The right believes their own junk that they chew..

I happened across an article, and thought I should bear witness here to the amazing level of self deception that the right can susstain.

Here are some quotes from a March Nineth 2007 article by a conservative columnist

Most Democrats, because of overwhelming public support for the war, were politically compelled to support the Iraq war resolution. But when the war became less popular and the Democrats' anti-war base demanded accountability for the Democrats' heresy, they manufactured the fiction that the administration lied about WMD.

And then, if that were not enough..

Since the administration had not lied about Iraqi WMD - as opposed to having properly relied on the best intelligence available to it (and Democrats) - it had nothing to cover up, but it did have the right - and duty - to protect its reputation

And so, the columnist goes on to explain why the Bush administration should actively seek out and destroy covert operatives in the CIA to level the playing field against those who would hurt their reputation.

So, for the record. Does anyone know how many idiots like this columnist, actually exist? The right is an amazing thing - for an independent such as myself, a once -shining beacon of conservatism before evangelical liberalism like this .. e.asp?ARTICLE_ID=54620

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