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    I really liked your piece on this social evolution under the GOP. One is reminded of placing a frog in a pan of cold water and slowing increasing the heat to boiling. The frog never realizes its getting baked. So goes the 99% of us. The closest example I see is Mexico. In 1950 it had a per capita GDP close to the rest of the world...now its 1% group of elites own television, food processing, farming, cable/phone systems while the other 99% only look to misery, low education, poverty, etc.  This is the ideal world model as the GOP sees it.

  • Never one to 'cross the goal line' Obama didn't even get to the 50 yard line with his immigration proposal to allow the kids from illegals to stay without deportation. Why didn't he just say he isn't going to deport anyone in the US illegally who has a job, is in school, hasn't broken any felony laws? Just like every other issue i.e. singlepayer healthcare he gets to the 'Redzone' and can't get the ball in the end zone.

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    Friend you should refrain from writing a story and leading with those two people as accomplished leaders. Mitch Daniels was George W. Bush budget director and then as now it was his goal to gut both Medicare and Social Security and put them back in the "private sector". Now as Indiana governor his big target and main political job is to rid the state of labor unions and Planned Parenthood. Don't get me started on Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush has Rove working full time for his 2016 campaign. In 2010, Rove got over $80 million in donations from the Bush family friends in the oil business and used it to build this useless GOP dominated Congress. The Bush's cannot stand being out of power. But Rove is smart and he's put this year's election on the shelf. Good reasoning has it that none of these people can beat an incumbent like Obama so why waste political capital. Instead I see the strategy is to pour more money from the oil business donations into Senate and House races and totally control / i.e. veto proof Congress for the last 4 years of Obama's run.  Just like his brother in 2000, Jeb will ride in on his white stallion like a knight in shining armour to rescue the country from the great condition it should be in by that time due to the work of the Democrats. Then more tax cuts for the rich, more wars, more pollution, less Wall Street regulation. Jeb Bush is really going to one up his brother for sure.

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    One thing that troubles most of us is the nature of Article V. Do you really feel comfortable having delegations from states such as Texas or Florida sitting down to do a rewrite of the Constitution. I live in Texas and I can tell you that it is a very scary place when it comes to the enviroment, human rights, taxation, healthcare, social services, etc. In fact the Texas Legislature only meets every other year for 5 months and most of us are REALLY GLAD FOR THAT. The state legislature is really full of every kind of whack job you can imagine. From what I read Florida is much the same. Instead of trying to fix the huge problems of education and infrastucture here in Texas, the legislature which ended in May, enacted laws which forced young pregnant women to have a vaginal sonogram (the state did not enact a law to pay for this medical procedure), a voter ID law, protection from lawsuits for polluters, etc.

    So now this guy from Canada see the Article V as a panacea for the problems we have down here. Listen, I have talked to enough Canadians in my travels up there to tell you that they are very close to a very big civil war or conflict between the English and French speaking people up there.

    What is to stop "Corporate America" from packing these state delegations with their people. The first thing they will most likely gut is the Bill of Rights. They will not stop there--you can bet that anything relating to the Commerce Clause will go--that is the clause that is used most often to guarantee Civil Rights (remember that is how race discrimination was eliminated in Southern States in the 1960s--the Federal government said that anyone getting Federal funding must make an effort to hire minorities and women in contracts -- no one getting such funds can exclude those same minorities from entering there businesses i.e. Lester Maddox who had an Interstate Highway in front of his restaurant but would not serve blacks there).

    Think of why Article V has never been used and you get my point. I don't want Governor Perry and his bidness buddies running America like they do in "TeggZas"

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    These two are an Arkansas version of Bonnie and Clyde.  The Clintons ran all over the country touting the fact that they had reformed "WELFARE" and saved the nation. And he got re-elected in 1996.  Well, did that asshole go to Congress in 1997 and ask them to REFORM BILLIONAIRE WELFARE---hell no. In fact he rewarded Wall Street and big banks by bailing out the asian banks in 1998 and then on top of that he set in motion the biggest de-regulation of banks in 1999 which eventually led to the crash of 2007.

    I once was a big Bill and Hillary fan. But I have come to believe that they WERE guilty of financial fraud in the Arkansas Silver River deal which Ken Starr said in the impeachment process.

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    Bill Clinton lead the way and got himself re-elected in 1996 by hammering the lowest level people in the USA. I hate that mutherfu*ker now. Here is why:   DID HE OR ANY OF HIS NEW CENTRIST DEMOCRATS LEAD A "BILLIONAIRE WELFARE REFORM EFFORT". Oh NO quite the contrary. He gutted out the protections built in the financial reforms of the FDR in the 1930's for the banking / financial industry. The result was the crash of 2007-2010 and monster bailouts of banks and Wall Street.

    He is such a worthless prick. I was a big fan of his back then but as time went by, I found out his real side is a big egotist who enabled Bush to be elected in 2000 plus the Republicans continued to control Congress thru 2006 before we woke up to his antics and backstabbing of the middleclass.

    I now really think that all that financial stuff scum stuff he was accused of by Ken Starr was true. 

    To this day Clinton is a Republican Light...

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    I just got up this AM and turned on the cable news (CNN) to find that a Florida judge has struck down the Healthcare Law which took Obama's inept team of Clinton retreads to get in place.  NOT JUST THE MANDANTORY REQUIREMENT--This judge threw out the entire law.

    So where does it go from here. I am inclined to ask "did Obama and his team actually engineer the healthcare reform so that it would be struck down in court?"  One can only wonder about this. Obama has  consistently backed away from any form of meaningful healthcare insurance for Americans. The ultimate plan that was just struck down was complex, unweildy, and costly. Its components angered some special interests in every part of the political spectrum.

    Any novice politico could have told Obama and his team that this situation would arise yet they put in place this controversial law anyway. 

    Its almost as though Obama had really no reason to get the law to stay on the books. He passed a healthcare law as he promised in the campaign. It got struck down in the courts which he will state is beyond his control. So a year of hard political work and time has been wasted, hundreds of Democrats have lost their party affiliated jobs and our majority in the House of Congress.

    What is the next step for Obama? My view is that if he is re-nominated by the Democrats you won't find much grassroots support. Why should there be--he does nothing for grasssroots Democrats except get them thrown out of office. If you are a Democrat in the Senate you would certainly be wary of an Obama election--look what he did for your associates in the House--66 members were tossed out without a whit of help from Obama and his White House team.

    I say its time for Liberals/Progressives to dump Obama before we get totally wiped out as a working political party.

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    How DANDY---we get this empty suit of a leader now pushing (again) his failed  "be nice to the Republi-CRAPs and they will be nice to you" program for the next 2 years.  After hammering us into the ground (we lost over 300 Democrat officeholders in Texas alone due to this Republican LITE President) in November, I guess Obammie the Steppinfetchit man plans to finish us off in 2012 by losing the Senate majority too. 

    Just listen to the rightwing controlled media go on about his resurgence and move to the middle and his approval going up---does he actually believe them? Where is he going to get voters to turn out.

    1. NO Blacks/Minorities--In my precinct (west Houston) we have 40% minority black/hispanic/asians--Obammie got a whopping 6% of them to bother coming to vote in Nov 2010 vs 80% in 2008. In 2012 he will get some blacks to turn out because of loyalty to his race but I can bet you that there will be nothing like the 50-60% of hispanics are going to come out for him--GONE--HE AINT DONE JACK SH*T for the Mexicans and Asians here over the last 2 years--he even caused 2 Mexican Democrats in the Texas legislature to jump to the GOP how is that for consistency Mr. "Feel Good--Let's Play Nice, etc. Obammie"

    2. Labor---GONE--Only a Democrat who is a complete political moron would anger organized labor. Yes, I know he saved about 90,000 jobs at GM but got no promises of future hiring of UAW people by GM management--in fact, they plan to continue to move jobs to Mexico and China next year.....

    So who is going to stuff envelopes, bring old people to the polls, knock on doors, etc. around election time. That has be the strength of having organized labor working for you. Well, I am sure the UAW is aware that Obammie's plan for Cash for Clunkers sold hundreds of thousands of Korean cars. What did our brilliant leader then do--he went to Korean and got the shittest deal you can image for unemployed and union workers from the Koreans. The Korean Trade Agreement will cost us over 700,000 jobs over the next 5 years by any estimate.

    SOLUTION TO THIS--Get the GOP to IMPEACH Obammie.. NOPE--back in the 1990's the GOP leaders were bigger political  morons than Obammie--i.e. Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich. They went right after Clinton and it backfired on them and he got millions of people to vote for him because they not only hated these two pricks, they wouldn't stand for these two jackasses dissing the Office of the President.  But Boehner and McConnell are very screwd political operatives--they have caused Obammie to dance to every tune they have played for the last 2 years. Because he and Rahmn Emanualle are such egotists, they actually thought that they  were winning against the GOP leadership. (Always let the other guy think he is winning--easier to accomplish your objectives that way). The only thing slow about McConnell is the way he talks. THERE IS NO WAY THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING THAT THE GOP TEAM IS GOING TO DISS Obammie and his office.

    So what we have here is a Republican Lite President who will head the Democrat party for the next 2 years -- he will most likely hand that office and our Senate majority to the GOP. AREN'T WE LUCKY THAT THE COUNTRY WILL BE RUN BY SUCH "NICE" PEOPLE.....

  • I am a precinct chairman for a voting box that has about 40% minority mostly Democrat party inclined. The majority is about 50-50 split between GOP and Dem. 

    I can tell you that I am totally depressed by the lack of turnout by blacks and hispanic voters in my precinct in the November election. Between only 5% to 8% of the eligible minority voters bothered to vote. So they got the screwing that comes with sitting out an election. They did this all over the state. Democrats lost an amazing 22 legislative seats in the Texas House. The GOP blew out the Dems in Texas in the election. Now the GOP has a veto proof voting majority in the Texas Legislature. The GOP is now free to pass VOTER ID laws, laws which will make English the only language to be used in Texas, they will control the formation of the 4 NEW Congress seats that we get. THE DEMOCRATS will get little or no voice because of the core majorities who normally support progressive agendas sat out the election.

    I am sorry but I now have little sympathy for minorities and the poor when they don't seem to care about protecting their own needs.

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    When Hitler burned down the Reichstag -- his Nazi henchmen framed a mentally retarded/challenged man for the crime. The rightwing nuts always blame the left for ALL crime/any crime. But remember, we leftist get to have guns too. Should a rightwing manic come looking /shooting for me -- I'm defending myself--thats what I got from all the expensive government training I got as a guest of the US ARMY.....

  • A morbid thought---"I wonder what would happen to Mr. NRA Wayne LaPierre's support for automatic guns in the hands of whackjobs if one of his kids, his wife, his grandkids, etc. were killed by a whackjob with a gun in one of these daily shootouts......" He would then be a member of a club that he established many years ago--THE FAMILY MEMBERS OF SHOOTING VICTIMS!. 

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    Its time to rethink Republican Appeasing White House. Just as the Britsh found that appeasing Hilter in 1938, the Democrats must face the same choice and get on down the road to electing another candidate more in tune with our goals/values. The experiment with Obama has backfired badly. He either will not or cannot go forward to put Democrats in power.

    I am a local Democrat party worker in Houston. We can no longer take this sh*t. Here is the problem:  Obama is a very egocentric personality much like Bill Clinton. Unlike many I was furious when Clinton caved into the GOP Congress in 1996 and pushed thru the "WELFARE REFORM act" which hammered the lowest level people in our country. DID CLINTON EVER PROPOSE A BILLIONAIRE WELFARE RESTRICTION ACT---I never once heard that PRICK rail against all the WELFARE FOR THE RICH that has gone on before him and since. He even signed the deregulation bill of banking in 1999 which allowed this Wall Street mess to evolve.

    My point is that we are looking at the same thing with Obama. Who knows what deals he will cut with Boehner to insure that he gets elected. AT the same time we Democrats in the trenches get treated like sh*t.  Over 300 Texas Democrats lost elections in 2010 and it went on all over the country-- Obama failed to mention any of that after the election.  But he jumped at the chance to give the GOP help in getting the rich new tax breaks.

    I think he has failed to realize that he has dumped the 30% of his base that does the hard work i.e. taking people to vote, putting out flyers, getting out the vote, sending out notes to remind people who helps them, etc.  That 30% will definitely be on the sidelines should Obama be the nominee--

    He will need all the money he can get to replace the base workers in the Dem Party.

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    I would have to say that this view is true with reservation: society as to age is somewhat layered. My view is 3 layers. Young/progressives/liberals from 18 to 30 in age. Second layer is from 30 or so to 60 much more conservative---this group probably is the backbone of social conservatives-don't like taxes, don't like welfare programs, don't support underdog iniatitives, etc. Third layer is old from 60 to 80/90 year olds. Much more liberal than either of the other two layers. I listen to them and they want the middleclass safety nets fully protected from the GOP. They have a small conservative element (I hear Rush Limbaugh's main listener group is white males from 50 to 75 years old. But I think your grandparents  are sober experienced people who don't follow the world expansion/world domination demogogues of the GOP nor do they want their chance to rest and enjoy life to be eliminated by the GOP for the benefits that only accrue to the rich....

    I can tell you that I run an election precinct and older people come in to vote.

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    I am a precinct chair in west Houston (Harris County Texas)and we got the shit stomped out of us. The people I hear from here are mad as hell at this man. He cost us several hundred decent jobs for people who work as County Judges, District Attorneys, County officers i.e. Secretaries/Treasurers/County Aldermen, etc. They are so angry because they did not do anything wrong except to help this man get elected President. I know we hear so often from the rightwing oriented media i.e. Fox, CNN that the rightwing of the Republican party is angry and the base (about 30% are getting out the vote). Well, you can take it to the bank that the Democratic Party has a 30% group on the left and they are constantly marginalized by Obama and his group of Clinton retreads.
    They will definitely work (me too) for his defeat in 2012 should a good candidate run. Hillary will beat him cold this time. No way will he roll up big delegates in small RED states and take the nomination. He is in for a terrific fight in the primaries. He is so arrogant that I really think he believes that he will easily get nominated. In Texas and in the other big Southern anchor state Florida, thanks to his totally insane method of running the 2010 elections, the Democrats are pushed out of the entire reapportionment process dictated by the Census 2010.  We are screw and HE IS TO BLAME.
    You want to know something really fucked up: My precinct has 30% minority--many blacks...over 2000 voters--out of that potential, only 5% of the minorities VOTED in November.....they have left the Democrats because OBAMA NEVER CAME ON STRONG TO GET OUT THE VOTE. The GOP is now in control of MORE THAN JUST THE US HOUSE--they control (thanks to Obammie) a huge number of local offices thru out the nation.
    Should he get the nomination, he might win but he will lose the Senate for sure. Then in 2016 we will lose the WH.  Obama believes that the same things will fall into place for him as did Clinton in 1996. BIG DIFFERENCE--in 1996 unemployment had dropped to about 6% and prosperity was coming back. With Obama he would be lucky to have it at 8%. In an case the Texas Dems are done with him.

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    Just kidding. Austin's a great city. I'm an Elgin guy (yea the hot sausage capital just down the road). I worked for years at IBM and they have many good people there.  Thanks for sharing this good news and I don't think you are too negative just a crumugeon of sorts LOL!!!

    I have observed this website since about 2005 and enjoy it.

    I am however very negative on Obama. Not from any policy reason but what he has done to the Democratic party in Texas and Florida. His lacksadasical effort on party building cost us 23 Legislature seats and now the GOP is free to invoke many of their wack job policies on education, environment, consumers, etc.

    Obama cost us over 300 judges and local Democrats (my niece lives in Bastrop and she lost her job as country treasurer to a GOP) in Nov.  Here in Houston, we had things going very good as the GOP followed the white flight to suburban counties. But November changed all that and we got our asses kicked. Obama is a great campaigner for himself but he is really too much of an egotist to build grassroots.

    I cannot support Obama in 2012 if he doesn't get behind the local Democrats -- certainly we Liberal/Progressives are doomed in Texas and with Obama running in 2012 we have a chance to also lose control of the US Senate.....

    Hookem Horns Dude

    H Dunn-Barr

    UT Ex





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