• Carter was not a big success or a big failure. He is about in the upper middle of presidents. He was like Clinton in that he allowed the right wing supporters of Reagan to convince him that the recession of 1978-79 was much worse than in reality. Jez, his biggest deficit was about $9 billion. So Jimmy appointed the worst person possible to be his Fed chairman---the ultraright wing monetarist Paul Voelker.  Voelker secretly was tasked by his Cato friends into getting Carter out of office. Mr. Carter is very naive and he still to this day doesn't see that -- he even went on TV and blamed the American public at large.  He must be the worst economically challenged President we ever had. What started out as a typical 18 month trough to peek recession was pushed way into 1980 by Voelker's tight money and restrictive monetary  policy of high interest rates.  Carter lost because he did not appoint a loose money Democrat to the Fed Chairman but he never would admit that's what defeated him--unemployed people voted for the Reagan in large numbers. Immediately after his election in late 1981, Reagan dumped Voelker and got a liberal loose money Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (Voelker said he was resigning but he was dumped--Reagan's people could not have the recession going on in the election campaign for 1984--Voelkers tight money policy's had to go).  So, Jimmy Carter is a real dumba*s on economics and in a way he is a very naive politician since he allowed the opposing GOP party to define him like they did on Iran and on the recession.

    Now we have Obama. He isn't exactly a Carter and he isn't Clinton.  He's naive like Carter and he falls for the GOP bullsh*t like Clinton did on the "Welfare Reforms" of Newt Gingrich (which were pretty much eliminated under GW Bush).

    Now Obama is really caught up in the pomp and stuff of being president. He is naive like Carter and as a new president thought that the GOP would play fair / nice with him--they haven't and his poll numbers continue to drop as he plays nice with them. People (me included think he has no agenda and no backbone).

    I think he is going to be a one-termer at this rate. He deserves what he is going to get when the new GOP Congress convenes. If the GOP leaders went after Clinton over very thin evidence, then Obama is in for a big headache lasting for the next 2 years.  Why does he deserve it? Because, he has failed the Democrat party and base constantly over the last 2 years.  He should have taken the election of Scott Brown as a BIG WAKE UP CALL......he likes to campaign but only for himself. Without the cover of the Democratic House majority he inherited but which he did NOT engineer (it was Howard Dean's 50 state plan), he will see the Boehner lead gang come after him like a bulldozer. The Democrats already in Congress since 2006 covered his back but in turn, he did not do a thing to help them....HE JUST PLANNED NICE WITH THE OPPOSITION GOP for the last 18 months.

  • She is pretty hot looking--do you think we will see some of those Photoshopped pics of her in a bikini like the ones of Sarah.....ummmm...that would be very cool.....I prefer real pics not the photoshop versions...

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    In 1933 when the Nazi's assumed power over Germany, the very first act was to redine how citizenship is granted in that nation. The Nazi's passed the law which was an eloborate system where by a person could be come an "alien" just because the state said so.

    The 14th amendment has a built in definition for citizenship. You are born in the USA or its dominion and you are then automatically a USA citizen unless you opt out when you reach 21 (if your parents aren't citizens). The government in power i.e. the GOP cannot come along later and declare you a non-citizen. 

    Its a paradox that the 14th amendment which was designed to define citizenship for ex-slaves and for immigrants coming into the US in 1866 also gave citizenship back to the treasonous citizens of the Confederacy.  The paradox is that the southern citizens conducted an armed rebellion against the USA, killed more Americans than any other group of people in history (about 300,000), cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, and when it was over went to Washington the following Spring and took their old seats in Congress like nothing had happened (the Republicans in the Congress refused to seat them naturally).

    I would say that without the 14th Admendment Sen. Graham and his southern associates would not be citizens today--in fact in most countries the rebels would have been hanged as traitors--but instead the South was treated relatively well following their insurection.

  • Obama's been so taken with pursuing detante with the GOP that he is going to really get shocked if the House goes Republican and Boehner gets Ken Starr back on the job of investigating the President and his long history of misdeeds when he was in Chicago.  Boy is that going to be a blow to his enormous ego--the GOP is REALLY OUT TO IMPEACH HIM!! He won't believe the stuff that Ken Starr will throw at him. At least Bill Clinton had a thick skin and blew Starr away in the end. But not so with Obammie------  Serves him right....can't wait until 2012...Get HOWARD DEAN TO RUN....

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    The Tea Party once in power will definitely nuke Mecca should the Islamic Jihadist attack us again like on 9/11.  They seem to believe that "eye for an eye" is the rule in foreign policy. Many of them think that the way to avoid another attack on the USA soil by the wackjob Jihadists is to let them know right away that now that Sarah is President, she has pulled a Trident missile out of inventory and had the USAF retarget it for Mecca. This is the ultimate in Detante/MAD--they attack us and ole Mohammed's tomb gets lit up with 50 megatons and lights up the area for the next 2500 years.....ummm...Mexican Stand Off Anyone or is she Dr. Strangelove with nice legs....

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    Now that the GOP take over of the Congress looks very much a possibility, I hope Obama is ready for what lies ahead for him. 

    You can bet that all the GOP "plans" to bailout the economy is hogwash and will be forgotten entirely by the day after the election. Should the GOP have the Congress, they will get back to their plan of giving $700 billion in tax cuts (or even more) to the rich 1%.

    But none of that is really important to Obama (he's well off but not THAT rich). He's probably thinking as he is prone to do that he can do that asinine idea that he has had for the last 18 months of working together with the GOP Congress. WHAT A CROCK.  Its a guarantee that Boehner / McConnell will bring back Ken Starr and really go after Obama. He should have talked to the Clinton's on many things but I will tell him he really better listen to Bill Clinton about how much money he will need for his legal team as Boehner sets out to IMPEACH him.  Obama best realize NOW that the GOP is going to look under every rock to find something that can be pinned on him. Remember all that tripe about the real estate man who was Obama's buddy from Chicago. I hope Obama is ready for that to really get blown out in the open come January and from now on.   Obama is to blame--he has a destructive ego. He is arrogant to the point where he never seems to recognize that there are Democrats who need help getting elected. More than just coming into a district or state for a few speeches and a short visit.  I am sick of that side of him. All of us remember December of 2008 and the runoff in Georgia between Dem Martin and Rep. Chambliss. Had Obama gone there to help get out the black vote, maybe Martin would have won. Ditto the Al Franken runoff in Minn.--Obama has turned his back on a bunch of good Democrats and he deserves to see Ken Starr on the White House appointments list in early January. He is so bad that a great Dem. like Russ Feingold will probably lose because of him.

    All this is certainly welcomed by the Bush family. As they see it, its time for Jebbie Bush to be president.  I am convinced that the giant Bush public relations team will be in full swing with public opinion---GW Bush might even be a Saint by 2012--"Those Guys Are Good". And Karl Rove will have his team of election fixers working full tilt on rigging the Diebold Voting Machine software.

    Welcome Obama, Goodbye Obama, you sure need to learn that just because a snake looks harmless--it might be a badass  'rattler.  Maybe the next Democrat president won't play so nice with Republicans.

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    YEP, you are right on.  Obama thought he was in Hollywood for his first year--i.e. Bill Clinton from 1992 to 1994, being cool, meeting starlets, etc. Then came 1994. Clinton must have be shook down to his shoes.  Obammie is about the get the same wakeup call. If/when the Republicraps take control of the House, the first guy to show up at the White House will be Ken Starr and his hatchet team from the GOP headquarters. Starr must be salviating. This time is target is an uppity black man who obviously doesn't know his place. This time Starr will have more money, more lawyers, and he knows where he screwed up with Clinton. He is also a bigoted racist (that is a matter of record -- my son took a 2nd year law course from him-he said at the time (2007) that if he gets the chance to go after Obama, he will make mincemeat of him. 

    So here we go again.

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    I guess James Carville or some other "outsider" finally got to Obama. If I were Carville, I would have told him what would be in store in the first months of 2011 should the GOP seize control of the House of Representatives with Boehner at the controls.  You can bet one of Boehner's first acts might (or will depending on the election) be to hire Ken Starr to come back with a fresh pile of $75 million of our dollars and subpoena powers. Just like with the Clintons in 1995-- Here we go again--the GOP will shut down all actions by Obama as they pursue him. And you can bet that Carville would have told him "Looky here Mr. President, these guys don't care anything about giving any jobs to the middle-class what they do care about is running you into the ground like you was a runaway slave in S. Carolina in 1850".  I hope maybe this is the reason that Obama has gotten his nerve back. But then again, he's been backed down many times before---umm let's see: bankers, defense contractors, Republicans (many times), healthcare industries, pharma industries to name a few.  I'm hoing he has some back bone now. But if he doesn't, on Jan 2, his appointments secretary will announce his first New Year visitor: "Mr. Ken Starr to see the President". At that point he might know how a runaway slave felt in 1850. The GOP sees him as such.

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    Sure, Sure, the Republicraps friends of mine say they will never ever ever vote for another B-U-S-H but hold on. What you have listed in your story is GOP Gridlock and that is a perfect setting for the JEB BUSH / Rove Team. They were/are probably waiting out for Jeb to come back in 2016 and SAVE us from high taxes, war, welfare moms, illegals, etc. but Jeb/Rove now may see an opening for 2012. 

    The Bush/Rove machine is already spending millions to resurrect the image of George Bush. GW's New book is coming out soon, there will be TV shows, book signings, etc. More and more you hear the lies that HE really did win in Iraq with his lame tactics and so on for months and months and that all Obama does is hog the credit for the good stuff Bush did. Don't forget how good the GOP is at re-writing history i.e. Jimmy Carter caused the big recession of 1980, Clinton was responsible for the Crash in 2008, FDR knew that Pearl Harbor would be attacked--same old pack of GOP lies all of it.

    Then we get to late September in 2011 and lo and behold the Bush Royal Family has decided that they need to get back in power to protect themselves and their other billionaire friends from the unwashed masses at the palace gates.  

    Don't laugh. I think Jeb is the logical choice for the Republicans. Big internal fights will go on for months with those people you discussed hammering each other while Jebbie stays quietly on his Carribean Island biding his time. All the big dogs in the party structure will tire of the fighting knowing that its only leading to a big Obama win.

    But you can mark this down--if Obama doesn't run---Jeb Bush will be the GOP nominee by a big margin....

    The Democrats are in DEEP CA-CA my friends. The Royal Bush family is hard as Marine Drill Instructors when they get their giant political machine running--a long time ago they became convinced that it is them and not the Kennedy's that are destined to rule over us......

    These people do not let anything or anyone stand in their way--just ask Saddam or the 1 million dead Iraqis who didn't commit any crime except they were living over the 500 billion barrels of oil in Iraq ground--to the Bushs the deaths of these people and thousands of our troops is just collateral damage when all that oil is to be had for Bush big oil buddies. After all God Save the King (George, or Jeb, or which ever Bush cousin happens to rule us).


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    Obama is great at running for President but he is terrible in supporting Democrat candidates for the Congress that he needs and will need.

    How much money did Obama come away with from running his presidential campaign -- I have heard he had about $210 million left in 2008.

    He hardly ever stumps for Democrats who need his money and his help. He has played nice with the GOP in Congress for so long that Democrat candidates now don't even expect him to come to help them and some don't even want him.

    This is not new. Remember the 2 big senate seats up for grabs after the Nov. 2008 election--The race in Georgia where with heavy black voter turnout Democrat Martin could have probably beat the Republican incumbent Saxbe Chambliss. The other race was the Minnesota seat eventually won by Al Franken. Had Obama joined the fight for these 2 seats in 2008 runoffs, he might have been assured of a safer Senate.

    Then when Ted Kennedy died and left open one of the safest seats in Congress, where was Obama. Okay, he ran off the Boston to give some support to the Democrat but it was TOO LITTLE AND TOO LATE--it was the weekend just before the election. What a pile of crap. How can he expect to get anymore legislation passed. Is he so blind that he doesn't look back at what happened in 1994 to Clinton.  The GOP's drive is now to win Congress and then really go after Obama the way they did after Clinton. They will harass him constantly and he will find that any plans he has for any more success are totally gone. 

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    One needn't worry much about what the GOP will do if they get in power in Congress.

    1. New tax cuts for the rich

    2. Attacks on SSI and Medicare

    3. And the FINALE --- convene the hearings on Obama and the start of impeachment proceedings--you can bet this will go on for at least the next 2 years and include his work with ACORN and his birth status.

    And what of the Tea Party--ITS OVER FOR THEM---they served their intended purpose for the Republicans. They were funded on the sly by the Big Business side of the GOP--do you think that they would ever support a Democrat who was campaigning to cut spending--no way--they have served well and its time to shut down the party--people like the Koch brothers who fund the Tea Party will stop writing the checks to pay for their outrageous expenses for organizing and demonstrating (remember the $100,000 per speech that they paid to Palin?). If the GOP gets control of Congress you will never hear from them ever again after Jan.2011.

    We don't even see them here locally anymore. We tried to bait them into demostrating against big wig Republicans who want to build a new $250 million taxpayer funded stadium--NO GO--they wouldn't help us at all--their rich benefactors want the tax money for that stadium.  They are now totally part of the national GOP party structure and used to pull in angry voters from the center and independent voters to the polls to boost Republican chances of taking over Congress......

    The strangest ones that I still see demonstrating are the ones that work at NASA Johnson Space Center--these are government and contractors for the government who are demostrating against "government spending" -- Now that is really the highest form of hypocracy.

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    Many progressives like myself grow tired of Obama's insistence on trying to get cooperation with the GOP and its leaders. It is not going to happen--unfortunately Obama dreams on--he is much like Clinton in 1992-1994 in that he has such a big ego that he thinks he can force the GOP to cooperate. I fear that we will go down the same path in 2010 that we had in 1994 -- the loss of Congressional majority for the Dems. To bad Obama is so self focused that he may have to battle a GOP majority next year. All of us lose in that situation just as we did under Clinton....his only salvation is to get out and campaign like hell and move his huge campaign funding machine to help local Democrats...

  • Israel throughout its history has been very adept at protecting its people and its country. The wildeyed rightwing Neocons  now come forward pressing Israel to attack Iran's reactors. Actually, Israel does not need to do any such thing to avoid an attack from Iran. What it should do is notifiy all the Islamic leaders and countries in the world that if Iran continues to pursue offensive atomic weapons, that Israel will not be able to guarantee the safety of the Islamic Holy City of Mecca.  In other words if Iran launches an attack on Tel Aviv then Mecca would be destroyed by a nuclear weapon. This would be the ultimate in Mutually Assured Destruction and it would put the Arab world on notice that if they don't control Iran then their holiest of sites would be eliminated forever.  It would force the Arab countries to know that any attack on Israel would be a disaster to the Islamic religion. Wipe out Judaism and Islam would be gone too.

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    The ineptness of the WH is amazing. To think how much they have given to the Republicans in just 14 months. We will be lucky to hold on to Congress.....Hillary in 2012!!!

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    Yes, me too--Astrophysics.   Very strange things abound in the universe--just an observation.......

    Another strange thing on the very same day:  How about the Flight 93 that went down---ever try to crash a Jumbo Jet?  It sure made us proud that the passengers took over the plane and then crashed it.....

    Strange thing (for your physics class--maybe should be probabilities):  18 Saudis and 2 Egyptians get thru fairly complex sets of variables (the main one's aren't in the airport security to hijack some very complex machines and fly them for several hours for hundreds of miles with minimal training/simulators etc.

    --The 9/11 Commission said that these guys only spent $400,000 over 2 years on the project---that one really hit me since I have personally done projects up to $100 million in scope --- these guys must have been eating Ramin Soup by the case load. However, many people knew them said they liked to party and go out with the ladies  which usually means large expense accounts----ummmm.....interesting..... 


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