How Bad Will an Obama Loss Be To the Dems

Please put down the shoe and let me explain why an Obama loss might not be the end of the world for Democrats.

After the first debate with Rambler Romney, Obama was criticized mightily for his detachment and for his world inside the White House bubble. I submit that Obama's detached persona goes all the way back to the months immediately following his win in November. He came away from his winning campaign somehow convinced that he would go to the Republicans in the Democratic controlled Congress (which was in place since 2006 before his election) and make the GOP members "his friends" and colloborators. Never mind that everyone outside his bubble knew the GOP hated him for many reasons -- mainly he had deposed them from the White House and perhaps because he was a black man.  Obama never realized he was attempting to make friends with a pack of rattlesnakes. That is inexcusible since he had served for several years in Congress upon his assention to the White House. Obama taking his cue from something in his inner self was convinced not to be mean to the GOP. First off, he deserted the Democratic candidates who were in hard runoff campaigns. Martin in Georgia and Al Franken in Minnesota. Obama had a huge campaign organization and money but he not once even tried to get these two men elected. It would have been decisive. Here in Texas we were moving in the Progressive direction. In 2006 and then in 2008, the former Republican stongholds in Dallas and Houston threw out a slew of longtime GOP judges and other officeholders including District Attorneys who vowed to stop the wholesale practice of their Republican predessors which sent first time and minor offenders to long jail terms in "Prison Industrial" confinements for such offenses as a single marijuana cigarette or disorderly conduct at a football game. All that came to an end even before Obama.

Upon his election Mr. Obama decided the best things were to make nice to the Republicans and stop campaigning against them and to CLIMB INTO THE WHITE HOUSE BUBBLE. For a Harvard professor this is an amazing development. When I was in college political science classes the professors time and again would discuss how presidents get cut off from dissention by the "bubble". Even more amazing for Obama, he had just gotten elected by hammering George Bush for being in an iron clad bubble (GWBush believed any story from his neocon advisors that had Saddam owning WMD's or nukes).  Obama often used that as his rationale for election.

As a Democrat officer in Texas I watched in horror as Obama went further and further into the "bubble".  No single payer healthcare because the GOP would block that, no big stimulus because the GOP would not go along, etc. And as to the Democrats out here in the states he told us to "go to hell" and made a point of cutting us off from any help. The first elections Franken won with no help from the Obama team, MARTIN LOST because Obama refused to go to Georgia and turn out the black voters who could have made the decision in a tight race.

Then Ted Kennedy died. His seat went open. Did Obama run his team in to help out the Democrats in Massachuetts to keep the seat that had been Democratic since the Stone Age--NOPE--Obama made one campaign trip there in the entire election period and the GOP seized the seat. I WAS SHOCKED.

Oh well, 2010 is coming and surely Obama will launch his team to help out the Democrats WHO HAD HELP HIM PASS OBAMACARE....NOPE AGAIN, he was nowhere to found on the campaign trail. We got slaughtered. In Texas we lost over 100 seats to the GOP in 2010. Nationwide the same problem---Obama was missing and we got hammered.

Now, its his turn. Well, maybe he wins or maybe not. Either way I'm thinking that since he never shows up for local Democrats, they will not show up for him. I don't worry about it. If Rambler Romney wins then the GOP has a good chance to get two more conservatives on the SCOTUS so that is bad otherwise I cannot see much difference between Obama and Rambler anyway.

A good example of the distrust that even blacks have for Obama is in the 2011 election for local officials in Texas. Time was before Obama that the Dems could look for over 2 million voters. In 2011, we barely had 900,000 vote. What a shame.

So in conclusion I must say that if Obama wins narrowly, then he must live in the house THAT HE BUILT. My prediction is that since he like Bill Clinton did not attend to local party building at the local level, Mr. Obama will have to face a GOP Controlled House and its Tea Party members will seek to impeach him. The legacy of Barack Obama's second term is that he will be hounded by the GOP and Tea Party as was Bill Clinton that he will have NO TIME TO BUILD A LEGACY!  His "bubble" will burst in January of 2013 when Ken Starr's team show up at the White House with subpeonas to review all of the records of the Obama team for the last four years.

As for me. I'm going to start fresh in 2013 with energy devoted to undoing the damage that was done to local Democrats over the last four years.


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