More Mark Penn Stupidity

I find it somewhat troubling that one of Hillary's main advisors, Mark Penn, has been given such a free ride on why her campaign was run so poorly.  First, the bad planning concerning caucus states, no plan for post-Super Tuesday primaries, the Colombia Trade Agreement fiasco and now we find out Mark Penn thought the primaries were winner-take-all.

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Obama Grows Lead in Gallup..2 More SD's

Barack Obama has extended his lead over Hillary Clinton in the current Gallup Poll for the Democratic Nomination.  It appears Obama's brief struggles in the poll over the Wright debacle has passed.  Many thought this would be the "game breaker" that would show Obama as "unelectable".

Obama  50
Clinton 45 px

Today's Gallup Poll along with the Rasmussen Poll shows Obama ahead.  The Wright furor seems to be behind him.

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Obama Now Leads Clinton in Rasmussen Poll

Obama has taken the lead over Clinton in the Rasmussen Poll for the Democratic nomination.  Clinton had the lead or was tied the last 4 days.

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama now attracts 46% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Clinton earns support from 45%. nt/politics/election_20082/2008_presiden tial_election/daily_presidential_trackin g_poll

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Obama Strong in Gallup and Surges in Rasmussen UPDATE

Barack Obama has surged ahead of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination by 4 points...

Obama  49
Clinton  45 -Daily-Obama-49-Clinton-45.aspx

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SD for Obama: NM Party Chair UPDATED

Albuquerque, NM - Today, New Mexico State Party Chair and superdelegate Brian S. Colón endorsed Senator Barack Obama, citing Obama's ability to bring new voters into the process as well as the positive campaign Obama has run.

The endorsement brings the total number of superdelegates to endorse Barack Obama to 255. Senator Obama is 277 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.

State Party Chair Brian Colón said, "Barack Obama has proven to inspire a movement that has brought a record number of people into the process. He's proven to be a candidate who can compete and will fight hard to expand the Democratic Party's reach and put Western states in play in the general election. His message of change is resonating across all ages, races and economic backgrounds in New Mexico.

"As I talk to Democrats all over New Mexico they are increasingly concerned with the negative tone that the campaign has taken. I believe that Senator Obama has presented a positive message of change while continuing to focus on our real opponent; a John McCain presidency and another four year term of failed Bush policies.

"Barack Obama has run a different kind of campaign - one that goes beyond the things that divide us and is driven by a commitment to real change that starts at the grassroots level. Here in New Mexico, where we had a very close election on February 5th, the excitement I saw throughout the state is good for our Party and good for our State. While there are two very talented candidates in this race, I am proud to make this announcement today because I want to see Barack Obama's positive movement for change continue to transform the Democratic Party and this country."

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Bloomberg on Gas Tax Holiday..."Dumb"

Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out against the McCain/Clinton Holiday Gas-Tax Cut...

REPORTER: Mr. Mayor, earlier this year, Speaker Quinn had proposed a sales tax free week and also a $300 renters rebate.  I was wondering if either of those things are in the budget?

MAYOR: Neither is in the budget.  I think as- its going to be hard enough to make sure we don't hurt anybody with cutbacks that denigrate- that degrade the quality of living in this City.  At the same time, don't make the taxpayer's situation any worse. I thought it was fascinating- Shelly Silver, I thought very responsibly, came out against this idea of a summer break on gasoline taxes which would help Chavez and Kudafi and people like- other people like that.  I don't know why anybody would want to do it. It's fascinating because his presidential- favorite presidential candidate's on the other side of it.  So you know, they just split in terms of what they think. I thought Shelly Silver was- was right and Obama was right. McCain and Clinton were wrong. The last thing we need to do is to encourage people to drive more and to take away the monies we need for infrastructure in this country.  And that's what reducing taxes does.

REPORTER: Could you elaborate on your opposition to giving drivers a break from the gas tax and how-

MAYOR: It's about the dumbest thing I've heard in an awful long time from an economic point of view. I don't understand why you think there's any merit to it whatsoever. We're trying to discourage people from driving and we're trying to end our energy dependence. You don't do that- and incidentally, and we're trying to have more money to build infrastructure. All three of those things go- fly in the face of giving everybody 30 bucks a year. The 30 bucks is not going to change anybody's lifestyle. The billions of dollars that we would otherwise have in tax revenues can make a big difference as to what kind of a world we leave our children.

REPORTER: And what would you say to Joe Bruno, who's advocating for it?

Mayor: I have no idea. I haven't talked to Joe Bruno about it. You'd have to say something to Joe Bruno. I- that's- I just do not think that it is intelligent tax policy and it's not a good energy policy. It is something that, you know, sounds good but I thought in this case Obama had it right.

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Obama Snags 3 More Supers

Obama to pick up three prominent Illinois supers -- Mayor Daley, House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger -- as the state finishes filling out its delegate slate.

Also nabs former DNC leader Joe Andrew after a defection from Clinton. obama_picks_up_3_more_illinois.html

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The Real Enemy

I know emotions have been riding high during our hotly contested Democratic Primary.  Supporters of both Democratic candidates have invested much of their time, emotions and money to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...and rightfully so.

However, I feel we, the members of MYDD, can recite on cue why we shouldn't nominate our Democratic opposition, and in turn we lose sight on the "real enemy"...John McCain.  I fall into this category, regrettably.

Consider this an exercise on my behalf and other undereducated Democrats.  Let us start a talking points list on John McCain and why he is the worst choice as the next President of the United States.

I, myself, could use this information because the area in which I live is dominated with Repugs.

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Worst Case Scenario

There may have been a diary on this that I don't know about, and I apologize if there is.  I'm just doing some number crunching and this is what I came up with using nightmare scenarios for Barack.

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Man This is Hard Work...

I figured I might try a hand at some extremely difficult "diary making".  What I have done is to try to imitate other diarist's techniques in providing "up-to-the-minute" updates of my candidate by using his website's headlines and the highly difficult copy and paste maneuver.....It was incredibly painstaking, but I hope you will enjoy it!!

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