Poll in NM-1 (a must-win race) shows toss-up

Democratic challenger, state Attorney General Patsy Madrid, has released a poll taken by Dem polling outfit Lake Research Partners, conducted January 25-29.  It gives incumbent Republican Heather Wilson a lead of 44% to 43% with 13% undecided. (400 calls MOE + -4.9%).  Those surveyed gave Madrid a 62% positive job rating as AG and gave Wilson a 52% positive job approval rating. http://www.madridforcongress.com/node/51 3 Madrid's site has a link to the poll that would not work for me.  There is some discussion here http://joemonahansnewmexico.blogspot.com / as well.

This is a top-tier race that we must win to take back the house.  Nearly every opinion I have read calls this one a toss-up and this poll, along with the fundraising totals, confirms it.  Madrid joined the race in October and raised $432,000 in the 4th quarter, slightly more than Wilson.  Wilson has over $1 million cash on hand, however.  I have to think that Bill Richardson being on the ticket for re-election will assist Madrid as well.  

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