second I thought I was reading about TN Congressman Jim Cooper, and I bout had a thrill attack thinking that crappy Blue Dog had been outed or something. But I still liked the actual story.

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    I think Sestak would still have a chance of bumping Specter despite the Dem establishment aligned against him. Arlen Specter is just Joe Lieberman all over again. They're more alike than not, thinking they have a right to the Senate seats they hold. When their rightful place as senators is threatened, their party loyalty fizzes and their principles get malleable. I predict Specter will be defeated in the Dem primary and runs as an independent, just like Joe. But this time the real Dem will win.


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