The Dirty Koch Brothers Launch Their Latest Spin Campaign

As if we haven’t heard enough from the Dirty Koch Brothers, now comes their latest scheme:  This week, Americans for Prosperity -- which is founded and funded by dirty energy giant Koch Industries -- is launching its “Running on Empty Tour” in an attempt to blame high gas prices on the environmental safety regulations and the Obama Administration.   You can be pretty sure they’re not going to talking about how gas prices are affected by Big Oil companies, foreign governments or oil industry speculators like, say, Koch Industries.  They’re planning to preach their lies in places like Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

These wealthy fat cats are working hard to advance their misguided, dirty agenda which is full of falsehoods and great for their corporate bottom line -- but it isn’t good for your family or your community.  Here are a few examples of their lies:

The lies just keep piling up.  They are spread like urban legend on talk-radio and even in the Capitol.

The solutions they propose in this latest roadshow, like more drilling, will not reduce your gas prices.  In fact, as much as it disturbs me as an environmentalist, the truth is that U.S. Oil production is higher under the Obama administration than it has been in years, according to the Energy Information Administration. Claims that drilling permits are being held up by environmental rules and the Obama Administration are just bogus. The agency that issues offshore drilling permits, in fact has issued shallow water drilling permits at a rate of six per month since October 2010.

The five largest privately held oil companies — BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell — earned profits totaling $901 billion between 2001 and 2010, the non-profit Center for American Progress calculated using companies’ annual reports. And as prices rise, those profits will grow. Big Oil takes care of itself.

Their lies are making us less healthy, our economy less sustainable, our security more questionable and our environment dirtier.  We should do everything we can to stop them.

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The Climate Question

I am teaching my children, that they should be ready for a major environmental scenario in their lifetime. They're getting ready for it.

Climate change has already begun, and we can do little in the way of actually preventing the damage - but we'll be able to stabilize our planet if we can still take action.


Unfortunately - for people who are willing to take  healthcare reform that was demanded by 72% of the American people - and then try to pass a bill that repeals it ,  those that oppose a sane approach to solving problems usually start with the issue of being unable to recognize the problem to begin with.


I would like to add a footnote: as a small business owner,  I for one think that ecological innovation is a good way out of the economic mess we're in. It would take alot of work to get us on the right track -


File under things I'd like to see: a small business take the new solar cell developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratories - and run with it.


This thing, like so many really good business opportunities - is sitting there as a developed prototype. It was developed by Jun Xu,  - it's a 3 D nanocone based solar cell that boosts the effeciency of light to power conversion by 80 percent.


If we can stop for a second , and realize that the sun is pouring so much energy on our entire planet ... it's staggering.  Each day, half the entire planet is just bathed in pure energy.


And at time of writing, solar only powers .02% of the entire energy need of the world.


I want to see solar/wind farms - maybe even small units that can be fitted on houses. So that when the solar power goes down, in a rainstorm  the wind unit can kick on.  Have these units store things up in a hydrogen cell so that the power is constant.  And have separate, smaller solar powered attic fans that cool the upper part of the home.  Smaller solar powered units that use ground network to cool the home also.


This can easily be a packaged product if someone wants to take it and run.  So. Anyway.

I'm not that partisan of a person, but I really have to laugh when I see the same bozo's that crashed the entire world economy in 2008 - the bush republicans - stand there and say they're pro business.  They did more to damage business in American than anyone I can think of - and their opposition to healthcare reform, and trying to gum up the work that Obama did to lift us out of the recession - is starting to get on my nerves.  I would vote that we shouldn't leave these guys in charge of anything. They've already been responsible for too many business opportunities passed up - and too much really stupid public policy -it's well known that the Bush Republicans increased the size of Government to the largest ever, in the history of the entire United States. 

So. My money right now, is on what works - and beats the market. And it's probably the dems this time around.  Good luck everyone.



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