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    Hey, Chelsea Clinton for President in 2016--she will be 38 years old and will kick that Moose Hunting Hick all the way back to Nome.....

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    Maybe the CIA operatives that ROVE outed along with Valerie Plaime will take revenge on the jerk Rovian. If I were Rove I would be very careful when crossing the street.....
    You think I'm kidding, look at that sopsuck Robert Novack who was in on the Plaime outing.....got bad cancer, ummm huh...
    Maybe Rove thinks Democrats are going to "play nice" so he can torpedo us again....
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    I say let him stay but dump him from Homeland Security--I saw Olbermann too. Fineman also sez that HERR LYINGBARMAN, should not chair Homeland Security since he cannot be trusted by Democrats...this is another example of the GOP ripping into Democrats all the time but when they win--we dont get any perks--Tom Delay actually locked out all Dems from policy meetings. But when they lose they want the Dems to "be nice"  Screw them!!!
    BTW Did anyone see BOOGIE MAN, the Lee Atwater story last nite on PBS. What a fantastic show...in the end the movie showed Mr.GOP Slimer, as he was dying of cancer--it was very graphic. I am sorry to say that I could not be sympathetic. I kept thinking of how his lie machine hacked up Willie Horton in Bush Presidential of 1988--Atwater was a RACIST NAZI tool of the Bush lie machine and this show illustrated that very well. Did he get what he deserved for his treatment of black-Americans  with his racist campaigns of hate mongering?
    Fineman was a big part of this movie and he gave some great insight into Atwater's vicious personality. Great to see that when Atwater hypocritically got appointed to the black college Howard University that the students there raised so much hell that the school then dumped Atwater.
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    Don't these guys know that their devisive message in a time of national crisis amounts to crying fire in a crowed theater--they obviously haven't gotten the results that Obama WON by over 5,000,000 votes --the Dems are taking over thanks to resolute and thoughtful voters who have stood together against these Nazi's since 2006.
    I have called the radio stations that carry Rush around here and politely raised the issue that THE ELECTION IS OVER AND THAT RIGHTWING RADIO SHOULD MOVE ON OR SHUT DOWN.....don't buy products endorsed by Rush and Hannity...i.e. Swiffer home products--Rush is their radio spokesman--I refuse to buy their products for may home--the GOP power only understands one thing---Shareholder equity--seen the latest equity in Rightwing Clear Channel radio lately--They LOST $800 million in the last 3 quarters of 2008--screw em call up their advertisers and tell em you aint buying products to be used against Democrats....
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    I was a Precinct Judge and worked the campaign for the Houston westside this year. It is amazing to see the grassroots at work. Obama did little here except run his Presidential ads but nonetheless the excitement was great. For the first time since I moved to Houston in 1980, I sensed that the Dems are starting to take over Harris County and Houston City offices. Out of 26 Judicial Races this year, the Democrat judges won 22 races. Since I moved here, the Democrats have slowly put an end to the racist based County government. With the election of a group of 10 Criminal Judges and a Democrat Sheriff (Adrian Garcia), the reign of terror on minorities should be over--The deposed Republican District Attorney was an avowed racist--Chuck Rosenthal was a very corrupt Republican who worked with his buddies in the Private Prison industry to send thousands of minority criminals to prison on the lamest of charges--he opposed alternative sentences to the end but now he is gone and faces prison himself.
    The Senate District 17 is now in a runoff and Chris Bell the Democrat who got thrown out by Tom Delay's redistricting about 4 years ago is favored. We are turning Texas Blue (at least we are in the heavily populated areas of Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Austin. The country folks are still hanging out in the 1950's but who cares.
  • I totally disagree with this assumption. The United States throughout its history has had very large amount and a very defined role for government intervention. Only those (mostly Republicans) who only want the intervention to assist them are against government assistance to people and to the private sector. Most big-wig Republican politicians who are for making government "smaller" are life-long employees of the government. Take our ex-Senator Phil Gramm (McCain's economics advisor), he got his education paid for because his father worked for the military. He then went to work as a public university professor who constantly echoed the Republican party line against "big government". He then got elected to Congress and then the Senate. He retired in 2001 on a fat pension because of his years of service in the government.
    The government starting almost at the beginning in 1800, promoted building canals, building the railroads, building highways, etc. Its a big LIE that Americans oppose big government. It's a Republican scam. They only want government programs which benefit their fat-cat contributors. This person obama4presidente must have been in a isolated island the last 8 years. The Bushies have given through tax breaks not billions but TRILLIONS of dollars to their fat cats. The Iraq war had nothing to do with Democracy. Bush just turned over to 5 of his big oil company buddies the entire oil resources of Iraq. That must have made lots of friends over there. Big government is here to stay. But the middle class gets to fork over 45% of their money to the deserving Republican war profiteers.
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    The new Democratic controlled Senate should refuse to seat the scumbag Stevens

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    It is continuing sorry state of affairs for McCain. He is just keeps getting lower and lower in prestige and character. How can a guy who spent 5 years in a POW camp support Chambliss the scumbag who in 2002, ran the biggest lies in Senate history when he ran against Max Cleland the disabled vet who lost his arm and 2 legs in Vietnam? How can McCain even consider helping that jerk?--McCain is NUTS. I no longer have any sympathy for him. I am beginning to believe those stories about his "accident" on the USS Forrestal which killed 29 of his fellow Navy shipmates and deckcrew in 1965.

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    Dump him. We need a loyal Obama person as Chairperson in that committee which has Homeland Security--the biggest department outside the DOD.
    Let's get the country moving forward and not back with that HACK.....
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    Lieberman should be dumped. The Committee Chairpersons in Congress are everything. Over the last 228 years of Congress history, these things were worked out to ensure a smooth running operation--when Dems have majority they get the Chairperson positions of the committees and vice versa when the Repubs win. The Dems now control Congress. On the evening of Nov 7,2006 a friend called me and we discussed the victory in Congress that was taking place. I told him this was an historic event for the USA. He asked me to explain this. I told him that the reign of King George's dictatorship was over (unless he planned to take over the government using military force to install himself as "President for Life". When the Dems took control of Congress, Bush and his rightwing agenda went DEAD. The reason is simple. The Chairpersons in Congress were Dems and would never pass through bills and people i.e. like Bush's rightwing appointees to the Supreme Court such as Roberts and Scalia. That time was over. So it is with Lieberman. He is a lousy politican. He played his cards with McCain / Palin and now he should step down from his Chairman's post. He LOST his gamble--get a deserving Chairperson who will assist Obama to get the country going again.

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    Just as Republicans learned in 2006, that messing with Social Security can be deadly to your Congressional career, the Dems seem to have finally learned the same thing about guns. Both issues turned out to be NON-Issues in 2008. Neither party ever mentioned those hotbed issues. It's strange that the people who would most benefit from some form of gun control would be the police forces in the USA, they are the one's who get shot frequently by repeated gun law violators. Yet, the National Police Officers Association supported McCain/Palin. If they don't worry about getting shot by these criminals, then I don't blame Democrats from not pushing any new gun control. It is scary that two things came from the Bush legacy--1.a push for very lax or no control over illegal guns  2. an open border which freely allows the import of drugs to the USA and  where the drug lords in Mexico are bringing their huge violent wars to the USA's Southern Border with Mexico. Over 3,000 Mexicans have been killed this year in Mexico (mostly police and army people) in drug wars and thanks to Bush, we will probably see that war come to our country very soon. Another Bush foul-up we all have to pay for.

  • These comments are very spot on. I would only ad that the "biased liberal media" ran hours of coverage on her--her clothes, her background, her family,etc. Jeez, I am a Democrat but I have heard so much about her that I know the names all of her kids. I still can't tell you the names of ANY of McCains kids....go figure. How much time did the networks and the cable news give to Joe Biden's views-remember in 2006 when Biden and Senator Richard Lugar went to Iraq and came back with a plan to bring peace, stability, and bring an end the war...none of that ever came up but we got to know that Palin's underage teen daughter was:
    1. having unprotected sex
    2. was unmarried and pregnant
    3. the baby's father had to drop out of High School at 18.
    Geez GOOD RIDDANCE to all of those smucks!!!
  • I just wish one of those guys had gotten a pic of her in the bath towell

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    Hey wait, Is this a VietNam service ad by Jim Martin a big mistake? In most places, we veterans are proud to have served but Georgia Republicowards HATE all Veterans who serve and regard them like they do everyone else as serfs. I expect any time now will probably start running the HATE Veterans ads against Martin too like they have other veterans. Remember that Saxbee is a draft dodger, draft card burning, protester while he was of draft age. Now that he is too old he is all for SENDING YOUR KIDS AND OTHER PEOPLE TO FIGHT IN WARS FOR THE OIL COMPANIES. Remember also when this big J*CKASS coward Saxby Coward Chambliss  and his draft dodging crew of Republicowards ran ads says that Sen Max Cleland was a coward because he didn't get KILLED in Vietnam--he only lost his legs and his arm. Oh, wait Al Gore was also a coward because in Vietnam he was a photographer--yeah that's right--Republicans hate veterans so much they don't know that a sniper at 500 yards away  can tell if Al was carrying a gun or a camera--they are such dispicable people. Let's go down there and get out the vote--then Saxby and his buddy Rove will have big trouble rigging a runoff election. Thanks to the Libertarians for forcing this into December--but of course all the Georgian Republicowards will still vote for Saxbee.

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    Can you believe those Okies reelected Inhoffe. My gosh, he is so bad--what is in the water in Oklahoma that causes such mass lemming migrations to the right in these elections.
    Secondly, how about Alaska re-electing Teddy the Stealer Stevens convicted felon. My hope is that the Democrat controlled Senate would refuse to accept him as a convicted felon to the Senate.
    I would like to see the Chief Justice Opus Dei Roberts and his Supreme Court get into that cat fight. Actually it would be fun if the ultra right Supreme Court did order  the Senate to accept Stevens (like they did with George Bush when they appointed him to the Presidency)--then the Senate since its now controlled by the Dems could retaliate by cutting off the money for the operation of the Supreme Courts building--then the smug Chief Justice Roberts along with Antone Scalia the other Nazi would have to use candles for lights and clean their own toilets.
    Good news--the Dems picked up the Oregon Republican Senate seat--gives them 57 seats--maybe the Saxbe "Mr Draft Dodger who hates disabled Veterans" Chamblis runoff will get rid of him. Lets go to Georgia to get out the vote. I can't see how the local Republicans can fix a runoff election with all the national press looking on. Thank you Bob Barr for making it a runoff.


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