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    I really can't put into words how disappointed I am over the administration's handling of GLBT issues.  The first candidate in the history of the country to be elected with a plank for civil unions in his platform, and instead of rising to the challenge (Barack could be the gays' LBJ), the Obama administration has skirted responsibility and action at every turn...and once again, we find that the only thing that matters in this is money.

    I hope that Obama doesn't make out his legacy to be one of failure to move on the most critical civil rights issue of my generation.  That would be a tragic miscarriage of the mandate he was given in November.

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    GIVE GIVE GIVE to Christine Jennings!  Great pick for this list :).  She was quite truly robbed from election in 2008 after 18,000 were ballots in Sarasota County "lost" (and, conveniently, no paper trail left behind).  She's next door to me, and no candidate's (re-)election sends a better message about change than one whose rightful place in Congress was stolen by the Republicans.

  • There are millions of people in America who care.  I am but one of many who believe in the popular will, and take due care to affect and monitor it.  I had no idea that being such a person could illicit piteous contempt in others of differing opinions, but it's not the most surprising thing that's happened to me.

    It's a big world and I happen to love living in it, thank you.  I feel sorry for you; your close minded nature may very well close you out to many good people and good ideas in your lifetime.  I suppose I do fixate on politics a bit, but I certainly wouldn't think that being observant could be as crippling as hubris.  Hopefully your flaws will not cause you too much harm.

  • Read what I wrote.  More Americans pulled a lever for Clinton than Obama.  This is entirely true.  Including accurate estimates from the caucus states which did not report their voter rolls, and giving Michigan votes for "uncomitted" to who they voted for--uncommitted.

    More Americans, nationwide, voted for Clinton than voted for Obama.  It's not madness.  We can argue about what the "popular vote" is all day, because there really is no such thing in the Presidential primary process, and no real rules by which to determine such a thing.  All there is is one simple truth: more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton on an official ballot than voted for Barack Obama in 2008, period.

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    It's true.  It's why I supported HRC.  It's interesting to me that Clinton has a long track record of being instrumental in the career of her husband, didn't have the "audacity" to run for President immediately in 04 (perhaps a mistake in hindsight), won re-election to the Senate in 2006, etc. etc. and could possibly be considered to have had inferior judgment to Barack Obama.

    The thing that the Obama campaign seems to have done best is to have gotten inside the mind of Democratic Party base members; they understand how the base works and can affect a media narrative which fits seamlessly into both their preconceived notions and their imaginations.  It's a remarkable ability, to be sure, but at the end of the primary fewer Americans pulled the lever for Barack Obama than did for Hillary Clinton.  As we head into the conventions and into the topsy-turvy universe of American autumnal electoral traditions, there is a part of me that feels as though the party is staring down the long barrel of a gun.  Obama was foisted upon the party by a plurality, included among them many powerful Superdelegates, many of whom voted against their constituents and all of whom voted against the popular vote winner.

    I could go on forever, to be honest with you, but mostly I'm just keeping my head down and hoping that Hillary will be able to assuage my fears at the convention.

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    I hope he doesn't pick Sebelius.  I'm a spelling Nazi and I think I'd be going crazy for the next 8 years the way people spell her last name around here.

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    If Obama nominates a Republican onto the ticket, then he would completely lose me.  I'm sorry.  I'm not about to make a show of loyalty to my party when our nominee can't be bothered.

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    I don't know if I'll be more surprised or disappointed if HRC isn't the running mate at this point.  It would be really wonderful to see the Clintons and the Obamas working side-by-side for the same ticket.  I think it would do wonders to heal wounds within the party, restoring the Clintons' previously stellar rapport with the African-American community and sealing the fractures in the Democratic coalition that the McCain campaign could potentially exploit.

    It seems more likely to me with each passing day, which is honestly not what I expected.  Hillary maintains a large following, voted the right way on FISA, and is still taking action on legislative issues and demonstrating every day why she is such an incredible civil servant.  I don't think there is anyone else in the Democratic Party who can bring the same kind of guns as Hillary--man or woman.

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    One of the best diaries I've seen at MyDD, period.

    Hillary Democrats need to remember that we are Democrats.  We should (and I'm sure we will) heed and value the wisdom gained by this primary process, but the time has come to support Senator Obama 100% in his pursuit of the Presidency.

    No matter what she does, I am always, always admiring Senator Clinton for her strength and grace.  She has done an incredible job for Sen. Obama since her concession, and in a fashion which laudably transcends human nature.

    But it's time to stop making her have to do it.

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    Okay, so, don't get me wrong, I disagree with many of the decisions Barack Obama has made since becoming the nominee, but I really don't understand the heat being generated for his centrist shift as of late.

    Did anyone expect something different?  Have we ever had candidates who didn't move to the center after the primaries?  I'm even more surprised to see people asserting that Hillary Clinton might not have done the same thing.

    Just something that's had me a little miffed lately.

  • Gay rights ARE civil rights.  Period.

    I'm very happy to see Michelle Obama standing up and saying so.  The African-American community has been slow to embrace equal rights for homosexuals--it is so wonderful to finally see a representative of the African-American community who is willing to make this kind of statement.

    Honestly, this made my stock in Michelle Obama go way up, in spite of this troll's effort to paint her statement as a bad thing.

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    I would be thrilled to see that.  Absolutely thrilled.

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    So I tried to go back to watching CNN tonight.  Part of my healing process has been to visit sites that I  hadn't during the primary season.

    Anderson Cooper was on.  They were talking about Obama's $2300 donation to Hillary Clinton, which struck me as heartwarming in spite of its lack of impact.  Then they put David Gergen on.

    David Gergen is a grade A tool in my book, and he really clinched it.  It's amazing that, to this day, there are some "liberal" commentators who just cannot let go of their hatred of Hillary Clinton.  He could barely make out a good word about her efforts for party unity before he went on to call her speech on the night of her victory in South Dakota "unfortunate," and berated her for not suspending sooner.

    That speech on Tuesday just about had me in tears.  She was glowing.  She was gracious.  I thought she gave the speech of her political life that night.

    I had to change the channel.  Maybe I just won't be able to make peace with some of these things.

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    Thanks.  That was what I was leaning towards, I just never had heard anything specific either way.  I'm a music major, so to use math in common practice like that doesn't even occur to me.  It does tend to make me look silly every so often, though.

  • Candidate worship is never healthy, no matter who the subject is.  When people allow what they want to see to take over for reality, we start down a dark path.  I mean, just look at where the Republicans are now.

    I don't think we're going to cost Barack Obama any votes by holding him accountable on FISA.  "Vote McCain--He's ALWAYS been in favor of letting the phone companies off for invading your privacy!" just doesn't seem like a viable campaign move.

    If we don't stand up for your rights, who do we expect to do it for us?


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