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    I surely like McCain.  Most rational of any candidate.  Best for the country.  He's got his act together after suffering more adversity in life than most of us as a prisoner-of-war.  How many of us could go through that? And come out in the intellectual and physical shape he's in?
      He reminds me of Harry Truman. Totally from the people and for them.  has no baggage, either!
       3 cheers.  Hope he makes it !
  • What's the phrase " your liberal friends" brought up for?? I'm not liberal in politics ( or conservative); perhaps rational, like McCain.
    I'll have to check to see if those are accurate comments you put up that he's supposed to have said. And what is so wrong with his endorsement in in Arizona?  And for Darwin for being One of his many heroes ?
      BTW, did you know that 'reading' was a liberal idea when it came down, along with the idea of women voting being a liberal idea? And 'civil rights' were thought to be very liberal at the time. Imagine.
  • I'm with NYC Realist on this one !  McCain is the best; I care not which party he might run for to be President.  He has all the qualities needed. And then some.  A 'loser'?? Not by me.
    -- Like to know who the dickens would satisfy if not this guy.
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    In these perilous times, it is too difficult to get warrants for the the many many hundreds of terrorists and those who would hurt our country. It's a rubber stamp, anyway, to go back and back and back to a judge.  Have we forgotton 9.11 already?  
      We shoot ourselves in the foot and the terrorists shoot us in the head.
      If the NSA uses the 'listening' to cause harm to innocent people or groups, then congress can intervene.  Till then we are less secure than ever if we restrict this clandestine  ( no longer, perhaps) approach to defend against the next possible attack.


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