If he wins will Obama will he turn back to the right again

One concern many of progressives like myself see in President Obama is the nagging fear that if re-elected he will immediately cave in to the vocal ultraright wing of the GOP and renege on his campaign promises.  I am not saying we should not vote for him -- we should because compared to Romney he is worth the gamble that he won't do to the Progressive movement what he did over the first four years when he pulled out of his promises to give us a single payer healthcare system and closing of GITMO. We kind of thought that he would pull the troops out of Afghanistan but foreign policy events are beyond of control of any President.  However, much of the good he has done has been undermined by his support for banking executives (he never disallowed their huge bonus plans), the damage he did in 2010 by standing by while the Rightwing Tea Party eviserated our Democratic Congress House and Senate Majorities. He could have gotten out on the stump and energized the base especially the black voters who vote in blocs.  Obama bowled over many Progressives when he virtually disappeared from sight when the Union movement ran into trouble with the rightwing Governor of Wisconsin. Mr. Obama continues to damage the Democratic party and in effect he hurts the Progressives when the White House cabinet level secretaries continue to spend huge amounts of Federal contracts in RED states such as Texas where profits from those contracts go to the business cabal headed by Gov. Rick Perry and the Bush Family. That money ultimately will go to defeat Democrats and subvert efforts of the Progressive movement. I do not think Mr. Obama means to do this but he often fails to drive nails into the Rightwing and he comes off as being rightwing friendly. Recently for example, the White House awarded a $1 Billion defense appropriation to a rightwing cabal based in a backwater farm college based Central Texas. This money could have gone to a premier research university such as Univ. of Californian, MIT, Harvard, Cal-Tech University which are located in the BLUEST of states with long experience in cutting edge science and defense systems unlike Perry's Texas A-M which only does research on farm animals and has no know award winning science programs going back over 150 years as do the ones I mentioned in California and Massachusetts.

I would hope that Obama stands up to the rightwing philosophy that the age for Social Security and Medicare must be raised or benefits should be limited in some arbitrary way.  To this point I have not seen Obama stand up to the rightwing forces inside the Beltway.



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