More on Sarah Palin

More on Sarah Polin

Many Republicans, and others, have praised the decision by Governor Palin to carry her baby to term despite knowledge of its Down's Syndrome. And they have praised her pregnant unmarried 17 year-old daughter on her decision to have her baby.

Should not they also realize that, if Sarah Palin has her way, such decisions could not be made? The government will have already decided for the woman.

No wonder that one of my daughters has referred to Ms Palin as a "folksy feminine fascist".

Sarah Palin for VP

I wish that she were a liberal Democrat, so that I could root for her and vote for her. She is likeable. charming, and attractive enough to be referred to by some as McCain's "trophy vice".

But her political and social views are intolerable. In addition to her opposition to a woman's right to choose, she denies that humans cause the global warming that threatens Alaska's polar bears, supports the teaching in schools of creationism and abstinence-only sex education. And she wants oil drilling in the Anwr National Wildlife Refuge.

Early in Palin's mayoralty, she wanted to impose book banning on the town library and tried to fire the librarian who resisted. Now, that's scary.

McCain Picks Palin as VP Nominee

McCain did manage to step on the buzz from Obama's stirring closing ceremony speech. Palin-Biden seems a clear mismatch but perhaps not since she is such a charmer

Since Palin was a feisty and successful point guard, maybe she and Obama should go one-on-one.


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We're all relieved that New Orleans was spared from the devestation that might have been caused by hurricane Gustav. It veered to the west and lost some of its power.

And Republicans were relieved that its convention was spared visits from President Bush and Vice President Chaney. Their Monday night prime time speeches were cancelled because of Bush's need to be in charge during national hurricane emergencies.

Convention leaders do have some concern, however, that President Bush may wish to address the convention via satellite from his position on the hurricane front lines in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

The planning and execution of responses to Gustav were assisted by the command post visit by John McCain and Sarah Palin, who have had much hurricane experience in Arizona and Alaska respectively.

Meanwhile, hurricane Hanna is forming in the Atlantic posing a substantial threat to the Bahamas and to Savannah. This gives new meaning to Ray Charles' Hard Hearted Hannah, the Vamp of Savannah GA


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Hillary at Convention


Here's an intense hope that Hillary will come through for Obama in her speech and in the handling of the placement of her name in nomination. No roll-call! It would be detrimental and tiresome to have 50 state delegation leaders extol their state and the merits of Hillary Clinton. So she needs to forestall the roll-call by directing her delegates to save their votes for Obama.

But I'm not too hopeful. Her speech in Florida in support of Obama was quite tepid and this excerpt indicates that she still focuses on herself:
"I need a president who will work with me, who will be there for the people I care about, that I get up and fight for every single day."

It's difficult to believe, or understand, any decisions of Hillary supporters to get back at Barack Obama by punishing the country with an election of John McCain. And why resent Obama? He ran a fair campaign, never denigrating Hillary, despite her denigrations of him. Yes, he did not name her VP, but that was more Bill than Hillary.

So, get over it - elect Barack Obama.


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McCain Endorses Obama

Some of the News
That May be True

Walk across Sea of Galilee was Clincher

Butte, Montana Senator John McCain interrupted his campaigning here in Butte to call a press conference. He opened the conference with the startling announcement that he was withdrawing from the race and endorsing his rival, Barack Obama. He released his delegates and urged them to support Senator Obama.

The Senator noted the clearly presidential manner that Obama exhibited during his meetings with generals and foreign leaders. He added that he and his staff were impressed with Senator Obama's grasp of foreign policy issues and his firm and clear exposition of United States' interests and policies.

In responsse to a question from the reporter present, Senator McCain said that his decision was supported by his family, particularly his younger grandchildren.

In closing, Senator McCain stated that it was important to make this announcement at this time, before Obama's ascension to the presidency was confirmed by his performance and his reception in Europe.


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McCain Camp Hires New Political Director
John McCain's campaign reorganization has resulted in the hiring of a new political director -- a role that was previously absent entirely from the campaign. The campaign has hired Mike DuHaime, who previously worked as Rudy Giuliani's campaign manager.

In a statement released, the McCain campaign immediately denied that this hiring meant that the Senator would do no campaigning until October and then campaign only in Florida.


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A June 23 Newsweek article notes that three senators are interested in the Secretary of State position in an Obama administration: John Kerry, Christopher Dodd, and Joe Biden.
All serve on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden as Chairman.

Rarely have we seen more qualified candidates, and ones with such language skills. Kerry speaks fluent French, Dodd speaks fluent Spanish, and Biden speaks effluent English.


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McCain's VP Weekend


Some of the News
That may be True

Weekend at McCain's

It was just a social event, insisted Senator McCain's spokesman referring to the gathering of presumed vice presidential hopefuls at McCain's secluded ranch in Sedona,Arizona. Attending were Mitt Romney, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and Meg Whitman former CEO of eBay,

According to a confidential source, the weekend proceded smoothly and amicably until the Memorial Day barbecue. As the barbecue was being served, Governor Crist laughed and smirked when Mr. Romney asked for arugula to accompany his meat, saying that this sounded very "elitist". Then Bobby Jindal took offense when Cindy McCain asked him to provide technical help for a problem with their home computer.

Finally, Mrs. McCain herself became extremely annoyed as Meg Whitman kept pointing out to Senator McCain how much he could get for several artifacts and household items by selling them on eBay. As a result, the picnic lunch ended early and the guests were dispatched to the airport.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee regretted that he was unable to attend this weekend social event.


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Hillary the Fighter

fake Sub-Rosa News


At a press conference in New York today, fight promoter Don King announced that he had signed Senator Hillary Clinton to a three-year contract for a minimum of four headliner prize fights.

Questioned by reporters about this unprecedented signing, Mr. King declared that Senator Clinton is undoubtedly the strongest, most indomitable fighter in America today. She had been on the ropes and has come back many times. And she has that showtime spirit, like Ali, crowing often about what a remarkable fighter she is.

King claimed that Clinton has a quality shared by few other fighters, she will never give up or stop fighting. Mrs. Clinton will never even acknowledge that she is far behind on points, or even knocked out.

In scheduling fights, Mr. King notes that he will, in deference to her age, postpone contests with the likes of Laila Ali or Jacqui Frazier Lyde. He plans to find a way to  have fights with the daughters of champions like Jack Dempsey or John L. Sullivan. Even with fighters as strong as Clinton, it is important to keep her from losing her bearings.


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Hillary VP



From his front porch in Sedona, Arizona, Senator McCain held a brief press conference to deny any interest in being the vice presidential candidate on a ticket headed by Senator Clinton. Showing traces of his well known hot temper, the Senator berated the Clintons for spreading rumors of such a bipartisan ticket. (off the record, he used the word "monster")

He disposed of the thought of any meeting with Senator Clinton, saying that any such meeting would be secret and " how the _ could a meeting be secret if I talked about it?".

The conference concluded with the Senator noting that he was already the candidate in first place and asking " Can't those ___ Democrat candidates ever find a worthy Democrat?"


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"Shame on you, Barack Obama!" Was this Hillary Clinton running for Scold-In-Chief? At a rally in Ohio, she showed this anger after an audience mamber handed her a copy of an Obama campaign e-mail criticizing her support of NAFTA. Could this scene possibly have been staged?

Similarly, Senator Clinton attacked Obama for plagiarism by using lines suggested to him by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick because he had found them effective. She said this use was "change you can Xerox".
Not many would assume that this was her own original phrase and Mr. Obama noted the we must be going into a silly season in politics.

Sunday, on Meet the Press, quadriennial nut case Ralph Nader announced that he again would run for President. Maybe he hopes to do the same damage as in 2000 when his votes in Florida in effect led to the election of President Bush. Showing a brain much smaller rhan his ego, Nader claimed that there was little difference between Bush and Gore. Maybe we should hold him accountable for the Iraq war and all of the other damage inflicted by Bush.

The amiable, likeable Governor Huckabee continues his hopeless campaign to defeat Senator McCain. As long as he can keep appearing on Letterman, SNL, and morning talk shows, more power to him. It's fun, even though a bit silly.

I guess that all of this was to be expected from a campaign season that was graced early with the likes of Ron Paul and Mike Grav


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