CBS Evening News Nov 9--Katie Couric Says Obama to increase forces in Afghanistan to 100,000

What is going on--did anyone hear this news. I am shocked. Can anyone explain why we are still in this basketcase country--at least Iraq has a Trillion barrels of oil!!!!

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Re: CBS Evening News Nov 9--Katie Couric Says Obam

Seriously do you really pay attention!

1) 100K troops isn't even on the table, even if we had them.

2) The msm was reporting yesterday Obama was going to meet McChrystal's request for 40K troop increase.

3) Minutes after this report came out the WH pushed back very strongly saying Bull Shit, no decision has been made.

So a suggestion until and only until Obama say himself what exactly he is going to do I suggest you ignore anybody else telling you what he is gong to do.

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