Lamont Campaign Imploding--Lies About Liberman on Civil Rights

I think Lamont all but hammered the final nails into his campaign's coffin when one of his prominent supporters said that Lieberman lied about his time spent in the South during the civil rights movement.

The worst part of it is that Lamont seemed completely clueless when the attacks were taking place.

Is there anything Lamont can do to revive his campaign?

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North Korea Performs Nuclear Test

CNN is reporting that North Korea performed its first nuclear test today.  What impact will this have on the upcoming election?  Will it push ethics and the Foley scandal from the public mind?  Will Bush use military strikes in order to create a rally affect and make voters think about national security (the Republicans historical strong point in polls)?

Or could this be beneficial to the Democrats?  Could they argue that Bush's war in Iraq has left us vulnerable against states that have real WMD like N.K.?  I'm worried that the Dems don't have what it takes to tell the second narrative.  Am I alone?

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What do you think about this script for an ad?

Scene:  Female narrator sitting on living room couch, early forties, pictures of her family in the background.  Looking straight into the camera.

"Would you let a child molester babysit your children?  I didn't think so.  But that's exactly what happened in the US Congress.  When a Republican Congressman sent sexually explicit emails to a 16-year-old boy working as a House page, [excerpts of Foley's emails and IM's flash across the screen] Republican leaders in Congress worked hard to cover it up."

[back to narrator in her living room]

"They didn't call the police, they didn't inform other parents, they didn't do anything.  Now, the Republican leadership is lying about it again, pointing fingers at each other, even saying it's not a big deal.  And they want Americans to vote for them again?"

"If we can't trust the Republicans with our children, how can we trust them with our country?"

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OMG Dump Bob Menendez!

He's consistently polling 3-5% behind Kean, despite being the incumbent in a Democratic state.  Most of the time he doesn't even break the 40% mark.  The most recent poll has him sitting at 37% to Kean's 43%.  Is anyone else freaking out about this race?  It would be so depressing to win the six pickups (PA, RI, MT, OH, MO and either TN or VA) and then lose NJ, which means it was all for naught.

If he's going to do it he needs to do it now.  Dick Codey is a much better candidate for NJ Dems and was the top choice before Corzine bowed to the machine and picked Bingo Bob Menendez.  I am not confident about this race or this candidate.

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Jimmy Webb Reports from Iraq

Below is Jim Webb Jr's most recent update from Iraq.  We should do like he says and send him shit.

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Poll: What is the Sexual Orientation of MyDD Readers?

Following up on polls about our race and ethnicity, how about one on our sexual orientations?

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Hawaii Election Results

What is up with no results?  Polls have been closed for coming up on an hour and a half and not a single precinct has reported. /index.html

What kind of ballots are they using on the islands?

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Matt Stoller is a Bad Man

That's right, one of MyDD's front-pagers is bad, stupid man.  He snipes at Democratic leaders and candidates (think Adwatch)and attacks other Democrats who do the same thing (like Bayh, Lieberman, etc.).  He has a moral superiority complex and thinks his shit smells like roses.  And when he posts some of the bullshit he does, it makes me want to vomit.

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Harold Ford and Awesome Ads

Harold Ford Jr. is running for Bill Frist's Senate seat this year.  Even though he's a conservative Democrats, he has some of the best ads I've seen this election season.  Take a gander at them: c=top_podcasts&title=Audio%20and%20V ideo&Itemid=88#

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Chicago Mayor's Race--the Case for Daley

Chris made a Breaking Blue post about Jesse Jackson Jr challenging Mayor Daley in the primary next year.  He calls for "death to machine politics" and says "I hope Jackson wins."

Why do you hope he wins?  How much time have you spent in Chicago?  What do you know about Jackson?  What do you know about Daley?  Do you realize the city of Chicago has developed into a low-crime, progressive city?  In many ways Chicago is my second home.  Daley's administration has had its share of controversy but overall it is a success.

Jackson's claim is that it's a black man's turn to run the city again.  Race doesn't matter, good governing does.  Chris, come spend some time in Chicago before making your judgements.

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