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    From Houston, Texas:
    The first day of Early Voting posted some astonishing results. In 2004, the first day had about 20,000 early voters casting ballots but today Monday Oct. 20 there were over 38,000 votes cast. This is huge. Consider that in the Texas primary between Hillary and Obama, for the first time in memory (since about 1984) more Democrats voted in the primary than did Republicans. The totals there were also significant. Republicans votes totalled about one-half of the Democrat total. I don't know about polls but I think things are churning in this former solid Red state. I would be interested to know if any polling numbers can be accessed for Texas.
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    Its certainly true of McCain and the Whack Job Right Wingers. Just another issue on which McCains true colors as a "Reformer/Maverick" is a total public relations lie. If he is Reformer/Maverick (he votes 95% of the time with the American Conservative Union--the USA oldest conservative lobbying group)then  the moon is definitely made out of green cheese.

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    I have Bush at 14% (October 2008) and now that's his nickname. Mr. 14%.
    Can you think of any President more disgusting than this guy. Even Nixon acted somewhat Presidential (we didn't find out until years later that he cussed like a sailor). Clinton acted out his sexual fantasies in the privacy of his bedroom(s). But Bush has to take the prize as a non-Presidential acting scumbag. The Oliver Stone movie which starts this week would be a major embarrassment to any President. But you know what, I think that privately Bush is proud of his life -- after all, not one of his daddies rich friends has ever been President and NO ONE in the entire world has his notoriety.  Its just a shame those that have continually pointed out that he is the worst President in history have to put up with him for four more months. I hope Stones new movie about him is a disaster--why glorify this guy anymore than we need to even in a negative way.
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    I have noted before McCain was royally screwed by Karl Rove and the Bushies in 2000 primaries when they said that McCain had a black love child. Had he had some personal integrity (which he does not), he would have changed to a Democrat and HE could have run against Bush in 2004--he would probably have beaten Bush handily and now he would be President. Instead he is now running a big loser of a campaign against a 1st term black Senator. I think that's what really galls McCain--his chance to be President and he is stuck with it.

    Read today's Rolling Stone Magazine Story on McCain--some of the stuff in there will knock you over--he is really a big phony in many ways according to the writer.

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    How come that Pat Buchannan has such a HIGH PITCHED voice--in the local watering hole where I go we speculate that his nuts never dropped when he was about 12 years old like all the other guys or that he is a eunoch!!!  Maybe he is such a grump grouch because he resents the fact that all the other guys have deeper baritone quality voices and his is that screechy nasal sound.

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    I recognize this Equivalence when dealing with closet Republicans (those people who don't want you to know that they privately plan to vote for McCain but they have lost their jobs or homes under Bush and cannot openly promote the Republican party).
    I have a good friend he often criticizes/complains about the mistakes that the Bushies have made- i.e. the loss of his fat good paying factory job 3 years ago, huge deficits, the Iraq War, the 911 attacks, the Recession, the bank panic, and on and on and on.
    But he always masks or leads away from putting the blame on the Republicans by also including Democrats of guilt in these matters. Our friendship ended when he included the Democrats on the mess in Iraq--I told him that Bush/Cheney/Rummy were totally to blame for that crap. Notice when you talk to someone like this that they always say "well, you know that the Democrats and Republicans are to blame for such and such as mess/mistake". That is the Simpleton street level person's way of make an Equivalence. They always lead the blame with Democrats or "the Democrats in Congress are to blame too" -- what a bunch of idiots.
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    Who can figure this guy. I am a VietNam era veteran and I respect him for his service but I don't have any respect for him politically. He was fortunate enough to marry Cindy who was very rich which has compensated him some materially for his 5 years as a POW. But he never has really been out front in the Senate when it comes to other people who are disadvantaged.
    But the last straw for me was in 2000 when the Bush people put out the big lie on him that he had fathered a negro child out of wedlock--he and Cindy had adopted a child. I was shocked when McCain showed no pride. I thought he should have:
    1. Disavowed his Senate Seat as a Republican
    2. Turned himself over to the Democrats and run for a Senate seat as such. Had he been in Congress since 2000 as a Democrat he could have blocked the Bush Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito--the two most conservative justices in history.
    3. He does not like many politicians have to bow and scrape to the party--his wife is so rich that he can do anything he wants -- its like being self insured.
    But with all that going for him, he whimps out to the BUSHIES. He even helped Bush in 2004. What a pile of crap. Bush blew the guy away with his pack of lies (like he lies to everyone) and yet McCain supported him.
    THE REASON THIS IS SO BAD MCCAIN: Had he converted to being a Democrat in 2000 like he should have, McCain would most likely have run in 2004 for President and WON as a Democrat.  
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    Lower taxes. My the taxes on my house when Bush came into office were about 1/2 what they are now. The trick the Republicans lead by Fox News / Grover Norquist use it that they lowere your taxes by 10 cents and the rich get theirs lowered by thousands of dollars.

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    Ohio 2004. Kerry whimped out. He should have stuck it out for a total recount. Same as Al Gore--what happened to that guy. I don't like to say it but in retrospect I think the RNC got to Gore with something that was personally very bad. He said he was dropping the counting in Florida due to the Supreme Court. "BS"-the Supreme Court has NO jurisdiction in a decision on the Presidency--just go over the entire Constitution and find me the part that shows the Supreme Court can decide who is the President. The Founding Fathers did not even put in it that the Supreme Court could review laws when it was written in 1787--That power came under John Marshall about 25 years later.
    I think the RNC is having a tougher time now because  many state governments have turned blue thanks to Howard Dean. What that means is that the States are run by Democrats up and down the line. So, if Karl Rove sends in his Diebold team of ELECTION MACHINE FIXERS they stand a good chance of getting caught and sent to jail. You tell me who would go to jail now for BUSH, Cheney, McCain, or Palin--no one. Bush / Cheney can still get prison time when they leave office and the Dems get a person with some spine to go after them.
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    I live in the weirdest of all cities I think--Houston. Its about 5 million people and about 80% are working class or poor. About 19% are upscale middle class and of course 1% are very wealthy. My neighborhood is Mid-Middleclass. I see some of the weirdest things. Since 1994 the Republicans have conducted a incessnant war on the Middle Class in the USA. When Bush took over that warfare escalated on both fronts against us--economic and civil rights as granted by the Constitution. Here is what I think is so weird. All along Bush worked to enhance the wealth of the rich 1% group. My next door neighbor setup a McCain / Palin sign in her yard. I had it at that point. She is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. I went over and asked her if she had completely lost it--Bush VETOED funding for stem cells for research including cancer research which could save her life and yet she is voting for MCCain.


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