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    Incredibly, the Obama Administration does not want US aid to Pakistan linked to the elimination of cross-border attacks into India.

    The problem with linking aid to Pakistan to an end to guerilla attacks into India is that Pakistan does not fully control the guerilla groups.  Effectively, linkage would give guerilla groups a veto over U.S. policy towards Pakistan.

    This scenario is similar to the problem that has plagued the Israel-Palestinian conflict since 1967: Israel demands an end to all terrorist attacks in exchange for this or that concession, and since the Palestinians cannot control every terrorist, the most radical faction commits an atrocity and brings the whole peace process to a screeching halt.

    Do we really want to set up a similar situation in Kashmir?

  • There's even more -- now Congressman Salazar can take his brother's seat!

  • This appointment would be "pay to play" -- just like Blagojevich minus the corruption.  

    The sole difference is that the consideration for winning the appointment would be one's lineage, rather than cash.

  • They want to be able to say that we only win when outside circumstances demand it - Carter after Watergate, Clinton because of Perot, and now Obama after the markets collapsed.

    This is a nice little speech.  But where is your evidence that the "Obama won after the markets collapsed" theory was wrong?  If anything, the theory is consistent with the polling data over the past month.

  • [Obama] proved everything Jerome has said was totally wrong

    Er, no.  Not by a long shot.  Just over a month ago, the polls were even, and McCain had an electoral college lead. Obama was on the defensive.

    This was after McCain's selection of Palin as his running mate -- so his "country last" move wasn't responsible for McCain's tanking in the polls.  (I say this as someone who endorsed Obama about 15 minutes after I learned of the Palin pick.)

    No, the game changer was the financial crisis, which was politically for the Democrats what 9/11 was for the Republicans.  Absent that, it was going to be another nail-biter -- which is what Jerome predicted.

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    I've seen people...say that any recent Democrat would be automatically elected in the current climate... That's exactly what we all thought in 2004 -- that anyone could beat Bush.

    There is an ancient Vulcan proverb: "speak for yourself, white man."

    Many died-in-the-wool partisans may have seen Kerry as a "can't lose" candidate.  Those of us who were able to step back and reflect did not.

    This cycle, the financial crisis was for Democrats politically what 9/11 was for the Republicans: a game-changer.  It pretty much guarantees an Obama win.  Before the crisis, the election was either dead even or very marginally for Obama.  

    Regardless of whether the nominee was Hillary or Barack, this was on track to be another 50/50 election until the crisis hit -- and it would have been a game changer for either of them.  I suspect it would have been a game changer even for Dukakis.

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    When was the last time a losing vice presidential candidate came back to become the party's presidential candidate?

    Walter Mondale.

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    Woodrow Wilson had been Governor of New Jersey for two years when he was elected President in 1912.

    Woodrow Wilson was president of Princeton University before his governorship.

    Helming a major research university certainly qualifies as executive experience -- indeed, given the fierce independence of constituencies at a major university, it is arguably a tougher challenge than heading a public company.  Look at what happened to Larry Summers at Harvard.

    General Eisenhower was also president of Columbia University before his presidency.

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  • To put this a little differently: the Swift Boaters cast aspersions on Kerry's wartime heroism.  Clark is acknowledging McCain's wartime heroism, but adding "yes, but": yes, but that heroism doesn't necessarily translate into policymaking experience.

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    How about an RSS feed?

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    On my part I'm not strongly opposed to either allowing drilling, and I'm supportive of nuclear plants -- this opinion brings me closer to McCain than many Democrats.

    I thought Obama was in favor of expanding nuclear energy -- am I mistaken?

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    Even if they found some huge deposit, it is not going to lower the price of gasoline, it is simply going to put more money into the pockets of Exxon and Texaco.

    I've heard this argument over and over again -- that drilling is only pandering to Big Oil -- and I am wholly unpersuaded.  It is abundantly clear that the price of crude oil has an enormous correlation with the price of refined products, i.e., gas.

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    I live in Florida and have talked with many Floridians and they don't want our beaches ruined.

    I've been to some very nice beaches in the Arabian Gulf.  You can't see the oil rigs, but you fly over them as your plane begins its initial descent into Abu Dhabi or Dubai -- so they're there.  I don't see that offshore drilling necessarily means the end of Florida's beaches.  And the Cubans will be drilling in their waters close to Florida anyway.

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    Republicans like to attack addictions Supply side (kill Columbians, drill more oil) and Democrats are about Demand (help drug users get help, lower fuel demand by increasing efficiency)

    Well, I for one favor the Third Way option of being tough on crime, and also tough on the causes of crime.

    We need to drill for more oil and build more refineries, but we also need to promote alternative sources of energy (including nuclear) and conservation.


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