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    You're the member there.  Are you trying to drive hits on the RedState page?

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    If the polls are correct, Obama and his crew will get his due this evening.  However, it would be untruthful to suggest that the Clintons during the primary as foes and during the general as allies were not vital in Obama's success as a candidate.

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    I know it probably doesn't mean much from me, but I agree with fogiv-you have been doing some very hard work (and it doesn't go unrecognized) in defending Obama from some very disillusioned individuals.  You effort is much appreciated!!!

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    Great diary fogiv, and I share the sentiments.

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    Thanks for the compliment to my diary.

    The whole purpose though was to state unequivocally that this whole election was not solely about who won or lost, but what we have been able to take away from it in a positive fashion.

    I know I would be disappointed if I were in your shoes, but instead of letting the primary consume you try and take away all the good Hillary has inspired in you.  I don't want to speak for her, but I feel she would tell you the same thing.

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    Thanks phoenix!!  It's been one heckuva ride, and I am just glad to have been a part of it.

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    I've been focusing on Butler, Lawrence, Mercer and Beaver county.

    Beaver county can be won, it has been hit the most with economic troubles and has a higher AA population in cities like Alliquippa and Beaver. Obama 52-48

    Butler county is very rural except for the southern part (Cranberry), tough sell among men but women are willing to listen.  Highly religious area.  Slippery Rock U will help Obama. McCain 57-42

    Mercer county is a little more upscale, many more teachers and white collar workers.  Grove City College is upscale univesity. McCain 55-44.

    Lawrence county real tough.  Hit hard in the last ten years with economic difficulties but are set in their ways (cultural issues).  McCain 61-38.

    Overall an area where we need to keep the margins for McCain as small as possible.  I still think the areas to keep an eye for Obama are Philly sub-burbs, Philadelphia, Allegheny county (pittsburgh), Erie, Beaver county, Washington county and Centre county (penn state).  If Obama does well here it's over.

    My prediction 52-47 Obama.

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    I'm trying...Lord knows, I'm trying...

    I'm so frickin' nervous, doing everything I can in Western PA.

    Hit 133 houses today in Greenville, PA and will start my phone banking in an half hour...

    Man we need this...

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    Hey JJE Butler County here.  Go Dahlkemper!!!

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    Thanks Kysen!!!!!!

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    Just because HRC won those states does not mean his ground game in those states didn't help in lessening the margin.  Hell in IN he was supposed to lose by double digits, in PA his ground game in the big cities held the electoral gains by Clinton to single digits, he tied TX.

    No campaign in our political history has put together a ground game like the Obama campaign.  Without his ground game he stood no chance at beating HRC.

    Don't forget his 1.5 million new donors in the past month.  He is outspending McBush 3-1 in all swing states.

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    "The people who can best afford to pay and the people who have benefited most from Bush's economic policies are the people who should provide the funds for the bailout."

    And who exactly are these people?

    How are we going to force them to contribute these funds?

    According to most economic experts some sort of "bail out" must happen in the next two weeks or we can expect a market collapse.

    Can we afford to wait until the investigations are over (2+ years) to find the culprits and hope they have $700 billion between them to save what's left of the market?

    Unfortunately, we get screwed and must foot the bill.  I just hope all of the provisions Obama outlined are included in the bill.

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    WTF is McCain going to say?

    I was for the deregulation that caused this mess and now I'm for regulation.  

    I still want to partially privatize SS, and if I had my way in 2004 it would have already been done and people would have lost 35% of their money.

    I want to start a commission when I become POTUS, then after the 18 month investigation I will have a better understanding on what happened and what we can do in the future to avoid it.

    My economic advisors (lobbyists) think were in a mental recession and the fundamentals of the economy are strong so quit whining.

    He should be toast...

  • Exactly.  This is where the McCain campaign needs to go.  They have no footing on the economy, so they will try like hell to change the narrative to negative in order to get Obama to play in the mud.

    The Obama campaign will stay away from it.

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    What's the first debate focused on?


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