Its fairly easy to make a list of the Obamacares:

1. Obama cares about foreign workers. Recently he went to Korea and signed on to a new trade agreement. Pundits such as Dennis Kucinich say this agreement shows Obama cares about the Korean worker. For example, Obama's new caregiving to Korea will allow the Korean automakers to sell another 200,000 cars annually in the USA but we only get to sell about 5,000 in Korea. Obama first showed us how much he cared for Korean car companies when he implemented the "Cash for Clunkers" program which cleared out the huge inventories of Korean cars sitting on the docks unsold in Long Beach, California.

2. Obamacares about Mexican Truckers. One would think that a president who got elected because the US Teamsters Union backed him the Democrat for the first time in memory would want to keep the support of the largest union in the USA (the Teamsters have backed the GOP for many elections). But true to form, Obamacares about Mexican truckers and trucking companies and now they can compete anywhere they wish in the entire USA. Obama is brave. Piss off the United Auto Workers and then piss off the Teamsters.  Obama even cared to piss off the workers in public unions. Remember back last summer when the State of Wisconsin union workers counterattacked against the GOP Governor who wants to eliminate their union. Other GOP governors are continuing to assault public labor unions. Obama is silent. No signs of support for these labor unions. Obama cares for Republican governors who are trying to end collective bargaining for labor unions.

3. OBAMACARES about Wall Street. How many bankers do you know who have ever voted or contributed to a Democrat at any level. No matter. Obamacares for bankers. He gave them TRILLIONS of dollars in backing with no guarantee that they would loan out the money to businesses. They obliged Mr. Obama for his caring and didn't make the loans nor did they do much to help out homeowners who were getting foreclosed. Instead they used the funding to pay internal bonuses and to purchase other banks i.e. Wells Fargo used Obamacare money to buy Wachovia and Chase bought Washington Mutual with their Obamacare monies.

4. Obamacares for  Health Insurance Companies. He pushed through a reform law which forces over 20 million people to purchase their plans (new customers) but Obamacare doesn't really go into effect until 2014. Obama really cares for you just so you don't get sick for 2 more years.

5. Obamacares for The Republican Party. Just after his election in 2008, he still had over $100 million in campaign donations. Since there were 2 Senate seats which were still uncontested -- Al Franken in Minn. and Jim Martin in Georgia. Obama really cared more for their GOP opponents because he refused to send in his still intact election team to help out either Democratic candidate. Franken ultimately won but Martin lost his valuable Senate seat to the Ultraconservative lying Republican Saxby Chamblis one of the worst of the worst hacks in Congress. Obama continued to care for the GOP. In 2010, he stood by in stony silence while the GOP scored a huge runup of House Seats. In effect, Obamacared so much for the GOP that he let them take away a huge majority in the House and almost got control of the Senate. In the 2012 election, he can further enhance his caring for Republicans by standing by and allowing them to elect a VETO PROOF Congress which no matter if he wins will run over him like he a truck.

6. Finally Obamacares for Obama. No matter that Karl Rove is going from House districts all over the country (and Senate seats too) and giving them huge amounts of money for the upcoming election. In a way it shows that Obama cares for Jeb Bush. Rove works for the Bush family. He would not have $200 million to pass out to GOP candidates if it weren't for Jeb's family money. This will pave the way for Jeb to make a clear run for President and take up where his brother left off. So this in effect means that Obama cares for the Bush family to get back into the presidency.


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