POLL: Pelosi right or wrong to commend FOX on the environment?

This morning (Oct. 7, 2007) on Fox News Sunday, Nancy Pelosi went out of her way to thank Rupert Murdoch's Fox for being pro-environment. "Look at that, Fox News, leading the way in environmental protection and reversing global warming."

Pelosi praising Fox:

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But Robert Greenwald's YouTube video "Fox Attacks: The Environment" shows that Fox is a consistent global warming denier. And while Rupert Murdoch recently said NewsCorp will be carbon neutral, Sierra Club president Carl Pope points out, "The most meaningful action companies...can take to help the planet is to make sure the public knows the truth about global warming. That means rejecting Fox's pattern of misinformation."

Fox Attacks: The Environment:

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Was Speaker Pelosi right or wrong to praise Fox for being pro-environment? Let her know what you think. Take the poll below and contact her office. If you want others to see this info, recommend this diary.

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Pelosi right or wrong to commend FOX

I believe that Rupert Murdoch has been a signficant contributor to the Clinton Global Initiative in the area of global warming. I'd have to look up the details, but Bill Clinton has made reference to huge fundraising by Fox for the initiative.

He's spoken at the last two Clinton Global Initiative conferences:

http://www.clintonglobalinitiative.org/N ETCOMMUNITY/Page.aspx?&pid=1626& srcid=1636

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