A Simple Way for Obama to Win the Campaign $$ Debate

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A simple, straightforward statement by the Obama campaign justifying its decision to forego federal funding for his Presidential campaign could blow his critics out of the water, and actually make John McCain look bad.

The statement after the jump:

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Video: GOP Voter Calls Hillary a "Bitch" & McCain Laughs

This diary will be short and sweet. (And it was cross posted at Daily Kos)

Pissed off Hillary supporters who are threatening to vote for John McCain ought to be reminded of this as OFTEN as possible. (Video after the jump):

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Know what's disrespectful to Hillary? Cheating on her, Bill.

Bill Clinton really ought to shut his stupid piehole.

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For Balance. Video of Obama's awesome response to "elitist" charge

And, I might add, that a charge of elitism or being out of touch with working people is quite a charge coming from either Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

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Bd. Member Hillary did nothing while Walmart busted Unions

From ABC News:

In six years as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, between 1986 and 1992, Hillary Clinton remained silent as the world's largest retailer waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store workers.


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How to get the Nevada Dems to Cancel that Fox Candidate Forum

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Many electrons have been spilled over the decision by the Nevada Democratic party's decision to hold a candidate forum sponsored and covered by Fox News.

Well....here's how you teach them a lesson.

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"50 State Strategy"="It's the Economy, Stupid."

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While I believe that Howard Dean's "50 state strategy" actually did produce some concrete results, I think its value was even greater in the psychological message it sent to voters and state parties all across the country.

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Dems Should Hold the Senate for a Decade

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The GOP are making idle threats about taking back the Senate in 2008. But, realistically, they have little shot at doing that barring unforeseen scandals, deaths or retirements.

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Harold Ford Makes Hannity his Bitch Over the John Kerry Flap

Yesterday, a lot of people, myself included, were frustrated and angry with Harold Ford for piling on John Kerry and advancing the GOP narrative.

Well today, Harold Ford made up for it. In spades!

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How Ned Lamont Might Save His Campaign

According to the latest Q poll, Joe Lieberman leads Ned Lamont by 12 points. The Rassmusen poll puts the lead at 8 points.

Assumming a slight Q poll bias in favor of Joe Lieberman (which it's had from way back during the primaries) I'm inclined to think that the Rassmusen poll is more accurate.

But, in either case, Ned has a LOT of ground to make up in less than 1 week. A tall task.

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