Arkansas 2008 Congressional Candidates

    Monday was the filing date for candidates running for office in Arkansas. First the good news. No Republican challenger has jumped into the race to challenge Sen. Mark Pryor, Rep. Marion Berry, Rep. Vic Snyder, or Rep. Mike Ross. This is great news that the Arkansas Republican party is so unorganized and to see that they are now just giving up races.

     Now the bad news. No democratic challenger has entered the race to challenge Rep. Jon Boozman-R. How can we expect to win as many seats as possible when we can't even find a candidate to challenge an incumbent. Even though Boozman got 62% of the vote in 2006, Foster's victory on Saturday showed that we can win everywhere! But for us to be able to win across the board we must first be able to have an organized Democratic Party. If we don't run candidates in every congressional district then what's the point of the 50 State Strategy. Hopefully this will never happen again, epically in a state that is trending Democratic.      

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