How White House Helps Out Rick Perry and Texas Rightwing Business

As a Texan, maybe I should be grateful Mr. Obama and his White House team for continuing to support the economy in Texas. As a Democrat who lives in Texas I can tell you that if Mr. Obama thinks he is securing friends in the Lone Star State he is greatly mistaken. The Federal money that the Obama administration continues to pour into the Texas economy usually finds its way into the hands of Republicans who own businesses here. The money then finds its way into the coffers of Texas Republicans such as Mr. Perry and other Texas politicians. These people don't share any of the vision of a peaceful co-existence and cumbayah that President Obama likes to bandy around. Its like the famous back to the future character George McFly who is in love with the homecoming queen but she has no interest in ANY relationship. As one who mixes into Republican circles, I will tell you they have no interest in anything remotely related to President Obama. In fact most of them HATE him.

So how then is the President's team handing over billions of tax dollars to people who will use it to defeat him and any Democrat in sight.

1. NASA-Houston:  This operation is a hot bed of Tea Party activity. I work there and almost daily I hear racist jokes directed at Obama. Ironically I hear a continual rant about the Federal government intrusion into states business affairs, the growth and size of the Federal government, deficits, etc. All this from Federal employees or Federal aerospace contractors. When I point out the contradiction of government employees complaining about the role of government these people do not see the irony of it all. Most shrug and tell me: "The government will not shut down NASA--what we do here is TOO important."  I usually don't press the argument that many people outside of Texas getting somewhat steamed up to find themselves on antiquated highways and transit systems while NASA spends $3.5 billion on YET ANOTHER MARS LANDER which takes cool pictures of Mars rocks....WOW!!

If Obama is so interested in winning in Florida, one would think that he would ship all the Red State Ultra-conservative Texas NASA jobs to Florida and then go around that swing state bragging about how he brought in 3,000 NASA jobs to the Cape Canaveral area.

2. The recent decision by President Obama to locate a $1 Billion defense laboratory at Texas A and M University. Talk about irony. This is the home school of Governor Rick Perry and his business cabal. The Democrats in Blue states like California and New York should be livid that this has happened on their watch. Why should great educational facilities in those states see research money going to a small farm based hick school in central Texas. Why not Harvard or Cal-Tech who have long histories of ground breaking research. Texas A-M teaches veteranarian science to farm boys.



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