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    Hannity and Armstrong are vying for the title of who can focus on Reverand Wright the most.

    They are in lockstep,I guess. Working together.
    Must make Jerome so proud.

    Marsh,Armstrong and Hannity..All Great Americans.

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    in any corner with Iraq exploding in violence and our guys getting killed daily.

    Time to screw petty partisanship and focus on getting a democrat in the white house.

    First task will be how to implement a plan to extract ourselves from Iraq and we need a unified democratic party to shove this thru quickly, no matter who the nominee happens to be.

    Support ending the war in november..vote Democratic.
    I admit I am biased as our son is in bagdad right now dodging mortars and rockets.
    Please unite.

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    Bloomberg is an ally but not a VP candidate.
    Hillary, Richardson,Webb, and Napolitano would be on my short list.

    If Hillary and Obama could tone it down a bit,there is a chance for Hillary as VP. Not sure that will happen if they both continue to fire away.

    Of course if Hillary is the nominee, then Obama would be on her list also.

    Vote democratic in november..end the war!!

  • I have never called Hillary Clinton a racist and do not believe she or Bill are racists.

    I just objected to her decision to join forces with the Hannitys of the world and start in on Reverend Wright.

    The media has chopped off the quotes from Wright on two occasions..the gd america and the hiroshima comment...when full context is given,ie. not cutting off the gd america ''if america govt continues imperialism around the world ''part of the quote it takes on a liberal,progressive position.

    And the hiroshima quote was actually wright quoting former reagan official who said all those things related to foreign policy of the  american govt and the blowback being 9/11.

    Now, we all know the press does this all the time but it seems to me that democrats should not encourage it by using it politically.

    Does anyone really think Wright deserves to be endangered?

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    Do you find it disturbing that John McCains site is featuring Bill Clinton praising him on their front page?

    Praising our fall opponent seems unwise to me.
    WE do want to win in november and end this war, right?

  • I think it is worthy of debate,no doubt. That would be single payer, I presume?
    I am in favor of it..but neither candidate has come that far..only Dennis Kucinich.
    I am afraid it would be a general election candidate killer but would like to see it phased in over time with the necessary education of the american voter on the exact impact on their lives. But in a perfect world,I agree.
  • could have doused the hysteria by not commenting or defending the ex-marine,Martin Luther King marcher,and counselor to her husband in his time of need in 98 but she chose to add fuel to the mob mentality out there and add to the risk that this old man is now being threatened with bodily harm.

    Wright is not perfect but he does not deserve this type of treatment by Hillary or the mob.

    The Op-Ed in yesterdays Chicago Trib written by a 25 year member of the church , a white man, whose impending nuptuials with a black member of the church back in 1983 were abrubtly cancelled by the young lady who feared the interracial blowback for the couple. Wright found out...called the young lady and spent 4 hours counseling her to look beyond race and know that Jesus would not embrace a race based decision. She saw the light and the happy couple have been proud members of TRinity ever since. He says he has sat in the church for 25 years and has heard Wright take on both races,challenging them to work together for jesus and themselves. He says the work of the church has helped tens of thousands of poor folks on the south side of chicago far more than any govt programs. It is a good read.

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    my son and his mates at Camp Loyalty in Bagdad have asked me to please vote democrat and help end this war. No matter which candidate is the nominee.

    That is my stance, I can assure you.

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    End the War.

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    There are americans dying tonite in Iraq and you are throwing this worthless piece of crap up?

    Thousands more of our soldiers will die unless we put a democrat in the white house and you are screwing around with hit dairies like this?

    Write something positive about your candidate.

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    We will see how the latest gaffe by the Clinton Campaign effects the Penn numbers later this week. Those gun-toting blue collar dems she is counting on may not embrace her embellishment about being under fire from snipers while the truth is she was not when we have the 4000th casualty in Iraq and violence is spiking in the war she authorized.

    Pa. is a military-centric state and they recognize a military disaster assisted by HRC and do not approve of fish tales about combat.

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    Hillary would be child's play for the GOP to smear.

    FOXNews and every right winger out there agrees with you...does that make you feel good?

    You have become a Sean Hannity clone.. are you comfortable in his skin?

    Please stop distorting and using this story like an O'Reilly and Buchanan. You cannot be a democrat if you are pushing this.

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    Jerome is entitled to turn MyDD into Hillaryis44-2.0, because it is a free country.

    And if Jerome openly becomes a republican surrogate that too is his right.

    At least we all know where he stands...it is Hillary or McCain or bust.

    Befriending Hannity,O'Reilly and Hume is the logical next step for Jerome as they too are frightened at the prospect of Obama becoming president.

    And Jerome is perfectly entitled to do all the above without criticism. Leave Jerome alone. Totally alone.

  • will Hillary win without Wisconsin,Illinois,Washington,Maryland,M issouri, Iowa,and Minnesota?

    Those are far more at risk than the safe democratic states like Ca,NY,and NJ.

    NY,NJ,Mass and Ca will not go to the  GOP... no matter the candidate. I can assure you that Mo,Iowa,Wis. and Co. will be red if Hillary is the nominee.

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    thanks to travis stark for his support for my son and others in Bagdad.

    Lets remember that when the Vets groups rated the senate for supporting the vets that virtually every dem rated ahead of every GOP senator...think about it.. the party that spouts all the patriotic screeds about supporting the troops and loving their vets are undercutting the vets when it is time to take care of them.

    Vote for the democratic nominee in november if you actually love our troops and support our vets.


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