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1. Max Blumenthal/Drinking Liberally, Thursday, March 22

Join Drinking Liberally (no, you are not required to drink!)  in the back room of Timberlake's this Thursday, 6:30 to 9, 1726 Connecticut Ave NW, north of Dupont Circle.  This is our monthly guest speaker night, and we are proud and pleased to host Max Blumenthal.  Max Blumenthal is a Nation Institute Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow whose work regularly appears in the Nation. He is a Research Fellow at Media Matters for America.  You may want to check out his March 19 article in the Nation: " The Porn Plot Against Prosecutors." If you're interested in the prosecutor purge story, there's fresh material here that's definitely worth a read: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20070402/bl umenthal Per tradition on speaker nights, free appetizers & $1 off drinks.

Drinking Liberally also meets on  Capitol Hill every Wednesday, 7:00 PM, at 18th Amendment, 613 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, about a block west of the Eastern Market Metro,  www.dcdl.org

In Alexandria, join Drinking Liberally at the Cap City Brewing Co.Shirlington, 2700 S. Quincy St., right across from the WETA Building on Thursdays at 7:00 - 9:00 PM, ask the hostess to find the Drinking Liberally group.

2. Local Filmmaker Tom O'Brien premieres "Commander 'N Thief" Saturday, March 24

Saturday March 24th at Busboys and Poets, Focus In!series, presents the documentary "Commander 'N Thief"by local filmmaker Tom O'Brien. Doors open at 10:30 pm Screening starts at 11:00 pm (sharp). 2021 14th Street,NW Washington DC 20009. www.busboysandpoets.com 202-387-7638. Just two blocks from the U St./Cardozo Metro Station.

Commander 'N Thief tells the story of the means used in Ohio and across the nation to steal the 2004
presidential election. It is a story that none of us want to believe. Presenting hard evidence of the fraud
that took place in Ohio and in the rest of the country, Commander 'N Thief requires us to recognize
the truth about what happened and compels us to do something about it. The truth is just now coming to
light because it has taken two years for public advocacy attorneys and investigators to secure and
then obtain access to the evidence that the 2004 presidential election was indeed stolen in Ohio.

Following the screening will be a panel discussion, with Q&A. Panelists are: Gregory T. Moore, Executive
Director of the NAACP National Voter Fund. www.naacpnvf.org
; Steven Freeman, Visiting Scholar,
University of Pennsylvania's Center for Organizational Dynamics, co-author of "Was the 2004 Presidential
Election Stolen?" www.appliedresearch.us/sf/epdiscrep.htm (Seven Stories Press); and Tom O'Brien, filmmaker, www.commander-n-thief.com

3. "DC Obama for President Grass-Rooters" Meeting, March 25 8:00 PM

Will meet at Busboys & Poets, 14th & V Sts., NW, Sunday, March 25 at 8:00 PM.  One of the activities will be planning for the national night of house parties & meetings on March 31.

4.  Draft Kate Wilder in Virginia's 42nd District

Leaders of www.raisingkane.com, the excellent Virginia political blog are leading a campaign to Draft Kate Wilder to run against stone-age Republican David Albo in Virginia's 42nd House of Delegates district in Fairfax County.  Kate is a 19 year resident of the 42nd District and was the first female Green Beret in U.S. Army history.  Kate stepped up to the plate in the Webb Campaign. She was a solid volunteer from before the primary through the general election who worked in the office nearly every day. She worked to build Jim's presence outreach among veterans. She traveled around the Commonwealth to talk about Jim's commitment to Virginians values and she got front and center to help rebut George Allen's attacks against Jim Webb's record on women's issues.   You don't need to live in the 42nd district or even the state to sign the petition of support for Kate at: www.ipetitions.com/petition/DraftKateWil der

5. Meet DNC Chair Howard Dean at a DNC Grassroots Reception

Join Gov. Howard Dean & Rep. Eleanor H. Norton at a DNC Grassroots Reception, Monday, March 26, 5:30 - 7:00 PM, Equality Forum Room at the Human Rights Campaign HQ, 1640 Rhode Island Ave., NW.  $50 per person or free if you join the DNC's Democracy Bonds grassroots fundraising program.  To RSVP or get more info go to: dcfordemocracy@gmail.com

6. Fundraiser, Meet Sen. Barack Obama, March 27

Megan & Don Beyer cordially invite you to join then in honoring Sen. Barack Obama to benefit Obama for America, March 27, 6:30 - 8:00 PM: Reception at the Beyer Residence, Old Town Alexandria, Donation: $2,300 per person, 8:00 - 9:30 PM, General Reception at the Majestic Cafe, 919 King St., Donation: $1,000 per person.  For more information contact Drew Kleibrink, kleibrink@mindspring.com, 703-204-9622.

7. Obama Low-Dollar Fundraiser at Whitlows, Wed. March 28

Arlingtonians for  Obama is hosting a (suggested--feel free to contribute more) $25 per person  fundraiser at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, March 28 at Whitlow's, 2854 Wilson Blvd., Arlington (only
two blocks from Clarendon  metro station on the Orange line).  The door prize is an autographed copy of Senator Obama's new book "The Audacity of Hope." Questions? Email us at arlingtoniansforobama@gmail.com_http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/det ail/wr4w_
(http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/det ail/wr4w) Note: Sen. Obama will not be attending.

8. John Edwards House Party Day, March 28

For a John Edwards House Party near you go to:
http://blog.johnedwards.com/oc/housepart y There are several planned in Washington, DC and nearby areas.

9. Barack Obama House Party Day, March 31

For a Barack Obama House party near you go to http://www.barackobama.com/ There are many plasnned in DC and surrounding areas.

10. Draft Al Gore Meetup Group, April 3

Tuesday, April 3 at 7:00PM, Hay Adams Hotel, Off The Record Bar in the basement, 16th & H Streets N.W.  Washington DC 20006.  The People want their president back in the Oval Office. To get Al there we have to draft him into serve.  Meet others who think Al Gore is the best choice now to lead American back into the civilized world.

11. Site of the month from DC Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta: http://www.freeandequaldc.com/

12. Voting Rights & Emancipation Day March, April 16

Mark History & Make History!  Join Mayor Fenty, Rep. Norton & many others for a Voting Rights Rally & Marh on April 16, DC Emancipation Day, April 16.  2:30 PM gather at Freedom Plaza, 13th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW, then MARCH to the Capitol Reflecting Pool, 3rd St & Independence Ave.  For details go to www.votingrightsmarch.org

13. Join Sen. Russ Feingold/Yearly Kos Fundraiser, April 17

Save the date! Join Sen. Russ Feingold & Rep. Brad Miller for an affordable fundraiser for the Yearly Kos Convention in Washington, DC, on Capitol Hill, on April 17, more details later.  We need your help to promote this event, please contact Nolan Treadway nolan@yearlykosconvention.org or Howard Park hpark4@aol.com.  YearlyKos is the major yearly gathering for progressive bloggers & activists.  It will be held in Chicago, August 2 - 5.  Fundraising is needed to defray costs and keep YearlyKos affordable.

14. Meeting/Party for Hillary Clinton Supporters, April 18

Join Hillary Clinton Supporters (and those who want more information), Wednesday, April 18, at HALO, 1435 P St., NW, 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  Peter Rosenstein is organizing and reports that it is not a fundraiser nor will contributions be solicited at the April 18 event, "it is purely social and we hope will be about good conversation & friendship."

15.  www.stopiranwar.com

General Wes Clark and Jon Soltz from VoteVets.org are continuing their effort to rally opposition to war with Iran.  Clark and Soltz are distributing their first YouTube video about StopIranWar.com, the first in a series of video blog pieces they're releasing to keep up the pressure and broaden public awareness
about this issue.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN6IwFsJk 2U&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Evotevets% 2Eorg%2F And, as always, people can continue to learn more and take action at:

16.  Personal Democracy Forum, YearlyKos

Save the dates, if you are interested in new politics check out The Personal Democracy Forum in New York City, May 18 http://www.personaldemocracy.com/confere nce/2007 and Yearly Kos, THE Progressive Netroots Political Conference, Chicago, August 2 - 5, 2007.  Go to www.yearlykosconvention.org  Come to Chicago this summer! Watch the Cubs get beat at cozy & historic Wrigley Field (they are in town during YearlyKos).

List Housekeeping

18.  Want us to publish your notice?  Please send me (Howard Park hpark4@aol.com) the information as far ahead of time as possible.  It is much better to send simple "cut & pasteable" copy NOT attachments.  This newsletter is a volunteer enterprise and is published on an irregular basis.  We are not able to publicize events on short notice

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Come watch the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? with the director Chris Paine and the star Chelsea Sexton. 11Apr at NVCC Loudon Campus. Check out the EVA/DC website for more information http://www.evadc.org/index.html
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