• comment on a post Our Message In 2006: Republicans Control Congress over 8 years ago

    Just posted this comment on Something Old, Nothing New, where I originally saw the post:

    Actually, these are some of the most depressing statistics I've ever seen. This mindless bouncing back and forth by the electorate ("Ins...bad. Outs...GOOOOD!!") only validates the old elitist battle-cry, "The masses are asses."

    So what if the Democrats use a strategy based on these stats to regain control of Congress? Doesn't it mean they'll only be laying the groundwork for their defeat in the next election cycle??

    If the majority of American voters are so wedded to the notion that all incumbents are bums they refuse to distinguish between the Democrats (who, no matter how feebly, make at least some small effort to improve the little guy's lot) and the Republicans (who want to grind up the middle class to feed their lhasa apsos)...well then, Kent Brockman's right: "I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- democracy just doesn't work!"


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