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    Having been born in Texas and lived there for much of my life all I have to say is "GOD, why to we have to be lumped together with these basketcase RED states of the South and the plains states". I hate that. Its like our populace has to be 1st in National Football rankings and dead last in influence in US politics. This election we got little national traction--we re-elected a whole bunch of low seniority Republican Congressional  members. The Houston area at one time had many high ranking House committee chairpersons. Then about 1990 we went through the Republican transformation and threwout several ranking Democrat members. The highest ranking Republican is House member John Culberson who is ranked about 300 in seniority. This is disgusting for the 4th largest city in the USA to have no political clout in the Congress just because we "wanted to show those elitist liberals" a thing or two. Yeah, right--we join such basketcase POWERHOUSE types as Oklahomans, Alabamans, Kansasans, Mississippians, etc. who live mostly on Federal farm subsidies and other types of welfare.

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    Yeah, how many of us believed Zogby that Kerry was ahead by 4 points on election night and lost. I have friends at the Univ. Of Texas Statistical Sampling Conference that swear  that "no way" could Zogby be that wrong--a 5 point swing in less than 24 hours--all of them say that 100 years of statistical sampling and the advent of supercomputers in the 1960's make that impossible. In other words, as they note, if Obama was getting screwed  on Tuesday, the modern Polling industry will be dead on Wednesday--no one would believe them any more--no clients would sign up. Guys like Zogby will have their lawyers  headed to Federal court to declare the vote invalid

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    All of us loyal Dems who have gotten our egos/enthusiasm hammmered over the last 8 years are getting the "Honeymoon Jitters" this close to the wedding day. I'm just like you but I have the math model--I don't buy what I hear on the Cable News so  I went to the old Excel spreadsheet and added it up. Here is the deal. I took all of the states that poor old John Kerry got cold. Open up the www.electoral-vote.com page and go over all the Blue States--their model shows all the states won by Kerry and all won by George Warcriminal Bush. Make your list of states down the left hand side and total electoral votes. Your total of those state electoral votes which includes Pennsylvania (the only state that McCain is contesting)should come to 244 votes. Its only 26 short of the 270 needed. Those are rock solid--I have never heard for over 6 months that any Kerry states were in play -- even Pennsylvania. So, While its not great that we are so close but still a mite short of the total of 270. You can make up your own state scenarios for getting to 270 from 244--I know that David Pouloff has done that many different ways. I encourage you to play that game and its exciting to contemplate.

  • I agree, they deserve to be hammered down to dust. What a lying, criminal, low-life, bunch of scumbags (anyone out there can add more adjectives to describe these people). And on top of that will someone run in California 8 next time -- its time to dump MS. Pelosi "Republican Lite" -- I cannot believe she makes nice to these people--I know lots of Republicans and they all hate her guts even though I remind them that she must be Republican in Democrat clothing for all the dismissals she did after we beat the crap out of them in 2006. Let's finish the job NOW.

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    Typical Republican from the era when that was their election model. How many times did you hear the rant from the Lee Atwater/ Karl Rove philosophy that attack ads worked all the time for any Republican no matter what their stripes. Maybe like the old bag type cellphones that era is now past. Maybe Dole will be a victim of the new paradymne that Rove is gone (figuratively) and Atwater is dead (literally)

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    I can say that I have never listened to more than 10 seconds of Hannity. But Keith and Rachel are definitely needed to balance the huge advantage of numbers of Rightwing nut radio stations. There are fewer than 50 liberal/progressive stations in the USA compared to over 500 rightwing stations. In this city-Houston- there are no fewer than 5 RIGHTWING NUT radio stations (all are owned by Bush's buddies at Clear Channel) but only 1 progressive station--Pacifica Radio. I never used to listen to Limbaugh but started to do it several years ago. I only listen to note his sponsors. Most of them now are the same ilk that sponsor little small town products as the big names have vacated that media as they have found out that the 50% of their customers (like me) will call them and raise hell about them sponsoring programming aimed at Democrats. So my advice to you is to listen in to Hannity, Rush, and the other nuts. If you find a national advertiser there call them (you can find them on the internet websites they have--look for the public relations department). Tell them you aint gonna buy their products if the money is used to attack Democrats. As a final note: Did you know that Rightwing Nut Radio is destroying the radio industry. Since Clear Channel took over the 1300 radio stations it monopolizes, the radio audience in those stations markets has decreased by over 20%.  Call the sponsors and raise hell. That is the only way to get Rush, Hannity and the right wing pukes off the air--protests do not work -- Clear Channel only understands this: Last Year Clear Channel's stock was selling at over 30.00 a share--today its about 7.00 -- that is a huge decrease in market share and stockholder value.

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    Now the NRCC is crying all over the cable networks because the DCCC is "outspending the GOP". What hypocrites!! For years the RNC has pushed the government into Capitalist Nazism and now they complain and ask for the Dems to be nice. Crap.
    And the cable news networks are running continuous stories supporting this stuff.
    Today Chris Matthews had of all people convicted Felon Tom Delay on his show. He used the usual terms to describe Obama--Socialist, Terrorist, etc.
    What a shame...no more Matthews for me.
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    In the summer of 2002, I remember a buddy who lived in Georgia commenting on Max Cleland's injuries. He had been brainwashed or something because he told me that Cleland was not wounded they way that Cleland had said. Basically the Republican lie machine running under the draft dodger haven (the Bush White House) had concocted the story that Max Cleland lost his arm playing in his barracks with a live hand grenade. The true story as documented by the US Army was that an RPG round hit the skid on the Huey heliocopter at Cleland's feet -- thus blowing off his legs and an arm.
    Karl Rove / Saxby Chambliss are  the worlds most vicious liars.
  • I'm always suspicious when a Republican does something altruistic -- I'm from Texas, home of the "the Compassionate Republican--UGH!"
    HDDUN2008 Houston
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    Hello Fellow Get out the Vote Teammates:

    If you caught the Bill Maher Show on HBO a couple of nights ago, you were delighted (even more than usual ) with the content. The panel was led by Tim Robbins (lets give it up for Tim Robbins for President in 2016--with wife Susan for VP). He is so awesome--and related to this topic, about every 5 minutes, he would jump up almost out of his chair and yell at the camera
    "DONT GO BY THE POLLS WITH OBAMA LEADING--GO AND VOTE EARLY WHERE YOU CAN". He was really emphatic. It was in line with is Oscar nominated performances in "Shawshank Redemption" and "Mystic River" (all rights reserved). He was great.
    And by the way:
    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, etc.

  • A few of the local Dems and I think that Obama should buy all (the entire allocation) of radio ads on Rush Limbaugh for the next 10 days---run continuous ad spots on Rush's show--every available minute--WOW would that get Rush's goat--even his giant $200 million ego could take having to hear an Obama commercial every 5 minutes for the next 2 weeks.

  • It seems as though the Kalifornization/West Coast normalization of Arizona is starting to get traction.
    Right under Mr. McCain's nose has grown a progressive movement in his adopted state long scorned for its backward/conservative ways.
    Perhaps a defeat would send him retreating to Alaska with his new Best Friend.....
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    Volunteer to be a Democratic Poll watcher--in this there is no life after Nov. 4th if McCain wins--more war in Iraq, more war on Middleclasses, less freedoms, less Bill Of Rights, more corporate welfare, more national debt, more money for the rich 1% (McCain and Cindy are in this group).
    Volunteer/Watch the polls to keep the RNC from Robbing us.
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    This is great news. However, and its a big HOWEVER, the RNC is going to do some voter suppression and vote machine rigging will kick in as these numbers start to scare the hell out of Bush/Cheney/the RNC who stand to get put on trial for lying about Iraq and war crimes at GITMO. But I will take the good news. We would have a chance in Texas if the state did not use the computer voting machines which my view are already pre-programmed for McCain by 5%. The reason is simple--the Democrats in Texas who have been totally wiped out in the last 14 years in all races federal/state/local are coming back strong. But in 2006 the RNC here in Texas got whooped in Dallas County (formerly one of the most conservative in the nation--remember that some analysts say the only place JFK could have been assassinated was in Dallas). But that was then and this is now. Anyway, the RNC have lots of money here and they are fighting an Alamo type battle to maintain control. They are rich and smart. Remember in 2007 that Gov. Perry faced totally being blown out in the Republican primary by Mrs. Carol Rylander-McCellan-Etc. She would have surely waxed him but lo and behold just before the primary she suddenly changed to an "Independent Candidate". We all wonder how much money she got for changing from the RNC--my guess is in the neighborhood of $4 to 5 Millions. She took the money and didn't run against Pretty Perry but the RNC's tactic was to split up the Republican voters who didn't like Perry so that he would win. The point in all this is that unless we have about a million poll watchers the RNC has $500 million to rig this election--you can bet on it. Make sure people go to the polls and understand how to vote using the machines and understand that they need to take a small piece of paper to write down their votes--remember Diebold and the Bush/Cheney crowd did not put printers on the voting machines for one reason-to rig your election and take away your right to vote.
  • Makes you wonder "What is a Republican".
    For over 25 years since Reagan in his campaign against Jimmy Carter, the GOP has yelled and screamed that:
    1. Democrats are elitist snobs (no matter that the GOP is made up of people who regularly donate $hundreds of thousands of dollars-i.e. Billionaires for Bush."
    2. Democrats are cowards who will surrender the USA to an "enemy" at the first chance they get (no matter that almost all Democrat leader have military service and viturally no Republican leaders ever serve in the US military or combat roles).
    3. The Democrats are a bunch of perverts and homosexuals and the GOP are out to protect the morals of the nation (never mind that millions of Democrats have loving families with happy children who they love, nuture, and educate).
    4. Democrats engage in premartial sex, teen sex, and unprotected sex to spread STD's to the rest of the population (all of a sudden its now OK with the GOP that Ms. Palin has a pregnant teenage daughter).
    5. Democrats support terror groups (no matter that thousands of Democrats serve bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan).
    NOW WE HAVE IT THAT MS. PALIN HAS GONE SHOPPING AND TURNED IN OVER $150,000 OF PURCHASES---name me any Democrats who have jobs that allow them to shop to that level at Neiman Marcus and SAKS.
    These guys are disgusting.


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