Fed Up With Clinton's Lies About Obama's Record?

So am I, and we're not alone.

The former head of the Chicago Chapter of the National Organization For Women was supporting Hillary Clinton before the Iowa caucuses. But she is so angry about Clinton's flagrant distortion of Obama's pro-choice voting record that she's decided to back Obama instead. Lorna Brett Howard worked closely with Obama when he was an Illinois State Senator. She contends that Clinton's direct mail pieces accusing Obama of being "unwilling to take a stand on choice" are completely dishonest. She says that Barack Obama had a 100% pro-choice voting record in the Illinois State Senate.

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Obama: Our Best Chance To Win VA?

It's looking more and more likely that in 2008 Virginia's 13 electoral votes could go to a Democrat for the first time in four decades. With Mark Warner on the ballot, a generic Democrat has an 11 point advantage over a generic Republican. And a new Washington Post poll of the state seems to back-up Senator Barack Obama's contention that he, of all the Democratic candidates, has the best chance to bring traditionally "Red" Southern states into play.

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On A Weekend In NH

I spent the weekend traveling around New Hampshire with a group of Obama For America volunteers from New York and New Jersey. We knocked on doors in Merrimack and Milford, visited the campaign headquarters in Manchester, and talked to strangers in restaurants and gas stations who spotted the many Obama hats, t-shirts, and buttons in our group.

I'm writing this diary today because I want to share why I now feel confident that the assumption New Hampshire is a lock-up for Clinton is absolutely, positively, 100% dead wrong.

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