Jamie’s Important Update

Jamie Consuegra, a legislative advocate with the NRDC Action Fund, gave us the latest on Rep Fred Upton's attacks on our health:

Jamie's got it right: if Rep. Upton and his allies have their way, it will cripple the EPA's ability to protect us from corporate polluters. But we still have time to stop their attacks.

When we meet with members of Congress and their staff, they often tell us what they are hearing from their constituents about an issue. We know they are listening. So please call the Capitol Switchboard (202 -224-3121), ask for your Representative's office, and urge them to support protections on our health:

"As a constituent, I urge you to oppose any efforts to rollback protections on our public health. Congress should not take away the EPA's ability to enforce the Clean Air Act. These safeguards help protect all of us, especially our children and the elderly. What is the Representative's position on this issue?"

Want to do even more? We're collecting stories from regular people about how the environment has impacted their quality of life. We want to show elected leaders that public health safeguards are working and should be strengthened, not discarded. Click here to share your own story.



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