A Message for PUMAs...From HRC?

In a recent controversy started by one of Senator Clinton "Hillraisers" (those who raised $100,000 or more for HRC's campaign) in which Ricki Lieberman stated that she was declining to help bundle donations for the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, Senator Clinton let it be known what she thinks of such action or non-action.

Lieberman watches over her program entitled "Electability Watch", with the hope of convincing superdelegates to change their minds and to vote Senator Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  Even though Ms. Lieberman insists that her only desire is to "see a Democratic president in the White House" next year, her and her program send out daily email blasts that are critical of Senator Obama and she constantly refers to Obama as "aka Bush 3".

Examples "including comments comparing Obama's planned nomination speech to Nazi-era rallies in Germany."

I have heard from many Survivors and their children about the symbolism and implications of use of rules to undermine our core democratic values. Ellen Mendel wrote that "I was born under Hitler in Germany, and reading about the plans for the Obama throng in the stadium in Denver and the implications which have been spelled out, gives me the chills...the DNC will deliver the country to Obama on a platter. I wonder when it will hit them what pawns they have been in this Faustian tragedy.

Another, "As someone who escaped from France during WW ll, I hope that I'm not being over dramatic when I'm more than uneasy with stuff like Obama's possible Denver stadium theatrics and the calibrated negotiations going on about the convention."

Many emails blast Obama and his past associations and attempt to tie him to Louis Farrahkan, William Ayers and Tony Rezko.

Other "theories" she has written about include:

In a recent edition, she advanced a theory that the reason Obama's fundraising operation has started to show some signs of wear is because all those small donors during the primary were, in truth, closet McCain supporters who, instead of donating to his foundering campaign, were trying to destroy the most formidable Democratic candidate (that being Clinton). "And now they do not have to contribute anymore," Lieberman wrote. "Some may have even gone back to funding McCain whose fundraising has gotten better and better."


During the recent Jesse Jackson controversy -- in which the civil rights leader was caught expressing his desire to "cut [Obama's] nuts off" in a hot-mic moment before a television appearance -- Lieberman's email suggested in back to back items that the entire incident was engineered by Jackson and Obama as a cynical bit of propaganda and that the incident was a true reflection of a growing displeasure among key black leaders with his candidacy.

So much for her statement that her only desire is to "see a Democratic president in the White House next year."

What does Hillary Clinton think about these types of people and their causes?

A spokesperson for Sen. Clinton implicitly distanced the candidate from Lieberman's effort, telling the Huffington Post: "Senator Clinton fully supports Senator Obama. She continues to urge all of her supporters to get behind him. ... She continues to do everything she can to rally folks behind him. We don't support any effort that doesn't."

A remarkable woman.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/07/16 /clinton-distances-herself_n_113094.html

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Screw Off PUMA!!

To all PUMA members, we don't want you here.  We aren't going to sit idly by while you attempt to trash our nominee, Barack Obama.  Do not even bother using the meme of "You must not want party unity", because we don't negotiate with PUMAs.  I would rather kiss up to George W. than offer any type of empathetic reasoning with you, at least he stands by his party.

Your sheepish traits say much about not having a mind of your own.  You'll be proud to tell your children that you were part of the push that wanted to get John McCain elected.  So all 4,501 of you (and what's worse many of you do not know you're being played like a finely tuned instrument by the GOP, you think some of them may have joined to inflate your dismal numbers?) make like the good little sheep you are and proceed toward the slaughter.


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McCain Doesn't

Obama wants to get our troops home from Iraq...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants affordable healthcare for everyone...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to keep a woman's right to choose as law...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to improve medical care and educational opportunities for our veterans...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to improve our educational system...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to pay our teachers more...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants equal pay for men and women...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to tax the weatlhiest among us and give tax breaks to the middle class...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to create a foreclosure fund for those losing their homes...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to save our environment...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to protect Social Security...McCain doesn't.

Obama supports the GLBT community and their right to Civil Unions that give same-sex couples equal legal rights and privileges as married couples...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to make college more affordable...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to provide all children with Pre-K schooling...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to provide all-children with more positive social activities and funding for new facilities...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to keep our young men, young women and future men and women out of war...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to end George Bush's hideous term at 8 years...McCain doesn't.

Clear enough?

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Debunking the Youth Vote Myth

This diary is intended for only those people who consistently make a fuss about the younger generation of voters who support Obama. These people have labeled these  voters as "naive", "green", "inexperienced", "adolescents",  "immature", "amateurs",  "juvenile", "don't know any better", ""ignorant on the issues", "drinking the kool-aid",etc.

I give to you a recent pew research finding....

One pattern that differs from previous surveys of political knowledge is that younger voters are significantly more knowledgeable about the candidates' positions than are older voters. For example, 60% of voters 18-29 correctly say that Obama is pro-choice, compared with just 51% of those ages 50-64 and just 41% of those ages 65 and older.

Your Honor, I rest my case...

http://people-press.org/report/?pageid=1 336

Click the link for the table...

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McGaffe Strikes Again!

As it is playing out it seems Johnny McGaffe cannot go more than a few days without sticking his foot in his mouth.  This time on the missile tests performed by the Iranian National Guard.

In one of his latest "Greatst Gaffes" the 71 year old Senator from Arizona tooted his own horn by claiming that he had voted to "condemn" the Iranian National Guard as a terrorist organization and then went on to slam Obama for refusing to vote.

"This is the same organization that I voted to condemn as a terrorist organization when an amendment was on the floor of the United States Senate. Senator Obama refused to vote."

Open mouth insert foot...Again!  According to voting records Mr. McGaffe also missed the vote on the Kyl-Liebermann Act...Whoops..

The problem with the critique? McCain also missed that vote on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment on September 26, 2007. Records show that Obama was in New Hampshire and McCain was in New York instead of being in the Senate chamber for the vote in question.

The gift that just keeps on giving....

http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/200 8/07/10/mccain-misfires-on-obama-attack/

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FISA Passes

Thought I'd get this out there.

FISA reform passes, 69-28. Obama votes yes. Hillary votes no.

Well let the wars begin once again...Sad.

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Lay Off the C40's

I have been an Obama supporter from the beginning of the primaries.  I have donated, phone banked and canvassed in 3 states for him.  My support comes from a strong desire to see this country change it's image in the world, change the way we treat the poor, minorities, women, the LGBT community, each other and to secure a better future for my two sons.  I have spent money I really don't have, I have travelled to states with time I could have been working...and I do this because I truly believe our country is way off the track and I fear for our children's future.

Having said that, I was a violent Hillary Clinton opposer.  I would demean, degrade and disrespect the woman...I had convinced myself she was selfish, a dirty campaigner and a liar.  I believed she thought she was "entitled" to the nomination because she was a Clinton.

However, I finally saw the light.  I cannot pinpoint an exact time when this happened...it could have been when she kept on fighting when everyone said she was finished, it could have been when she exhibited what a policy wonk she is, it could have been seeing my sister getting involved in politics for the first time because of Hillary, it could have been the meaningful discussions I have had with Clinton supporters on mydd...but one thing is clear to me, Hillary wanted to make America better and had the plans to do so.  I would have been disappointed if Obama would have lost the primary but I would have been more than happy to work my tail off for HRC...but it would have taken time.

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A Sad Day

I just wanted to say how depressing it is that on a site dedicated to electing Democrats it has four and half diaries on the rec list that either accuse, make fun of, slam or belittle our Democratic nominee.  On the other hand Hillary Clinton is represented in three of them, all in a positive way.

I'm all for talking about our differences in Obama's policy decisions, however some of you just can't wait for something controversial to pop up so you can diary it and get your fix on bashing the Democratic nominee.  Many of you "claim" that you will vote and support Obama, but I never see any positive statements about him from most of you, just the so-called "concerns".

Finally, I am fed up with Hillary would have done this or Hillary would have never done that...We will never know.  Hillary is an outstanding politician and I am thrilled she and her husband on our side but our nominee is Barack Obama.  If you want want to discuss issues on a mature and rational level, I'm all for it...But if you are just here to demean and degrade the nominee for your own personal satisfaction be prepared to be called out.

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Is It Time Yet?

I think we already are seeing the GOP strategy against Barack Obama.  It seems it will be difficult to paint Obama as an "out of touch elitist", a man with "questionable ties", or a person "who doesn't love his country".  Thanks to a hard fought primary between two of the best Presidential candidates in decades, many of the "issues" about Barack Obama have already surfaced and have been analyzed, debated and MSM'd out.

His San Francisco remarks, Jerimiah Wright, Tony Rezko, flag pins, and Bill Ayers just won't have the same shocking effect anymore.  Sure they will be used in 527's, by Faux News, and will be listed as "talking points" by the GOP, but the effectiveness will be limited.  The American public does not like "old news", they thrive for something new and want something to hang their hat on.

Well, the GOP thinks they have found it...Michelle Obama.

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McCain Respects Hillary?

John McCain and his campaign are currently trying to court the so-called "Angry Women Voters" from the Democrats.  These women are identified by their support for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary and their disgust with the DNC, MSM and the Obama Campaign for failing to "call-out" sexist activity.

John McCain's new blogger on his website, Michael Goldfarb, has posted a new blog the Arizona Senator's website and states:

She ran an impressive campaign, and proved herself to be an impressive candidate and as John McCain has said, inspired a generation of women. Ultimately, and ironically, it seems she fell victim to a vast left-wing conspiracy that resented her generally centrist foreign policy views.


But it's clear that John McCain and Hillary Clinton respect each other -- and there is a genuine affection for her here at McCain HQ.

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