Iran is evil

The regime in Tehran has to be one of the most evil regime on this planet and it is time to serve it with a vicious military iron fist right into its jaw that should break it into a million pieces. God's willing, this regime should join Nazi Germany and Imperial japan into the dustbin of history. For the sake of Humanity, this cultist regime in Tehran must be crushed and eliminated.



The evil regime has long been criticized for multiple abominable acts such as rape, torture, beatings, killing of political prisoners, activists and civilians but that is just a small sample of Iran evil acts.
As you are now too well aware, Iran evilness is not just contained within its border. Iran is also helping Bashar Al-Assad, the Syrian dictator, kill Syrian protesters who are revolting against his dictatorship in Syria.

According to multiple news outlet, the evil Iranian regime has sent its military advisers to Syria to advise Al-Assad on how to suppress the protest. Al-Assad is also getting high-tech surveillance technology to guns and ammunition. Hezbollah terrorist are also rumored to be inside Syria, at the request of their masters in Tehran to assist Al-Assad suppress the protest in Syria.

 Bomb Iran now
The time is now, we can no longer wait as we watch tens of thousands of Iranians women/men being raped, tortured and killed just because they oppose this vicious and oppressive Islamic dictatorship. This regime is now trying to get its filthy hands on nuclear weapon and humanity can not afford such a terrorist regime obtaining nuclear weapons. Let us bomb these bastards now before it is too late. The Iranian people will side with us and this Iranian evil regime shall be no more

Iran is evil and if you think otherwise then you are evil. Those who refuses to acknowledge evil are all evil.
Those who turned a blind eye to people being slaughtered, shall be slaughtered themselves and may others turn a blind eye to their suffering. Iran is evil!

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