• I think it is, but not in the manner that's being discussed.  It's a civil right for all Americans.  Joe Lieberman was fighting for voting rights for blacks and the Lamont campaign sponsored a letter trashing that work.

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    He can be "your candidate" in more ways than one.  Sure he's the Democratic candidate for Senate.  But to the folks who are working on his campaign and sending him donations, he's "yours" in a way he isn't mine.

    Just because a candidate has a (D) behind his or her name doesn't mean they get my full support.  Eight years ago here in Indiana (thank God before I could vote and have my role in it) my party nominated a cross-dressing felon to run against Dan Burton.  You better believe he wasn't "my" candidate.

    I'm not comparing Ned to Bob Kern, but I don't have anything invested in Lamont and I don't think Lieberman is as bad as most of you do.  I hope Ned wins, but if he doesn't, we still have a Democratic senator from Connecticut.

  • History will be the judge, I suppose.

    Campaigns are responsible for what is said on their stage.  Lamont took responsibility, but the damage was already done.

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    What is a concern troll and why all the focus on concern?  I don't understand this.  I guess we're sorry your candidate let you down?

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    The only problem with the logic of this argument, at least for Feingold, Hillary, Kerry and Biden, is that they come from states that will have Democratic governors and will be replaced by Democrats in the Senate.

    I'm half expecting Robert Byrd to resign shortly after being reelected, as West Virginia has a Democratic governor, too.  Watch closely.

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    Be careful.  Comments like this can get you called a troll or even worse a Republican!  How DARE you question King Ned's much-needed vacation.

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    If Lamont wins, I'm going to buy all of my friends who support him a beer.  To share ;)

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    I really hope the rumors are true about Warner dedicating the entire last week of the 2006 campaign to Jim Webb and Virginia Democrats rings true.  Webb NEEDS Warner to be out there for him.

  • Ken, as you can read above someone intimated that I get my material from Hannity so I was joking about how much I love him.  I'm sorry you're offended by the suggestion of gay sexual acts.

    Bush spent 6 years in the weakest governorship in the union, and he managed to become president.  Clinton was a veteran of campaigns, and spent only a few more years as governor of Arkansas.  Point is you don't need 30 years of experience in government to be president.

    Edwards is refreshing in that he's an outsider.  He's spent time in government, in academia, and as a victims-rights attorney.  He's been tested in a national campaign and is smart enough to learn from mistakes that were made.  I fully believe that had the ticket been reversed, Edwards-Kerry, it would have won in 2004.

    A president sets the course, he doesn't micromanage.  I like Edwards' vision, and I trust he would put good people in key positions.  I'm especially encouraged by his work with poverty issues and fair trade.

  • From PoliticalWire: "I suspect that he was not there, and the reason I suspect that is because he's a guy who says anything to win," said former state Treasuer Henry Parker (D) with Lamont by his side."

    Again, the issue isn't about Lieberman's vote against Habeus Corpus for enemy combatants, it was about fighting to give blacks the vote in the South.

    That's what this is about.  If you want to make a case about Lieberman's record on the rights of suspected criminals today that's another issue.

  • No twice-divorced, currently single, long-term politicians from a rust-belt state, which means Feingold isn't an option either.

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    Either that or he's going for the jugular.

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    I can't have concern for bad candidates.  Lamont should have Lieberman by the throat right now, but the role is reversed.

    I would strongly prefer Lamont to Lieberman in the Senate, but it seems over the past month Lamont has done everything in his power to make it easier for Lieberman to retain his seat.

    The ads using Lieberman's own words should have been running since the day after the primary.

  • Funny thing is you're not the first to say it, but nobody can ever provide reasons why other than the fact I say something you disagree with.

    I'm an Edwards supporter.  I would never support Bill Richardson for President.  How is that troll behavior?

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    I guess you're right, which means he just has to match his performance from the primary debates against Lamont.

    Lamont and his campaign are dead in the water.


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