Isn't Obama being a Hypocrite on Job Outsourcing?

If Romney's team were to do their homework there are plenty of reasons to fire back at Obama's record on sending jobs overseas. The list is long on Obama either failing to insure jobs stay here or actually authorizing the export of jobs to other countries:

1. Obama's record on trade and trade agreements is terrible: First off take his much touted trade deal with Korea last fall. This thing is pathetic--it ensures that jobs will be exported to Asia. Liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich noted recently that this agreement was written by the business interests in Korean and will cost over 200,000 jobs. What kind of agreement has no benchmarks for enforcement. The agreement evidently is so one-sided that it allowed Korea recently to stop importing US beef and beef products. The reason was silly--one alleged case of cow disease out of our 100 million sized herds of beef cattle. Obama or his agents allowed language in the agreement which specifies that Korea can increase shipments to the USA but no such wording improves our exports.

Don't even think about China. Under Obama's reign, China's trade deficit with the USA has grown by 20% in just 4 years.

2. Obama's labor record is awful. Right after he took office the White House opened up the US highway system with Mexican truckers. Even George Bush had held up that part of the NAFTA agreement which allows Mexican drivers to freely operate in the USA. This came on the heals of the Teamster Union working to get Obama elected. He really knows how to thank people who have helped him.

3. Democrats in The House of Representatives in 2010 went into the November election with a big Democrat majority. So many Democrats lost their seats that come 2013 if the GOP gets in control of both House and Senate we may see a reprise of the Clinton years from 1996 to 2000 where the GOP was hell bent to impeach him. Boehner has stated that he has no interest in impeachment. So, what then if the TEA PARTY partisans get control of things and toss out Boehner then send in their own Speaker with the assigned task to bring back Ken Starr and the Impeachment hearings. These people are ruthless and they hate Obama with a fury. If I were a Democrat in Congress would I care if the GOP goes after Obama. Think about this. Many of the Democratic guy / lady who came into the House in the sweep of 2006 (before Obama got his hands on things) are now gone. Obama didn't lift a finger to help them out in 2010--no money, no party building, etc. just oh well thats life.  Now he's telling all those Democrats "Hey, I'm not spending as much money in 2012 on my campaign as the GOP is against me so I guess you are again on your own like in 2010".  If I were a Democrat in Congress I would not give him the time of day. The gridlock isn't all about the GOP. Obama doesn't do much either except make platitudes and fly about in AF One.

4. The announcement that the Afghan army will be outfitted by a Russian arms dealer--ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME?  What manner of logic has a US President conceding to buy arms from a foreign government and giving them to another foreign government. Next time we have to go into Afghanistan our guys will be killed with even better Russian ammo.  This is just nuts. We have been told for 50 years that the M-16 is the best infantry weapon. Its made here.

So in summary let me say this: Obama loves workers he just loves foreign workers best. The only reason that I can see that Romney hasn't blasted him for some of this is that a. Bain Capital is behind the Afghan / Russian arms deal b. He is too busy getting the drapes ordered for the White House in 2013.....



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