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    After a lot of whites worked hard for Obama's election, that is a shame that blacks don't have a longer view of the importance of that and other elections. It was very disgusting to read that 70% of black women voters in California voted to repeal the gay marriage. Pretty amazing that a group of people who are so narrowly focused on their own civil rights would deny those civil rights to others...
    My personal experience from working a voting location was that many black voters came to vote on election day only for the President. They didn't seem to care that Obama's success was also dependent on the "down ballot races" and voting for US Senators, etc. Very strange paradox....
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    Its reported that 80% of Republicans want Palin to run in 2012. Its also reported that 100% of Democrats hope that she does.....

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    Having just finished the Woodward book on the Iraq War "The War Within", Gates according to Woodward comes off as a pretty cool headed and very organization man. He certainly had his work cut out when he took over in January,2007 for Rumsfeld. We all know how he had really screwed up the DOD. Woodward outlines how Gates moved the military to secure Baghdad from the Sunni/Shia militias. He is responsible for winding down the civil war and brought peace to the city.
     I think its a good idea to keep Gates on during this economic crisis. Obama's team doesn't need a new person as new head of the DOD.
  • McCrap was screwed -- BUSH, major recession, war in its 6th year, unemployment the highest since before WWII. The Republicraps were lucky they aren't down to 10 seats in Congress...No way would they support a Jewish Liberal for VP (no offense meant to  Jewish people either but those Bible thumping evangelicals run the rightwingnut of the Repubs)..did you see the Republican conventions and rallies--old white guys and overweight farmers--funny how they now own all the BASKETCASE states--i.e. Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee,etc. where there is no hispanics, no blacks, lots of white and corporate  welfare, and NO GROWTH of opportunity.

  • I agree. Chambliss is a SCUMBAG of the highest order. If my child had been kidnaped and That A**hole Chamliss had run those ads, I would have challenged him to a duel on National TV at Sunrise...what a classless jerk....

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    Gary, you know you are right--she has that little football helmet style just like the Osmonds--I wonder if she wears those sequiened bellbottoms and listens to them...Maybe, she is actually Marie with a fake name...naw, she's not heavy enough..but I hear Marie has lost about 69 pounds since the divorce...just like they say--the fastest 69 pound weight loss my wife ever had was right after I divorced her.....

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    Right on Southerman, Reid is the biggest wimp--he should have taken the gavel from Herr Liebermann on Monday when he had him in the wood shed. Is it me or is the Democratic team of Pelosi/Reid the biggest team of whimps since Neville Chamberlin gave away Central Europe to ole Adolph....
    Man, she definitely needs more botox and a shot of that stuff that gave Arnold Swartenegger his biceps. Reid is clueless. Can the Dems get someone in there to take over. Didn't the Dems dump the leadership in 1975 when they ran up a huge majority in the 1974 elections....
    DUMP HERR LIEBERMAN and get on down the road.
    BTW:  Everyone keep reminding all those brave CIA field operatives that it was Karl Rove who put their lives at risk when he OUTED Valerie Plaime...I see Novack has terminal cancer...ummm..interesting.....he was in on the outing.....
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    I do not trust Herr Liebermann...I say give him the choice take a lower committee chairman or hit the door. Rachel is very right...Some of you Dems remember that good ole boy Senator Phil Gramm was a Democrat in the 1980's who was funneling intelligence about Democrat strategy to Ronnie Raygun's budget deals to the Repugnants and the Dems kicked him out. As to Joe and Phil -- enjoy each others lame company.
    Can you imagine had Gore won in 2000 that Herr Lieberman would have been the VEEP.
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    Consider that in all of the largest Empires in history i.e. Greek, Roman, British,Russian, American, none have been headed by a popularly elected or otherwise ascended to power, a Black or person of color. In less than one year and only about 220 years of our history we have changed this fact of over 5,000 years of history. Pretty amazing.

    On the height thing. I would not read a lot into that. Some people by their bearing appear to be tall. Consider that most people looking at a picture of Gen. Patton would think of him as a tall person when in reality he was about normal 5'10". His regal bearing and attitude marked his as a "tall" man. I read somewhere that the famous macho actor Allan Ladd who always played hero roles was only about 5'6" tall. He made a movie with Sophia Loren who is a rather tall lady and taller than Ladd. In scenes where they appear together the cinematographer had Sophia stand in a hole dug in the ground or had Ladd stand on a platform so they would appear to be the same height. But most movie goers would probably contend that he was a tall man.

  • Right you are Kent--Martin needs to hang the Max Cleland episode of 2002 that was engineered by K. Rove around Saxby's neck. I would run and ad stressing that this slime ball Repugnant was sleeping safely in his Frat House along with Dick Cheney while Max was getting blown up by the Commie RPG round. Its time to shove these draft dodging liars up the butt with the truth--i.e. no where is a combat zone in modern warfare is there a 'safe' place to be..I would even rework the Osama Bin Laden ad Chambliss used and turn it around on him--where is Osama now? Why hasn't Chambliss found him--how many veterans had their benefits reduced by Bush--do the Obama strategy on him and hang his record of voting with Bush around his neck like we did with McCain.

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    Right on brother!! Herr Lieberman made his bed with the slime of the GOP and McCain. Reid is such a whimp--he should already have done what you said -- stripped him of the Chair.

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    I agree--If we had anyone else but Whimmpy Reid running the Senate, this would not even be up for discussion. Lieberman has no options but to hope that the Dems go easy on him. The Dems allow a lot of real open tent people in the party but the Repugnants do not. They quietly hate liberal state Congressmen like Lieberman. If he trys to join up with them he gets nothing but a loss of his seat in the next election. I say Reid should boot him off the Homeland Security Chair and give it to an up and coming LOYAL Democrat. Give him the Chair of the Keeping the Waste Baskets Clean Committee and that is all he should get. What a JERK....

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    In a runoff like this, the Dems better do lots of attack ads because the Chambliss bunch will do it. In a runoff its all about turnout. If you can convince your loyal fans that the other guy likes to have sex with space aliens, you have a chance to mobilize the base. That is the big lesson lost on McCain's campaign--the Presidential campaign was run like a Primary--as in this runoff election--the two are much different beasts. If Dole had gotten into a runoff with Hagan, she would have turned on the attack ads big time. Her ad which said that Hagan was an AntiChrist would have gotten the wackjob rightwing zealots out in huge numbers in a runoff election. Martin needs to attack early and often to convince blacks and others of the disgraceful election of this mongrel dog Chambliss in 2002 so it doesn't get repeated.

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    This is getting kinda weird. Obama is picking out Senators with good seniority i.e. committee assignments and putting them into play working for him. His administration is beginning to look like Clinton 3.  What gives in 2006 we elected a whole bunch of new Dems to Congress and what did we get--Lady Pelosi and Whimp Reid who duplicated the McCain record of voting over 90% of the time with Bush--I don't get this at all--where is the new blood that should be coming in--I mean like aren't there some people "under 60" out there who need a job in this Administration....My excitement about Obama is starting to wane a bit....

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    I like your comments. Kinda like some hottie who looks great in the bar at 1 am. But when you wake up a 11am the next morning ...ugh...you gotta get your pants on and get out the door...


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